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ACTS OF 1908.

Sub-scctiou 2, section 4, chapter 4, page 12, should read:

"Second. If any substance be substituted in whole or in part for the article.”

The word “establishment” in fourth line from bottom of page 45 should be "established.

Some of the words which are found in parentheses have been interjolated.

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The Regular Session of the General Assembly which was
begun in the City of Frankfort, Kentucky, on Tuesday,
January the Seventh, 1908, and ended on

Tuesday, March the Seventeenth, 1908.

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Chapter 4. An act for preventing the manufacture and sale of adulterated

or misbranded foods, drugs, medicines and liquors, and pro-

viding penalties for violations thereof


Chapter 5. An act for the benefit of the three State Educational Insti-

tuitions, viz: State University, Eastern Kentucky State

Normal School; Western Kentucky State Normal School;

appropriating money for the erection of necessary build-

ings; furnishing necessary equipment; purchasing necessary

additional grounds and providing additional revenues for

the maintenance of each of the said institutions, and amend-

ing the laws with reference thereto


Chapter 6. An act to amend Sections 683 and 684 Kentucky Statutes---- 32

Chapter 7. An act to amend an act entitled "An act for the benefit of the

Kentucky Childrens' Home Society''.


Chapter 8. An act to amend section 3 of an act of the General Assembly

of the Commonwealth of Ker ky, approved March 21,

1906, entitled “An act permitting persons to combine or pool

their crops of wheat, tobacco and other products and sell

same as a whole and making contracts in pursuance thereof

valid, being Chapter 117, of the Acts of the General Assembly

of the Commonwealth of Kentucky for the year 1906."---- 38

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