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special meeting, or by the board of education; he shall give due notice of all meetings of the district, shall, upon the order of the board, draw and sign orders upon the treasurer of the district for the payment of money, stating in every such order the consideration for which it was drawn, and the name of the person rendering such consideration, and the particular fund upon which it is drawn, and shall take a receipt for every such order from the person to whom the same is delivered, and preserve the same; he shall keep all records, books and papers belonging to his office, and deliver the same to his successor. He shall, between the first and fifteenth days of October, in each year, to make report to make and transmit to the County Auditor, a report in County Auditorwriting, showing:

what to contain.

1st. The names of all persons, male and female, respectively residing in the district on the first day of September preceding the date of his report, between the ages of five and twenty-one years.

2d. The number of those who have attended the schools during the year.

3d. The length of time schools have been taught by qualified teachers, and the wages paid them by the district.

4th. The amount of money received from the County Treasurer from the money apportioned by the County Auditor.

5th. The amount of money received from taxes voted to be raised by the district; the purposes for which they were raised; the manner in which said. amount has been expended; the condition of school houses and grounds; the kind of books used, and such other facts as the State Superintendent may require; which report shall be verified by oath before some competent person.

Any failure on the part of said clerk to make report to the County Auditor as provided in this act, shall be deemed an indictable misdemeanor, punishable by a Penalty for nonfine not exceeding five hundred dollars, which shall be compliance with applied to the use of the district. Said clerk shall act. furnish to each teacher, before the commencement of any school, and as often thereafter as may be deemed

provisions of this

Records to be considered prima fasia evidence.

Duty of Treasurer.

necessary, a school register. Said clerk shall perform such other duties as may be designated by said board.

SEC. 13. The records of said board, signed by the president, or a transcript thereof, or any part thereof and all papers belonging to the office, or a transcript thereof, certified by the clerk, shall be prima facia evidence of the facts therein stated, and all records, books and papers belonging to said board, shall be subject to the inspection of any legal voter of said district.

SEC. 14. It shall be the duty of the treasurer, before entering upon the duties of his office, to execute a bond to the board of education in double the amount of money, as near as can be ascertained, which will come into his hands, as treasurer, during the year, with not less than two sureties, to be approved by said board, and conditioned for the faithfui discharge of his duties as treasurer. Such bond shall be filed with the clerk of the board, and in case of any breach of the condition thereof, the board shall cause a suit to be commenced thereon in the name of the Board of Education, and the money recovered shall be applied to the use of the district. Said board may require said treasurer to give additional security from time to time. Said treasurer shall receive, and upon the order of the board, signed by the clerk and president, pay out all moneys belonging to the district, paying each order only out of the particular fund upon which it is drawn, and shall keep an accurate, detailed and separate account of each fund coming into his hands, in a book or. books provided for that purpose. Said treasurer shall, within the three days preceding the last Saturday in March in each year, file with the clerk of the board, a report in writing, signed by him, and containing a statement of all the moneys received by him, during the year preceding, and of all his disbursements. Said report shall be examined by the board (before which the treasurer shall exhibit his vouchers) before the annual meeting of the district, and be approved or disapproved by resolution entered upon the records of said board. Said treasurer shall make such reports of the business of his office as may be called for by the board at any time. He shall keep all records, books and papers belonging to his office, and deliver the same

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to his successor in office, on demand. He shall pay over to his successor in office, upon demand, after such successor shall have given bonds as hereinbefore required, all money in his hands belonging to said district, and perform such other duties as may be ordered by the board.


SEO. 15. Said board may hold stated meetings at such times and places in said district as they may ap- Time and place of point. Special meetings thereof may be called by the holding stated president, or by any two members, on giving one day's call special meetnotice of the time and place of the same, and said ings. board, by resolution, shall direct the payment of all moneys that shall come into the hands of the treasurer, and no money shall be paid out of the treasury except in pursuance of such resolution, and on the written order of the clerk, countersigned by the president.

legal voters may

SEC. 16. That whenever said board shall deem it necessary to purchase or erect a school house, or school When meeting of houses for said district, or to purchase sites for the be called-limit of same, they shall call a meeting of the legal voters of taxation. the district, by giving ten days' notice of the time and place, and object of said meeting, in some newspaper printed, and in general circulation in said district, if any such there be, and if there be no such newspaper, then by posting up written or printed notices thereof in five or more of the most public places in said district, and said meeting may determine by a majority vote upon the erection of a school house or school houses, and the purchase of a site or sites therefor, and the amount of money to be raised for the purposes aforesaid, and the time or times when the same shall be paid, which moneys so voted, shall be thereupon certified by the board of education by its chairman and secretary, to the Auditor of the County, and shall be assessed in said district, collected and paid over to the treasurer of said district. Provided, That no tax shall be levied in any one year, exceeding eight mills on the dollar, for the purpose of building a school house or school houses, or procuring sites therefor.

SEC. 17. The Board of Education shall have power, and it shall be their duty,

1st. To establish and organize such grades of schools, alter and discontinue the same, in said district, as they may deem expedient.

Power of Board of

2d. To provide necessary rooms or buildings for school houses, and grounds about the same.

3d. When authorized, by a vote of the district, to purchase or erect one or more school houses, and purchase sites for the same.

4th. To purchase, sell and exchange school apparatus, furniture, stoves and other appendages for school houses, and to furnish fuel for the same.

5th. To take care of the property of the district, and procure insurance, and make ordinary repairs upon the same, or any part thereof, when deemed expedient.

6th. To contract with, employ and pay teachers, who have received certificates as provided herein, and to discharge the same.

7th. To defray the necessary expenses of the board, pay the compensation of the clerk, treasurer and superintendent, and for such printing, record books, stationery and other incidental matters as may be deemed proper.

8th. To superintend and manage in all respects the schools of said district, and from time to time to adopt, alter, modify and repeal rules for their organization, government and instruction, for the keeping of registers, for the reception of pupils, resident and nonresident within the district, their suspension, expulsion and transfer from one school to another, to prescribe text books, and a course of study for the schools, and to visit each of the schools in said district not less than once in every three months.

9th. To make rules and regulations respecting the protection, care and safe keeping of the property of the district, and prescribe penalties for the breach thereof, to be recovered as penalties in other cases, before a Justice of the Peace, and to change and repeal the same.

10th. To make, change and repeal rules relating to the organization, government and business of said board, and the duties of its officers.

11th. To provide for the prompt payment, at maturity, of the principal and interest of any indebtedness of the district, by voting, from time to time, taxes upon the taxable property of said district, sufficient to meet the same, making allowance for delinquency in paying any part of such taxes.

12th. To furnish to the board of examiners, the necessary blanks for all such grades of such certificates as said board of education may at any time order, which certificates shall severally contain the branches fixed for the several grades of certificates.

Time for school to


of tax assessed to

SEC. 18. It shall be the duty of said Board of Education to keep said schools in operation not less than sixteen nor more than forty-four weeks in each year, be kept in operato determine the amount of the annual tax to be raised tion-when amoun for the purposes aforesaid, including all the necessary be made known. expenses of said schools, except for the erection of school houses and the purchase of sites; and on or before the first day of September of each year, to make known the amount of such tax to the Auditor of the County in which said district is situate, which tax shall be assessed in said district, collected and paid over to the treasurer of said district, and it shall be the further duty of said board to keep an accurate account of their proceedings, and of their receipts and disbursements for school purposes, and at the annual meeting for choosing directors in said districts, to make report of such receipts, and the sources from which the same were derived, and of said disbursements, and the objects to which the same were applied; and they shall also make report at the same time, of such other matter relating to said schools, as they may deem the interest of the same to require.

SEC. 19. Admission to said schools shall be gratu- Admission gratuiitous to the children, wards and apprentices of all ac- tous. tual residents in said district, who may be entitled to the privileges of the public schools, under the general laws of this state.

term of officepower of exami

SEC. 20. That said Board of Education, within twenty days after their election, shall appoint three competent persons, citizens of said district, to serve school examiners as school examiners of the public schools therein, one-how appointedto serve one year, one for two years, and one for three years from the time of their appointment, and until ners. their successors shall be appointed, and annually thereafter said board shall appoint one examiner to serve for three years, and until his successor is appointed and qualified; and said board shall fill all vacancies that may occur from death, removal or otherwise.

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