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The official texts are used, except for obvious proof corrections and some elision of titles and explanatory paragraphs. It has, of course, been impossible to preserve the typographical beauty of many codes, especially those designed for framing. Several of the most artistic have been reproduced as illustrations.

My thanks are due to the large number of association secretaries and others who have aided me in the search for specimens. Over seven hundred organizations answered my enquiry. The material sent is appreciated, even where the necessary limitations of this volume forbade its use. I am under special obligation to the Rotary Clubs, for the assistance given by their international office.

The movement for higher ethical standards is still in its infancy. I shall be glad to receive copies of new or omitted codes, whether national or local. Corrections or revised editions of those printed will also be welcome.

241 Lawrence St.,
New Haven, Conn.
July 11, 1924.

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