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SEC. 2. The supervisors of the town or the trustees of the district must thereupon cause the amount Duty of Supervi- due on the judgment with interest from the date of its recovery to be added, to the tax of said town or district, and the same shall be certified to the county auditor and collected as other town or district taxes are collected.


mand must pay amount-when.

SEC. 3. The treasurer of the town or district against which a judgment has been recovered, the execution of Treasurer upon de- which has not been stayed by appeal, must upon demand and the delivery to him of the certified copy of the docket of the judgment pay the amount due thereon if there be sufficient money of such town or district in his hands not otherwise appropriated. If he fail to do so, he shall be personally liable for the amount unless the collection thereof be afterwards stayed upon appeal.

SEC. 4. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved March 2, 1865.

March 3, 1865.


An Act to continue in force Chapter eighty-one of the
Session Laws of eighteen hundred and sixty, being
an Act entitled "An Act to suspend an Act entitled
An Act for the establishment of State Normal

SECTION 1. Extension of time for the establishment of Normal Schools.

2. When act to take effect.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Minnesota :

SECTION 1. That the provisions of chapter eighty

for the establishment of Normal

one of the session laws of eighteen hundred and sixty, Extension of time being an act entitled "An act to suspend an act entitled An act for the establishment of State Normal Schools. Schools,"" be and the same are hereby continued in force for the further term of five years from the passage of this act.

SEC. 2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved March 3, 1865.


An Act for the Organization and Regulation of Inde- March 3, 1865. pendent School Districts.

SECTION 1. Establishment of independent school districts.

2 How organized.

3 Who to be judges of election.

4. School directors-how chosen-term of office.

5. Directors to be a body corporate-powers of Board of Education.

6. When board to meet for organization-officers of board-term of office.

7. Compensation.

8. What to constitute a quorum

& Vacancy how filled.

10. Duty of Superintendent

11. Duty of President.

12. Duty of Clerk-to make report to County Auditor-what to contain-penalty for non-
compliance with provisions of this act.

13. Records to be considered prima facie evidence of facts therein stated.

14. Duty of Treasurer.

15. Time and place of holding stated meetings-may call special meetings.

16. A meeting of legal voters may be called when deemed necessary to purchase or erect
a school house-limit of taxation.

17. Power of Board of Education.

18. Time for which school to be kept in operation-when to make known amount of tax
to be assessed in said district.

19. Admission to be gratuitous.

20. School Examiners-how appointed-term of office-power of Examiners.

21. Taxes-how levied and collected.

22. Repeal of inconsistent acts.

23 Not to be repealed or affected by any subsequent act.

24. When act to take effect.

Beitenacted by the Legislature of the State of Minnesota :

SECTION 1. That any city, town, village, township,

independent school districts.

Establishment of school district, or sub-school district, now or hereafter to be organized, may be organized into and established as an independent school district, in the manner and with the powers hereinafter specified: Provided, however, That this act shall not apply to any township, school district, or sub-school district, containing less than five hundred inhabitants, unless said school district consists in whole or in part of an incorporated city, town or village: Provided, further, That the provisions of this act shall not apply to any city, town or village, or any part thereof, which is now governed as to schools by any special law.

SEC. 2. That in order to such organization, written notices shall be posted up in three of the most public places in said contemplated district, signed by at least six resident freeholders of the same, requesting the qualified electors in said district to assemble upon a day, and at some suitable place in said district, to be named in said notices, then and there to vote, by ballot, for or against the adoption of this act, which notices shall be so posted up at least ten days next prior to said meeting. SEC. 3. That the electors assembled at said time and place shall proceed to appoint a chairman, assistant chairman and clerk, who shall be judges of said election. That the electors in favor of the adoption of this act for said district, shall write upon their ballots "School Law," and those opposed thereto "No School Law," the adoption or rejection of this act to be determined by a majority of votes to be cast in manner aforesaid.

how chosen-term of office.

SEC. 4. That in case a majority of votes shall have been cast for said law, the electors of said district School directors shall assemble at the place last aforesaid, within twenty days from the time of the adoption of said act, of which at least ten days previous notice shall be given by said chairman and clerk, in the manner aforesaid, and shall then and there choose, by ballot, six directors of the public schools of said district, two of whom shall serve for one year, two for two years, and two for three years, the time that each shall serve to be designated on the ballots, and annually thereafter, on the last Saturday of March, there shall be chosen, in the same manner, two directors, each of whom shall serve for three years,

How organized

Who to be judges of election.

and until their successors shall be elected and qualified. The persons so elected shall, within five days after their election, file in the office of the clerk of said district, their several oaths to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Minnesota, and that they will discharge their duties as members of the board of education for said district to the best of their ability.

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body corporate-


of Education.

SEC. 5. That said directors and their successors in office shall be a body corporate, by the name of "The Directors to be a Board of Education of (the name of the city, powers of Board town, village or township,) and as such and by such name shall have perpetual succession, and shall receive all moneys and other property belonging or accruing to said district, or to said city, town, village, or township, or any part of the same for the use or benefit of the public schools therein, and shall succeed to all the rights and be subject to liabilities of the same, and the said board shall be capable of contracting and being contracted with, suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded, in any court of law or equity, and shall also be capable of receiving any gift, grant, bequest, or devise, made for the use of the public schools in said city, town, village, township or district, and all moneys accruing to said city, town, village, township or district, under any law of this State for the use of the public schools therein, shall be paid over to the treasurer of said board of education.

When board to

board-term of

SEC. 6. That said board shall, within ten days after their election as aforesaid, and annually thereafter on the first Monday in April, meet and organize by choos- meet-officers of ing from their number a president, clerk, and treasurer, who shall hold their offices, as such, for one year, and until their successors shall be elected and qualified. The board of education may also elect, by ballot, a school superintendent, who shall hold his office during the pleasure of the board; who shall receive such compensation as may be fixed by the board. The superintendent shall be, ex-officio, member of the hoard of education, but not entitled to a vote therein. The board may, for satisfactory reasons, remove any member or officer of the board, and fill the vacancy. Provided, That no member shall be removed except by a


What to constitute a quorum.

Vacancy how filled.

Duty of Superintendent.

Duty of President.

concurrent vote of at least four members of the board, and at a meeting of which he shall have been duly notified.

SEC. 7. No member of said board shall receive any compensation for his services, except the clerk and treasurer, whose compensation shall be fixed by the board.

SEC. 8. Four members of said board shall consti tute a quorum for the transaction of business, at any regular or special meeting.

SEC. 9. In case of vacancy, the board of educatior. shall have power to fill the same by appointment, until the next annual district election, when the electors of said district may choose a suitable person to fill the remainder of such term. Provided, The clerk of said board shall give notice of such vacancy, as may be required in other cases.

SEC. 10. The superintendent shall visit the schools. of the district and report their condition to the board, as often as the board shall prescribe; he shall superintend the grading of the schools and examinations for promotion, and shall perform such other duties as the board shall prescribe.

SEC. 11. The president and clerk shall file in the office of the clerk of the district, their written acceptance of office as such. The president shall preside at all meetings of the board and district, (except, that a president pro tempore may be chosen in his absence), shall sign all orders drawn upon the treasurer for moneys voted to be paid by said board, and perform such other duties as the board may prescribe.

SEC. 12. The clerk shall act as clerk of the district as well as of the board, (except that in his absence a clerk pro tempore may be chosen), shall keep a record of the proceedings of all district meetings as well as of the meetings of the board, and of all reports made County Auditor by him to the County Auditor, and shall keep an ac

Duty of Clerk-to inake report to

what to contain.

count of the expenses of said district, and a correct and full list of the property of said district; shall furnish to the County Auditor on or before the first day of September, in each year, an attested copy of his record, stating the amount of money voted to be raised by the district for school purposes at any annual or

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