Railway Bond Refunding: Hearings Before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, House of Representatives, Sixty-ninth Congress, First Session, on H.R. 8708, a Bill to Authorize the Refunding of Evidences of Indebtedness Heretofore Issued by a Carrier in Interstate Commerce Under the Provisions of an Act to Provide for the Operation of Transportation Systems While Under Federal Control, for the Just Compensation of Their Owners, and for Other Purposes, Approved March 21, 1918, as Amended by an Act Approved March 2, 1919, Or Under the Provisions of Section 207 of the of the Transportation Act, 1920, Or of Section 210 of Said Act as Amended by an Act Approved June 5, 1920, and the Reduction and Fixing of the Rate of Interest to be Paid by Such Carriers Upon Said Notes Or Other Evidences of Indebtedness. May 7, 8, and 12, 1926

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Halaman 159 - ... the prospective earning power of the applicant and the character and value of the security offered are such as to furnish reasonable assurance of the applicant's ability to repay the loan within the time fixed therefor...
Halaman 5 - That for the purpose of providing funds requisite for maturing obligations or for other legal and proper expenditures, or for reorganizing railroads in receivership, carriers may, during the period of Federal control, issue such bonds, notes, equipment trust certificates, stock, and other forms of securities, secured or unsecured by mortgage, as the President may first approve as consistent with the public interest.
Halaman 139 - Managers may exercise any and every such power as fully and effectively as if the same were herein distinctly specified, and as often as, for any cause or reason, they may deem expedient.
Halaman 147 - Investors in railway securities may rest assured that their rights and interests will be as scrupulously looked after by the Government as they could be by the directors of the several railway systems.
Halaman 139 - Managers may construe the Plan and this agreement; and their construction thereof or action thereunder, in good faith, shall be final and conclusive.
Halaman 53 - The time, not exceeding five years from the making thereof, within which such loan is to be repaid, the security which is to be taken therefor, which shall be adequate to secure the loan...
Halaman 127 - Upon confirmation of the plan, the debtor and any other corporation or corporations organized or to be organized for the purpose of carrying out the plan, shall have full power and authority to, and shall put into effect and carry out the plan and the orders of the judge relative thereto, under and subject to the supervision and the control of the judge, the laws of any State or the decision or order of any State authority to the contrary notwithstanding.
Halaman 127 - ... or lease, in whole or in part; to apply for the determination of the validity thereof, or for the removal of any trustees or the substitution of other trustees, or to take any other steps in respect of any trust...
Halaman 126 - Each of the three committees is hereby vested under the terms of this agreement, as trustee of an express trust, with the legal title to all securities of the class or classes represented by it...

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