A Handbook of Petroleum, Asphalt and Natural Gas: Methods of Analysis, Specifications, Properties, Refining Processes, Statistics, Tables, and Bibliography

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Kansas City testing laboratory, 1922 - 622 halaman

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Halaman 444 - ... the saucer and causes it to sink. The time in seconds between placing the apparatus on the water and when the water breaks through the...
Halaman 257 - Petroleum Ether A purified distillate from American petroleum consisting of hydrocarbons, chiefly of the marsh-gas series.
Halaman 466 - The cup shall be filled with the oil to be tested in such a manner that the top of the meniscus is exactly at the filling line at room temperature. The surface of the oil shall be free from bubbles.
Halaman 132 - Containers must not be entirely filled. Sufficient interior space must be left vacant to prevent leakage or distortion of containers due to the expansion of the contents from increase of temperature during transit. (3) Outage requirements for tank cars. In tank cars, outage must be calculated to percentage of the total capacity of the tank, ie, shell and dome capacity combined.
Halaman 140 - STOP" being In letters at least 4 inches high and the other words in letters at least 2 inches high. The letters must be white on a blue background.
Halaman 139 - Each tank over 1,000 gallons in capacity shall have all manholes, hand-holds, vent openings and other openings which may contain inflammable vapor, provided with 20x20 mesh brass wire screen or its equivalent, so attached as to completely cover the openings and be protected against clogging; these screens may be made removable but should be kept, normally, firmly attached. Such a tank must also be properly vented or provided with a suitable safety valve set to operate at not more than...
Halaman 502 - The specific gravity of a gas is defined as the ratio of the weight of a given volume of gas to the weight of an equal volume of air, measured at the same temperature and pressure.
Halaman 459 - The second asbestos board is placed on the ring and the first or smaller asbestos board on top so that it may be moved in accordance with the directions for placing the distilling flask. Direct heat is applied to the flask only through the ij-in.
Halaman 427 - If a certain mass be weighed first in air then in water, and the weight in air divided by the loss of weight in water, the...
Halaman 130 - Liquid condensates from natural gas or from casinghead gas of oil wells, made either by the compression or absorption process, alone or blended with other petroleum products, must be described as Liquefied Petroleum Gas when the vapor pressure at 100 F (90F Nov.

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