The class and standard series of reading books. 5 pt. [in 7].

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Halaman 53 - E very hot day, a wolf and a lamb came at the same time to a mountain stream to quench their thirst.
Halaman 41 - As for poor me," said the cat, " I have but one, and if that should fail, I am a lost cat." " Ah, poor puss ! " said the fox. Just then they heard the blast of a horn, and up came the hounds in full cry. The fox ran this way and that, and tried all his tricks, but was caught at last. The cat ran up a tree, for that was her one trick, and the hounds could not reach her. " So I see," said the cat, " that one good trick is worth more than ten bad ones.
Halaman 41 - As she said these words she ran up a high tree, quite out of reach of the hounds. 8. But it was of no use: wherever he went the hounds went too, and at last they caught him. 9. "Ah!

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