Gender and Law: Eastern Africa Speaks : Proceedings of the Conference Organized by the World Bank and the Economic Commission for Africa

Sampul Depan
Gita Gopal, Maryam Salim
World Bank Publications, 1 Jan 1998 - 229 halaman
The global recognition of the unjust discrimination and violence that women, particularly women in developing countries, have been subjected has led to the adoption of numerous international legal instruments that underscored the importance of the human rights of women. This country report identifies Ethiopian laws that do not conform to internationally accepted standards. It also examines legal and regulatory reform as a critical tool for promoting gender-sensitive human development in Africa, highlights problems related to law enforcement mechanisms, and proposes alternative solutions.

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Halaman 139 - All persons are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to the equal protection of the law. In this respect, the law shall prohibit any discrimination and guarantee to all persons equal and effective protection against discrimination on any ground such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.
Halaman 51 - In framing laws relating to the holding or transfer of land and natural resources, the Administering Authority shall take into consideration native laws and customs, and shall respect the rights and safeguard the interests, both present and future, of the native population.
Halaman 106 - ... the contributions made by each of the parties to the welfare of the family, including any contribution made by looking after the home or caring for the family...
Halaman 19 - Poverty has various manifestations, including lack of income and productive resources sufficient to ensure a sustainable livelihood; hunger and malnutrition; ill health; limited or lack of access to education and other basic services; increasing morbidity and mortality from illness; homelessness and inadequate housing; unsafe environments; and social discrimination and exclusion.
Halaman 206 - And [as for] the believers, both men and women — they are close (awliya) unto one another: they [all] enjoin the doing of what is right and forbid the doing of what is wrong, and are constant in prayer, and render the purifying dues, and pay heed unto God and His Apostle.
Halaman 151 - Without differentiation of the sexes, any person who is willing to personally cultivate land shall be allotted rural land sufficient for his maintenance and that of his family.
Halaman 190 - ... the Platform for Action adopted at the Fourth World Conference on Women held in Beijing, China, in 1995.
Halaman 205 - O mankind! Be conscious of your Sustainer, who has created you out of one living entity, and out of it created its mate, and out of the two spread abroad a multitude of men and women.
Halaman 110 - Women's poverty is directly related to the absence of economic opportunities and autonomy, lack of access to economic resources, including credit, land ownership and inheritance, lack of access to education and support services and their minimal participation in the decision-making process.
Halaman 6 - Laws, cultures, customs or traditions which are against the dignity, welfare or interest of women or which undermine their status are prohibited by this Constitution.

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