Adventurers of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5: Families A-F

Sampul Depan
John Frederick Dorman
Genealogical Publishing Company, 2004 - 1278 halaman
The purpose of the book is to establish descents--through the sixth generation--of the approximately 150 individuals who can be identified as (1) Adventurers of Purse (i.e. stockholders in the Virginia Company of London) who either came to Virginia in the period 1607-1625 and had descendants or who did not come to Virginia within that period but whose grandchildren were residents there; or (2) Adventurers of Person, 1607-1625 (i.e. immigrants to Virginia) who left descendants. With roots deeply embedded in the social fabric of the United States, over 7,800 descendants resident in Virginia (or subsequently in other states) are identified. Family accounts are supported by 10,000 footnote citations to manuscripts or published records. The index contains 19,000 name, place, and subject entries, many with multiple page citations.

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