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Some of the international law situations discussed at the Naval War College during the summer conference of 1911 are such as have arisen in connection with the work of the War College; some were proposed by officers in communications to the War College, and others have been suggested by provisions of the Declaration of London of 1909, (printed in Naval War College, International Law Topics, 1909) or by treaties to which the United States is a party. As there are many such treaties, containing provisions sometimes conflicting, with which the naval officer should be familiar, it is hoped that the treaties particularly relating to the conduct of naval warfare may soon be placed in the hands of officers in a convenient form for reference.

The discussions of the international-law situations were again conducted by Prof: George Grafton Wilson, LL. D., professor of international law at Harvard University, associé de l'Institut de Droit International, and lecturer on international law at the Naval War College for the past ten years. As a result of investigation and discussion at the Naval War College, the solutions of the situations with notes have been arranged by Dr. Wilson for record and for the information of the naval service.

Officers are invited and requested to send to the Naval War College statements of perplexing situations which may have actually confronted them or which they think are likely to arise.


Rear Admiral, U. S. Navy, President.


Newport, R. I., September 1, 1911.

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