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This publication was prepared by
Jason C. Cauthier. The following
individuals provided valuable information
and and/or reviewed the manuscript:
Michael H. Hovland, Marilyn Huss
Moore, David M. Pemberton, and
JoAnn Sheperd of the U.S. Census Bureau
History Staff; Constance Potter of the
National Archives and Records Administra-
tion; and Ronald E. Green and Steven D.
Leftwood of the U.S. Census Bureau's

Cover art printed by permission of the
Norman Rockwell Family Trust.
Copyright © 1 940, the Norman Rockwell
Family Trust.

Kim D. Ottenstein, Bernadette J.
Cayle, Theodora S. Forgione, and
Barbara H. Blount of the Administrative

and Customer Services Division, Walter C.
Odom, Chief, provided publications and
printing management, graphics design and
composition, and editorial review for print
and electronic media. General direction
and production management were
provided by Gary J. Lauffer, Chief,
Publications Services Branch.

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