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§ 101. When to take effect. This chapter shall take effect immediately.

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Laws 1909, Chap. 21.
AN ACT relating to education, constituting chapter sixteen of the

consolidated laws.

Became a law February 17, 1909, with the approval of the Governor. Passed,

three-fifths being present. The People of the State of New Yorii, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows: CHAPTER 16 OF THE CONSOLIDATED LAWS


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Article 1. Short title and definitions (SS 1, 2).

2. School districts (88 20–49).
3. School neighborhoods (SS 60–62).
4. District meetings (SS 80-97).
5. School buildings and sites (S$ 110–126).
6. School district officers; general provisions (S$ 140-

7. District clerk, treasurer, collector (S$ 170–177).
8. Trustees (89 190–205).
9. Boards of education (S$ 220–248).
10. Town clerks (S$ 260, 261).
11. Supervisors (SS 280-285).
12. School commissioners (88 300-315).
13. Commissioner of education (S$ 330-341).
14. Appeals or petitions to commissioner of education

($$ 360–362). 15. Assessment and collection of taxes (S$ 380_410). 16. School district bonds ($ 430). 17. School moneys (S$ 450–462). 18. Trusts for schools; gospel and school lots (S$ 480–

488). 19. Fines, penalties, forfeitures and costs (S$ 500–512). 20. Compulsory education (S$ 530-538). 21. Teachers and pupils (SS 550-568). 22. Text-books (SS 580-583). 23. Contract system (SS 600–602).

Article 24. Teachers' institutes (88 620–626).

25. Training classes and training schools (S$ 640-645).
26. Normal schools; state normal college (S$ 660-679).
27. The flag (S$ 700–703).
28. Fire drills (SS 720-723).
29. Arbor day (S$ 740-743).
30. Physiology and hygiene (SS 760, 761).
31. Special instruction by pictorial or graphic reproduc-

tion (SS 780, 781).
32. Instruction in drawing and in vocal music (S$ 800–

802). 33. General industrial and trade schools (S$ 820_824). 34. Kindergartens (S 840). 35. Orphan schools (SS 860-862). 36. Indian schools (SS 880-883). 37. Compulsory education of Indians (S$ 900-909). 38. Instruction of deaf mutes and of the blind (SS 920

930). 39. New York state school for the blind (SS 940–961). 40. Schools for colored children (SS 980–982). 41. School ansus (SS 1000–1004). 42. Libraries (SS 1020-1071). 43. University of the state of New York (S$ 1080–1106). 44. Cornell wiversity (SS 1120-1129). 45. State school of agriculture at St. Lawrence university

(SS 1140-1142). 46. State school of agriculture at Alfred university (SS

1160–1162). 47. State school of agriculture at Morrisville (S$ 1180

1183). 48. Laws repealed; saving clause; when to take effect

(SS 2000-2002).

Short Title and Definitions
Section 1. Short title.

2. Definitions. § 1. Short title. This chapter shall be known as the Education Law.”

§ 2. Definitions. Academy. The term “ academy," when nised in this chapter, means an incorporated institution for instruction in higher branches of education, but not authorized to confer degrees, and such high schools, academic departments in union schools and similar unincorporated schools as are admitted by the regents to the university as of academic grades.

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College. The term “college,” when used in this chapter, includes universities and other institutions for higher eduoation authorized to confer degrees.

University. The term “university," when used in this chapter, means university of the state of New York.

Regents. The term “regents," when used in this chapter, means board of regents of the university of the state of New York.

Commissioner. The term "commissioner," when used in this chapter, means commissioner of education,

School commissioner. The term “ school conimissioner," when used in this chapter, means the local officer provided for in article twelve.

Higher education. The term “higher education," when used in this chapter, means education in advance of common elementary branches, and includes the work of academies, colleges, universities, professional and technical schools, and educational work connected with libraries, museums, university extension courses and similar agencies.

Trustee. The term “ trustees," when not used in reference to a school district, includes directors, managers or other similar members of the governing board of an educational institution.

Parental relation. The term “persons in parental relation ” to a child, when used in this chapter, includes the parents, guardians or other persons, whether one or more, lawfully having the care, custody or control of such child.

School authorities. The term "school authorities," when used in this chapter, means the trustees, or board of education, or corresponding officers, whether one or more, and by whatever name known, of a city, union free school distriot, common school district, or school district created by special law. (Thus amended by L. 1909, ch. 240, $ 20, in effect April 22, 1909.)

Amendment of 1909 struck out a paragraph reading "Secondary education. The term 'secondary education,' when used in this chapter, means the instruction imparted between the elementary grades and the college or university.”; also in paragraph beginning with Higher education” inserted ciementary branches.” in place of “secondary education ", stricken out, and inserted academies," preceding the word “colleges."



School Districts Section 20. Formation. 21. Formation, alteration and dissolution of certain joint

districts. 22. Special meeting of joint district to act regarding


Section 23. Alteration by consent.

24. Alteration without consent.
25. Hearing of objections to order for alteration without

26. Dissolution by consent and consequent alteration of

districts. 27. Dissolution, reformation and consolidation of dis

tricts. 28. Division of union free school district which contains

two incorporated villages. 29. Method and result of election. 30. Apportionment of indebtedness. 31. Temporary attendarice of pupils as before division. 32. Continuance of dissolved district for payment of

debts. 33. Deposit of records of dissolved district. 34. Property of districts consolidated. 35. Sale of property of dissolved district and disposition

of proceeds. 36. Collection and distribution of moneys due dissolved

district. 37. Fees of supervisor and town clerk. 38. Notice of meeting for establishment of union free

school district. 39. Posting, publication and service of notice. 40. Expense of notice. 41. Notice and expense in case of adjoining districts. 42. Proceedings at meeting and effect of affirmative vote. 43. Meeting to determine regarding reorganization as

common school district. 44. Result of vote for or against reorganization. 45. Reversion to form of original school districts. 46. School commissioner may require equality of par

tition. 47. Effect of veto by school commissioner regarding sub

sequent meeting. 48. Report of proceedings to coinmissioner of education.

49. Distribution of moneys on dissolution. 8 20. Formation. It shall be the duty of each school commissioner, in respect to the territory within his district:

1. To divide it, so far as practicable, into a convenient number of school districts, and alter the same as herein provided.

2. In conjunction with the commissioners of adjoining school commissioner districts, to set off joint districts, composed of ad

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