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Medical Society of the State of New York







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YORK. YORK STATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. Meeting of the House of Delegates of the Medical Society of At a special term of the Supreme Court, held at

the State of New York. Rochester, December 9, 1905, Judge J. M. Davey A regular stated meeting of the House of Delesigned the order consolidating the Medical So- gates of the Medical Society of the State of New ciety of the State of New York and The New York was held in Albany, December 14, 1905, York State Medical Association, according to the in the Albany Medical College, at 2.30 P. M. terms of the Agreement prepared by the Joint Present: Dr. Joseph D. Bryant, president; Committee of Conference, and approved by both Dr. Frederic C. Curtis, secretary, and Drs. Willorganizations at their annual meetings in 1905. iam J. Nellis, Henry L. Elsner, Arthur G. Root,

The New YORK STATE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE Frank Van Fleet, Parker Syms, Julius C. Bierwill be continued as the official organ of the So- wirth, Abraham Jacobi, Leo H. Neuman, ciety. Every endeavor will be made to make it Albert Vander Veer, Ogilvie DeVillo Ball, E. attractive, interesting and worthy of the pro- Eliot Harris, Alexander Lambert, George R. fession of the Empire State. It will publish the Fowler and Wisner R. Townsend. Transactions of the State Society, news items of Dr. Van Fleet stated that as he held two posiinterest, book reviews, and valuable original tions in the House of Delegates, one as chairman articles. Its aim will be to promote the best in- of the Committee on Legislation and one as a terests of the profession, to advance the science member of the House, by virtue of his memberof medicine to elevate the standard of medical ship on the Committee of Conference, he deemed advertising and to assist in every way in up- it only right to resign from the Committee on holding the honor and dignity of the Medical So- Legislation, so that the House of Delegates would ciety of the State of New York.

not be deprived of the chairman of the CommitThe policy of the JOURNAL in its advertising tee on Legislation. Resignation accepted. pages will be to publish the formula of all prepa- Dr. Arthur G. Root was nominated as chairrations presented to the profession, and see that man of the Committee on Legislation by Dr. Van no unwarranted or misleading statements are Fleet. Elected unanimously. Dr. Root was sent made in regard to the therapeutic value or prop- for and joined the House of Delegates in their erties of the articles advertised.

deliberations. Many of the members do not thoroughly under- Dr. Leo H. Neuman was nominated as chairstand the advantages of membership in the State man of the Committee on Scientific Work. Society, and it will be the aim of the Journal Elected unanimously. Dr. Neuman was sent for to clearly explain them. Many are not familiar and joined the House of Delegates in their delibwith the Agreement of Consolidation, the new erations. Constitution and By-Laws, and in this issue they Dr. Wisner R. Townsend was nominated as acthave been printed in full, so that the County So- ing assistant secretary. Elected unanimously. cieties may have the necessary knowledge to guide Dr. Alexander Lambert was nominated as actthem in reorganizing under the plan of consolida- ing assistant treasurer. Elected unanimously. tion. The JOURNAL will not only contain the The acting assistant secretary was directed to papers read at the annual meetings, but will enable notify Dr. John L. Heffron that the Committee the Society to keep its members in touch with on Hygiene, in conformity with the new Byproposed medical legislation and other matters of Laws, would hereafter be known as the Commitvital interest to the profession.

tee on Public Health.

The acting assistant secretary then read the the plan of organization under the Constitution order of the court amalgamating the Medical and By-Laws hereto annexed, and for the transSociety of the State of New York and The New action of such other business as may come before York State Medical Association. Moved, sec- the meeting, and that upon receipt of the enclosed onded and carried that a full copy of the court certified copy of a list of members of the County order be spread on the minutes. (See page 5.) Association in their county, such members shall

Moved, seconded and carried that the follow- be placed upon the list of County Societies withing extract from a letter to Dr. Townsend from out notice and without further action. (See Mr. Collin, the attorney who made the application paragraph third of the Agreement.) for consolidation to the court, be spread upon Moved, seconded and carried : the minutes: "As I wired you this morning, no Resplved, That the secretary notify the presifurther act is necessary for the complete consoli- dent and secretary of each County Association, in dation of the Society and Association; by grant- a county containing no County Society, that they ing the entry of order,' the consolidation was shall forthwith change the name of such Associawholly effected. The direction by the statute to tion to Society, and forthwith effectuate the plan file the certified copy of the order in the office of of organization of County Societies in compliance the Secretary of State is directory only, and not with the State Society By-Laws. essential to the validity of consolidation. I will, Moved, seconded and carried : of course, file such certified copy in that office as Resolved, that the secretary be directed to send soon as possible.”

a copy of tentative By-Laws to the County SocieMoved, seconded and carried that the secre- ties, with the statement that these By-Laws were tary of the Society be directed to see that the cer- made by a sub-committee of the Committee of tified copy is duly filed with the Secretary of Conference, and were advisory and suggestive State.

only; that they can be adopted as they stand, Dr. Ball, treasurer, reported cash on hand and would be perfectly acceptable to the Council; $3,068.57, and that on January 1st there would or they could be amended, altered or used as a be outstanding obligations of about $500. He guide in making new By-Laws by the counties. was informed that the State Association, after (See page 12.) their obligations were paid, would turn over about Moved, seconded and carried: $2,700.50, which would leave in the bank January Resolved. That the treasurer of the Medical 1, 1906, about $5,769.07.

Society of the State of New York pay all bills of The acting assistant secretary presented an The New York State Medical Association, when estimate for the necessary expenses for 1906 to bearing signature and audit of the treasurer of 1907, which showed that a per capita tax of $3.00 The New York State Medical Association, and would be necessary to meet the estimated ex- that the bond of the treasurer be placed at $5,000, penses, and that with the revenue from publica- the premium thereof to be a charge on the tions and per capita tax, with careful manage- Society. ment, there should be a small surplus at the end Moved, seconded and carried : of the year.

Resolved, That a Committee of Three be ap Dr. Nellis, chairman Committee on Arrange- pointed by the chair to select an editor for the ments, presented a report. Accepted; placed on JOURNAL. And it is made the further duty of the file. (See page 4.)

committee to present the name of said editor to Dr. Neuman, chairman Committee on Scien- the House of Delegates for election at the annual tific Work, presented a report. Accepted; placed meeting. on file. (See page 4.)

Moved, seconded and carried: Dr. Van Fleet, chairman Committee on Legis- Resolved, That the president and acting assistlation, reported progress.

ant secretary be authorized to issue the JOURNAL Moved, seconded and carried :

for January and February, and to incur the necesResolved. That the secretary of the Medical

sary expenses for the same, and to sign all conSociety of the State of New York immediately tracts for advertising that may come in during notify the respective presidents and secretaries the months of December and January. of each County Medical Society within the State Moved, seconded and carried: of New York, that the order of consolidation of Resolved, that the Medical Society of the State the Medical Society of the State of New York of New York furnish to its members for the year and The New York State Medical Association 1906, the services of an attorney-at-law in actions has been entered and filed, and direct them that brought for alleged malpractice, under certain in compliance with Section VI of the Agreement, conditions to be hereinafter provided, and that the which is made a part of the order of consolida- president and acting assistant secretary be emtion, each of such Medical Societies is hereby powered to employ counsel to conduct the defense. directed to call a meeting of all their members, Moved, seconded and carried. including all members of the Association in good Resolved, That the president be empowered to standing at the date of the consolidation, residing procure for the secretary and treasurer such cleriin the counties in which the meetings shall be cal assistance as may be necessary. held, respectively, for the purpose of effectuating Dr. George Ryerson Fowler moved to amend

Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution, by in- Association, and which shall agree with other serting after the word "Society" on first line of State and Territorial Medical Associations to the section, the words, "except as hereinafter be pro- formation and the perpetuation of the House of vided.”

Delegates of the American Medical Association Declared by the chair out of order as contrary shall be recognized as Constituent Associations.' to the Agreement.

Resolved, That the Medical Society of the State Moved, seconded and carried :

of New York, by virtue of having conformed to Resolved, That the Medical Directory be con- the requirements, declares its allegiance to the tinued.

American Medical Association, and thereby beMoved, seconded and carried:

comes its constituent society in the State of New Resolved, That an assessment be placed upon

York. each member of the Medical Society of the State Dr. Fowler gave notice that he would offer of New York, at a uniform per capita rate of the following, to be acted on at the next meeting, $3.00.

as a substitute for Section 2 of Chapter X of the Moved, seconded and carried :

By-Laws: Resolved, That the County Societies be directed "All papers read before the Society by its memto levy such assessment and that the treasurers bers shall become the property of the Society. remit as promptly as possible to the State treas- Permission may be given, however, by the House urer.

of Delegates or the Council, to publish such paper Moved, seconded and carried:

in advance of its appearance in The New YORK Resolved, That a Committee of Three be ap- State JOURNAL OF MEDICINE." pointed by the chair to authorize and audit ex- Moved, seconded and carried : penditures until the further order of this body. Resolved, That the minutes be now approved, Moved, seconded and carried :

and when approved that they be published in the Resolved, That the secretary call the attention January issue of the JOURNAL. of officers of County Societies to the requirement Moved, seconded and carried : of Chapter IX, Section 8, of the By-Laws of the Resolved, That the House of Delegates now Medical Society of the State of New York. take a recess, subject to the call of the chair. “Each County Society may adopt a constitution

FREDERIC C. CURTIS, and by-laws for the regulation of its affairs, pro- Secretary Medical Society of the State of New vided that the same shall first be approved by the York. Council of this Society."

Moved, seconded and carried :

Resolved, That the secretary call attention of Dr. J. D. Bryant, president of the Medical Sothose who are to read papers at Albany, at the ciety of the State of New York, has appointed the annual meeting, to Chapter X, Section 2, of the following committees : By-Laws of the Medical Society of the State of Referendum: Drs. Joseph D. Bryant, Abraham New York.

Jacobi, George R. Fowler, Julius C. Bierwirth "All papers read before the Society or any of and Wisner Ř. Townsend. its sections shall become the property of the So- Committee to Authorize and Audit Expendiciety. Each paper, or a copy thereof, shall be tures: Drs. H. L. Elsner, Alexander Lambert deposited with the secretary after the same shall and Leo H. Neuman. have been read."

Committee to Select Editor: Drs. A. Vander In pursuance to the agreement of the Joint Veer, P. Syms and E. E. Harris. Committee of Conference, it was moved, sec- Dr. Egbert Le Fevre has been appointed to the onded and carried :

vacancy in the Committee on Legislation, caused Resolved, That the referendum proposition re- by the resignation of Dr. Van Fleet. lating to the Principles of Medical Ethics of Sec- Mr. James Taylor Lewis has been appointed tion 7 of said Agreement be and hereby is re- counsel to defend members who may be sued for ferred to a special committee of five members of alleged malpractice. which the president shall be one, with the power to issue the call for the vote at the earliest practical time, canvass and report the results of the Among the advantages of membership in the vote on the proposition to the House of Delegates Medical Society of the State

Medical Society of the State of New York may at its next meeting thereafter.

be mentioned: Moved, seconded and carried:

Membership in County, District Branch and WHEREAS, Article IV of the Constitution of State Society, the American Medical Association states :

Defense in suits of alleged malpractice, “Those State and Territorial Medical Associa- Receipt of The New YORK STATE JOURNAL OF tions which have, or which hereafter may, be- MEDICINE. come organized in accordance with the general Receipt of the Medical Directory of New York, plan of organization of the American Medical New Jersey and Connecticut, Association, and which have declared by resolu- Privilege of membership in the American Medition their allegiance to the said American Medical cal Association.

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