The Holocaust: A Concise History

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Rowman & Littlefield, 2009 - 279 halaman
In examining one of the defining events of the twentieth century, Doris Bergen situates the Holocaust in its historical, political, social, cultural, and military contexts. Unlike many other treatments of the Holocaust, this history traces not only the persecution of the Jews but also other segments of society victimized by the Nazis: Gypsies, homosexuals, Poles, Soviet POWs, the handicapped, and other groups deemed undesirable. With clear and eloquent prose, Bergen explores the two interconnected goals that drove the Nazi German program of conquest and genocide--purification of the so-called Aryan race and expansion of its living space--and discusses how these goals affected the course of World War II. Including illustrations and firsthand accounts from perpetrators, victims, and eyewitnesses, the book is immediate, human, and eminently readable.

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Adolf Hitler the National Socialist German
Nazi Germany 19331938
In Search of War 19381939
War against Poland
Exporting War and Terror
1942 and 1943
Death Throes and Killing Frenzies 19441945
The Legacies of Atrocity
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Doris L. Bergen is Chancellor Rose and Ray Wolfe Professor of Holocaust Studies at the University of Toronto.

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