Verbatim Report of the ... Annual Meeting of the American Street-Railway Association

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Halaman 202 - In the four quarters of the globe, who reads an American book, or goes to an American play, or looks at an American picture or statue...
Halaman 127 - Bless us, O Lord! and these Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy bounty, through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Halaman 165 - Whoe'er has travelled life's dull round, Where'er his stages may have been, May sigh to think he still has found The warmest welcome at an inn.
Halaman 46 - ... and who shall hold their office for one year, and • until others are duly elected and qualified to take their places as directors. And the...
Halaman 148 - Little deeds of kindness, Little words of love, Make our earth an Eden, Like the heaven above.
Halaman 47 - Should any difference arise between any claimant for the benefits herein set forth and the committee of management, it shall be submitted to three arbitrators, one to be chosen by each party, and the third by the two thus chosen, whose decision shall be final.
Halaman 78 - I would therefore move you, sir, that a Committee of five be appointed by the chair to nominate officers for the ensuing year, and recommend a place of meeting for the next Convention.
Halaman 139 - Hart, for the able and impartial manner in which he has discharged the duties of presiding officer of this body.
Halaman 225 - Special meetings may be held upon the order of the executive committee. Notice of every meeting shall be given by the secretary in a circular addressed to the members at least thirty days before the time of meeting.
Halaman 24 - I do not see how it will be possible for me to live, hereafter, on less than the interest of $40,000.

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