Reports of Cases Decided in the Special Court of Appeals of Virginia, Held at Richmond [1855-1857]: And A General Index to Grattan's Reports from the 2d to the 11th Volume Inclusive, Volume 1

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Halaman 250 - Therefore, where, as here, the testator gave all his property to his wife for life, and at her death to his children then living, and in case of their death to their legal, representatives, share and share alike...
Halaman 322 - And indeed in cases where both parties are in delicto, concurring in an illegal act, it does not always follow that they stand in pari delicto, for there may be, and often are, very different degrees in their guilt.
Halaman 73 - The law of maintenance, as I understand it upon the modern constructions, is confined to cases where a man improperly, and for the purpose of stirring up litigation and strife, encourages others either to bring actions, or to make defences which they have no right to make.
Halaman 40 - It is assumed, that, wherever the word " release " is made use of, it must operate absolutely and unconditionally, though immediately and in the same sentence followed by words, which shew it to be partial and particular only, and the general words being in no respect repugnant to the special words, but the latter a qualification merely of the former, leaving the release to operate to every purpose except to the exclusion of the particular purpose, which the parties have declared it to be their intention...
Halaman 195 - Porter, deceased, do out of the assets of said estate in their hands to be administered, pay to the appellant his costs by him expended in the prosecution of his appeal aforesaid here; and this Court proceeding to...
Halaman 36 - A release to one of two joint obligors, or to one of two joint and several obligors, is a release to the other. The bond is thereby discharged as to both, and no action can be sustained upon it. No body denies that this is so, in a court of law; and there is not an instance in any of the books, in which it has been held to be otherwise in a court of equity.
Halaman 40 - I exceedingly commend the Judges that are curious and almost subtil, astuti, to invent reason and means to make acts according to the just intent of the parties, and to avoid wrong and injury, which by rigid rules might be wrought out of the act;" and my Lord Hale in the case of Crossing and Scudamore, 1 Vent.
Halaman 429 - Deft, that in case he shall be cast in this suit he shall pay and satisfy the condemnation of the Court or render his body to Prison in Execution for the same or that the said Thomas will do it for him.
Halaman 231 - And thereupon the plaintiff moved the court to set aside the verdict of the jury, and to grant him a new trial...
Halaman 349 - ... shall succeed to the same portion of the father's estate as such child or children or descendants would have been entitled to if the father had died intestate; towards raising which portion the devisees and legatees, or their representatives, shall contribute proportionably out of the part devised and bequeathed to them by the same will and testament.

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