Researcher's Guide to HUD Data, with Notes on Related Information Sources

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Office of Policy Development and Research, Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1978 - 564 halaman
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Halaman 98 - ... twin cities" with a combined population of at least 50,000. In addition to the county, or counties, containing such a city or cities, contiguous counties are included in an SMSA if, according to certain criteria, they are essentially metropolitan in character and are socially and economically integrated with the central city.
Halaman 100 - A house, an apartment or other group of rooms, or a single room, is regarded as a housing unit when it is occupied or intended for occupancy as separate living quarters...
Halaman 100 - ... or (2) complete kitchen facilities for the exclusive use of the occupants. The occupants may be a single family, one person living alone, two or more families living together, or any other group of related or unrelated persons who share living arrangements (except as described in the section on group quarters).
Halaman 122 - The reliability of an estimated percentage, computed by using sample data for both numerator and denominator, depends upon both the size of the percentage and the size of the total upon which the size of the percentage is based.
Halaman 115 - ... children under 18 years old, living in a household and related to, but not including, either the householder or the householder's spouse.
Halaman 95 - ... a semimonthly journal, includes abstracts of current and earlier pertinent monographs, journal articles, reports, and other publication formats. The contents of these documents cover the water-related aspects of the life, physical, and social sciences as well as related engineering and legal aspects of the characteristics, conservation, control, use or management of water.
Halaman 121 - Approximately 68 percent of the intervals from one standard error below the estimate to one standard error above the estimate would include the average result of all possible samples.
Halaman 121 - The figures presented in the tables are approximations to the standard errors of various estimates shown in this report. In order to derive standard errors that would be applicable to a wide variety of items and could be prepared at a moderate cost, a number of approximations were required. As a result, the tables of standard errors...
Halaman 116 - Regular school" refers to formal education obtained in graded public, private, or parochial schools, colleges, universities, or professional schools, whether day or night school, and whether attendance was full or part time. That is, regular...
Halaman 98 - Alaska), and towns (except in the New England States, New York, and Wisconsin), but excluding those persons living in the rural portions of extended cities; (b) unincorporated places of 2,500 inhabitants or more; and (c) other territory, incorporated or unincorporated, included in urbanized areas.

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