Miscellaneous Bills: Hearing Before the Real Estate and Military Construction Subcommittee of the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate, Eighty-fourth Congress, First Session, on H.R. 46, Authorizing the Conveyance to the City of Anniston, Ala., of Certain Real Property Within Fort McClellan, Ala. ; S. 637, Providing for the Conveyance of Camp Livingston, Camp Beauregard, and Esler Field, La., to the State of Louisiana ; H.R. 1459, Providing for the Conveyance of a Tract of Land in Orange County, N.Y., to the Village of Highland Falls, N.Y. ; S. 1959, Directing the Secretary of the Army Or His Designee to Convey a 6.89 Acre Tract of Land to the State of Texas for National Guard Purposes ; and S. 2624, Amending an Act Providing for the Sale of the Port Newark Army Base to the City of Newark, N.J., July 26, 1955

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