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I.-To provide for the assessment and collection of a tax

for State purposes,
II.-Supplemental to an act entitled “an act to provide

for the assessment and taxation of all property in
this State, and for levying taxes thereon accord-
ing to its true value in money,” approved March

1860, -
M.—To establish an orphan asylum for the orphan chil-

dren of Minnesota officers and soldiers who have

been or may be killed during the present war, IV.-To provide for the relief of the sick and disabled

soldiers belonging to Minnesota, V.-To appropriate swamp lands to certain educational

and charitable institutions therein named, and for

the purpose of erecting a State prison,
VI.—To provide for the incorporation of canals, slack-

water navigation companies and other companies
for the prosecution of works of internal improve-

VII.-To amend chapter 134 of the compiled statutes, in

regard to the agricultural college of Minnesota, VIII.—To repeal sub-division 2, section 1, of "an act for

the incorporation of institutions of learning,” be-
ing section 221 of chapter 17 of the compiled

statutes, page 315,
IX.–To provide for the appraisement and sale of the lands

donated to the State by the act of Congress do-
nating public lands to the several States and Ter-
ritories which may provide colleges for the benefit
of agriculture and the mechanic arts, approved

July 2, 1862,
X. To amend an act entitled "an act relating to the Uni-

versity of Minnesota,” approved March 4, 1864, XI.-To provide for the collection of debts against towns

and school districts,









XII.-To continue in force chapter 81 of the session laws

of 1860, being an act entitled "an act to sus-

pend an act entitled an act for the establish-

ment of State normal schools,'


XIII.-For the organization and regulation of independent

school districts,


XIV.-To allow the legal voters of school districts con-

taining less than ten voters, when lawfully as-

sembled, not less than three being present, to

transact certain business,

XV.-To accept the grant, and in execution of the trust

made and created in ard by section 7 of an act

of Congress, approved May 12, 1864, entitled

"an act for a grant of lands to the State of Iowa,

in alternate sections, to aid in the construction

of a railroad in said State,"


XVI.—In relation to tlre powers, duties and proceedings

of executors and trustees in certain cases, 50

XVII.-Making certain public, transcripts and certificates

thereof evidence,


XVIII.--To amend section 23 of chapter 35 of the compiled



XIX.-Relating to the filing and effects of certain affidavits, 56

XX.–To amend sections 5 and 6 of chapter 60 of the

public statutes of Minnesota, relating to the

time of commencing actions,

- 57

XXI.—To protect persons in the military or naval service

of the United States from civil suits,


XXII.—To amend chapter 59 of the public statutes, relat-

ing to proceedings in justices courts,


XXIII.-To amend section 87 of chapter 59 of the com-

piled statutej relating to filing transcripts from

justices' dockets,


XXIV.-Relating to the proceedings of sheriffs in levying

executions or other process and to suits against

them by claimants of property levied upon, 63

XXV.—To amend section 12 «f chapter 35 on page 398 of

the public statutes of Minnesota, relating to

deeds, mortgages and conveyances,


XXVI.—To repeal chapter 29 of general laws of 1863, and

chapter 32 of the general laws of 1864, relating

to indictments and presentments by grand juries, 65




XXVII.—For the taking of a census, and for the enumeration of the inhabitants of this State,

66 XXVIII.—To prevent and punish interference with workmen,

69 XXIX.–To preserve and protect the growth of ginseng, 70 XXX.-To amend an act entitled "an act to provide

for the opening, establishing, changing and
vacating of county roads,” approved March
1, 1862,

71 XXXI.--To prevent the running at large of horses dis

eased with glanders, or driving the same on
public highways and stabling the same with-
out apprising hotel keepers thereof;

72 XXXII.—To facilitate the re-organization of banks incor

porated under the laws of this State into
national banks,

74 XXXIII.-Additional to an act prescribing rules and reg

ulations for the execution of the trust aris-
ing under the act of Congress entitled an
act for the relief of citizens of towns upon
land of the United States, under certain cir-
cumstances, approved March 3, 1855,

75 XXXIV.-To amend an act regulating the duties of the

reporter of the supreme court, approved
February 14, 1860,

76 XXXV.–For the improvement of navigation on the Minnesota River,

78 XXXVI.-To amend an act for the improvement of navigation on the Minnesota River,

80 XXXVII.–For the improvement of Rum River for lumbering purposes,

81 XXXVIII.-To aid and facilitate the construction of a line

of magnetic telegraph from St. Paul to the
northern boundary of the State,

82 XXXIX.-To continue the geological survey of the min

eral lands of the north shore of Lake Supe-
rior and other mineral districts within the
limits of this State, etc.,

84 XL.–To enable N. C. D. Taylor to continue the ge

ological exploration of the country in the valley of the St. Croix within this State, 85

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