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JOINT RESOLUTIONS. Whereas, certain citizens of the State of Maine, have been charged in the State of Georgia, with a felony committed therein, by kidnapping and carrying away certain slaves, the property of the citizens thereof, and bills of indictment have been duly found in Georgia against the said persons, who are understood to be now resident in, and under the protection of, the State of Maine: And whereas, the Gov. ernor of the State of Georgia has, by direction of the Legislature thereof, and according to the pro. visions of the Federal Constitution, demanded of the Governor of Maine these delinquents for trial, under the said bills of indictment: And whereas, the said Governor of the State of Maine, instead of complying with this demand, as under the provisions of our Federal compact he was in duty bound, has refused so to do; stating that he must first lay the subject before the Legislature of his State: And whereas, from the present aspect of the slave question in the United States, it no longer becomes a slave holding State to withhold the decided expression of its sentiments on any subject involving these momentous rights: Therefore,

Resolved, unanimously, That the State of Georgia in making the demand for the delivery of these delinquents for trial, demanded nothing but what the strictest regard for justice, order, respect for her. self, and the most sacred provisions of our Federal compact authorized and required.

Resoloed, unanimously, That it is with the deepest concern we perceive one of our Chief Magistrates of our confederated States, refusing prompt acquiescence to this just and rightful demand.

Resolved, unanimously, 'That a failure on the part of the State of Maine to fulfill her constitutional obligations in this particular, will be a fatal blow to the security of our institutions and property; and if persisted in will create great and well-founded alarm in the slave-holding States.

Resolved, unanimously, That the cause of Georgia is the cause of the whole South, and we will make common cause with her in all proper measures for procuring a redress of these grievances, and for the maintenance of her, and our coinmon cause.

Approved, Fes. 2, 1829.

JOINT MEMORIAL requesting Congress to cede to the State of Alabama the Muscle Shoals Canal.

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States in Congress assembled: Your memorialists, the General Assembly of the State of Alabama, respectfully beg leave again to call the attention of your honorable body to the obstructions to the navigation of the Tennessee river, by reason of which so large a number of the inhabitants of Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee, are deprived of a market for their products, and of the facilities needed in receiving supplies. Although Congress has made the liberal grant of four hundred thousand acres of forfeited lands, for the removal of those obstructions, yet atter the most faithful execution of the trust, in the application of the means, the sum has been found wholly insufficient. Fifteen miles of canal have been completed, which in point of workmanship, durability, and cheapness of construction, will compare with any similar work in the Union. The means are now exhausted, but the evidence of the importance of the work to an. swer the demands of a growing population becoming daily more apparent; whilst the powers of Con. gress to grant appropriations for such purposes continues unsettled and debateable. To prevent fur. ther altercation, so far as the interests of Alabama are concerned, and to enable the State to provide for the urgent demands of its citizens, whose productions are rendered less valuable and available on ac. count of those obstructions, your memorialists pray your honorable body to cede the said improve. mients to the State of Alabama, to enable said State to complete the same with its own resorces, or to to call in the aid of individual capital and enterprise, should the State deem it sit and proper so to do, and your memorialists will ever pray, &c.

Approved, Jan. 26, 1839.

JOINT PREAMBLE AND RESOLUTIONS of the General Assembly of the State of Alabama res.

ponsive to certain Joint Resolutions of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, touching the Currency and Administration of the General Government.

Whereas, certain Joint Resolutions of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, entitled " Joint Resolutions in relation to the Currency and the Administration of the General Government,” have been communicated to this General Assembly by the Governor of this State, agreeably to a 'request preferred in said Joint Resolutions. These resolutions deplore the evils produced in the country by the general suspension of specie payments in May, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven; they charge these evils mainly to the acts of the late administration, especially to the veto of the bill rechar. ing the late Bank of the United States, the removal of the Deposites, and the Specie Circular. They charge the present Executive of tlie United States with a want of sympathy with the people, whoin they are pleased to represent as "suffering;” and with cold indifference to the country, whose condition they pleased to consider " lamentable;" and as being anxious only " to supply the wants of the Treasu. ry and to protect the interests of the official corps.” They denounce the Independent Treasury scheme as tending to augment Executive power," " to the engrossment by the Executive of the United States of all the paper emissions," " to place in his possession or under his control a great portion of the spe. cie of the country,” “ to abuse, waste, and corruption;" and finally, “to the union of the purse and sword;" and they express great satisfaction at the defeat of the bill having for its object the establishment of this system, at the last session of Congress. They express deep regret that the present Chief Magistrate of the United States, heedless of experience, as they pretend, is resolved to persevere in ruining

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the country, and destroying the liberties of the people. They declare that it is the duty of the Federal Government to secure a general medium of circulation of uniforın value throughout the United States, and recommend a United States Bank as the most efficient means for the accomplishment of such an end. They charge the late Administration of the Federal Government with a wasteful extravagance,” and the late President with “ abuse, encroachments and usurpation;" and finally, they declare that

• every consideration of safety, of interest, and pride of National character, deniands a thorough reform of the Administration of the General Government.” The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, in communicating in this form her own views and opinions on the various subjects to her sister States, it was doubtless intended and desired by the Commonwealth of Kentucky to elicit ours in return. In response to the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, touching the premises,

Be it Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Alabama in General Assembly convened, That this State does not concur with the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the views and opinions expressed by the latter in her resolutions aforesaid, on any one of the prominent or im. portant questions therein presented; but that on the contrary those views and opinions generally meet our decided dissent. We disagree with our sister Kentucky respecting the causes of the late suspension of specie payments, and its consequent evils, and insist that the same was mainly attributable to other causes than any action of the Federal Government. We eschew a National Bank in every form in which it can be presented, and heartily applaud the late President for the virtue and firmness with which he combatted and finally overthrew that strong tower of federalism and aristocracy, the late Bank of the United States. We deny that it is either the right or the duty of the Federal Government to furnish a general currency for the country; the right and duty of that Government in this regard be. gin and end, as we conceive, with furnishing a currency standard of value, and with preserving and maintaining that standard by suitable regulations respecting her own receipts and disbursements. We consider the charge of want of sympathy with the people and of indifference to the interests of the coun. try made against President Van Buren, as the mere ebullition of political animosity, without truth or reason to support it.

Resolved, That we esteem ourselves a prosperous, free and highly favored people, and cannot be per. suaded either that we are “suffering,” or that the condition of our country is “ lamentable.”

Resolved, That we admire, approve, and will cordially support the separation of Bank and State, and the establishment of an Independent Treasury; and confidently expect the intrinsic merits of this great measure ultimately to vindicate its claims with an intelligent and patriotic people, over selfishness, passion and political prejudice.

Resolved, That we have listened without emotion to the expressions of our sister Kentucky about “the union of the purse and the sword,” and the ruin of the country and of liberty; the defeated and disappointed panic-makers of the last six years, have made such language trite and familiar.

Resolved, That we are satisfied with the present Administration and its leading measures. We want no reform and least of all such reform as our sister Kentucky would be likely to gives us—a National Bank-a protective tariff-a grand and corrupting system of internal improvement by the Federal Government.

Resolved, That we view with mingled sorrow and indignation the charge of "abuse, encroach. ments and usurpations,” made against the venerable retired patriot of the Hermitage. Passion and prejudice may do their worst-he is beyond their reach. In the eloquent language of another," he has carried the star of his civil fame to the highest point in the political firmament, there to remain for ever, searing the eye-balls of envy, but cheering the heart and guiding the footsteps of patriotism and shedding its benign influence on the freedom, happiness, prosperity and glory of his country."

Resolved, That the Governor of this State be requested to forward a copy of the foregoing Pre. amble and Resolutions to the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, with a request that he will lay the same before the General Assembly of that Coinonwealth. Approved, January 26, 1829.

JOINT RESOLUTIONS in relation to the distribution of the decisions of the Supreme Court.

Be it Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State Alabama in General Assembly convened, That it shall be hereafter made the duty of the Secretary of State, to furnish the several Solicitors of this State, with a copy of each of the published decisions of the Supreme Court of this State, which are now or may hereafter be published.

And be it further Resolved, by the authority aforesaid, That the said Solicitors shall upon the termination of their office, deliver over to their successors in office, when requested, all of said decisions of the Supreme Court, which they may have received by virtue of their several offices.

Approved, February 2, 1839.

DEPARTMENT OF STATE, TUSCALOOSA, April 12, 1839. I have carefully examired the foregoing Acts, Memorials and Resolutions, and find them to be trite copies of the original rolls on file in this office. T. B. TUNSTALL, Secretary of State.

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Page. Liekaa

13 CHEROKEE COUNTY Corthage Male and Female

32 | To legalize the proceedings of the Commis. Franklin, in the town of Suggsville,

39 sioners to locate the seat of justice in 86 Male, in the town of Livingston

CENSUS OF THE STATE Dadeville Female 51 Compensation for taking

39 Marble Spring

52 COLLEGE Bellefonte.

53. Mobile, authorized to confer degrees, and proOf the Ladies' Education Society in Selma 54

perty exempt from taxation

40 Mount Moriah

55 Coosa RIVER... Grant's Creek, in the county of Tuscaloosa 58 Act establishing board of commissioners to im. Liberty, in Pickeas county

prove navigation of, amended

62 Franklin, iu De Kalb county,

73 CHOCTAW HatchIE RIVER Fayetteville Male and Female

98 Board of Commissioners to improve naviga. Somerville, in the county of Russell 121 tion of, established

139 Aberfoil Male and Female


COPARTNERS Red Ridge, l'allapoosa county

133 Judicial proceedings against, in suits at com. Tuscumbia Female 146 mon law, amended


CITIES Permitted to rent real estate 90 Wetumpka incorporated


Montgomery, act of incorporation amended 25 Of Representatives, and State divided into Sen. Mobile, charter of amended

55 atorial districts, according to late ceusus


so sixth Judicial Circuit, time of holding 118 For payment of members and officers of yen- Fall terms first Judicial Circuit, time of holding 139 eral assembly 88 County, of Butler when bolden

3 · For the year 1839

of 'Tuskaloosa


of Antauga

3 Elections of, authorzed in certain counties 11

of Morgan


of Covington

10 Counsellors and solicitors, taking depositions Marti el, fiues imposed by Brigade

97 : of, authorized

59 Of Chancery, organized and established 28 And counsellors, admission and practice of, of Roads and Revenue, powers extended

150 regulated

95 DEEDSFees abolished in certain cases 119 The law upon the probate of, amended

73 BANKS Act concerning

99 State Bk. and Brs., number of directors reduced 13 De KALB COUNTY

commissioners to examine Locate seat of justice in, and for other purposes 36 abolished


payment of interest on State
Act in relation to taking, amended

69 Bonds provided for 25

for the beiter management of 64 Act to regulate
to coinpensate directors of 111 EXECUTIONS
to better regulate the opera. Defenuants in, secured against surprise and
tions of
201 injury

31 charter of, amended

205 Property exempted from levy and sale by, in Act concerning interest--explanatory

Henry County

10 To better epable directors to secure debts 202

Laws in relation to amended

91 Unlawful, prohibited


147 Laws in relation to road tax in, repealed 39

For improvement of the navigation of

142 Board of Commissioners to improve naviga

FIRE COMPANY tion of, established

78 In Mobile, to raise a fund for the benefit of 43 Bonds OF THE STATE

To provide for the payment of interest on 25 Character of, protected from slanderous as-


96 Muscle Shoals, act of appropriation for the

FREE NEGROES AND L'ERSONS QF Co completion of, amended 53 | Act in relation to

134 For protection of



Of minors, idiots, and lunatics, authorized to Balance of interest on, appropriated

remove property in certain cases


HIGHWAYSThrough shoal or reef, in Mobile bay, authori- Singey River declared a public zed to be opened

1:20 ! Wright's Creek, in Covingtou couuły declared a 11





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Harriet W. Moniague froni Joscpii II. Mon. To sundry persons in the act mentioned, 174 lague,

181 To (ieorge Noble for printing,

183 Eliza McLaughlin from Peter McLaughlin, 181 For cl

growing out of Indian hostilitics, 196 Mary H. Rutledge from William P. Rutledge, 182 To Capt. Cook's company, 187 Mary Clark from Elijah Clark,

183 To Capt. Pate's company,

189 | Eliza Crawford from Siephen Crawford, 183 To George Snider for cual, 194 John White from Eliza Whire,

184 To Samuel Oliver and others, 195 | Harriet Freel from John S. Freel,

184 For certain claims against the State, 197 | Hiram Elam from Cely Elain,

184 Bextox County

John Hughes from Rosanna Hughes, 184 Time of holding county court changed, 167. Williain Logan froin Mary Logan,

185 Conimissioners' court to levy special tax, 167 | Nancy Davis from Hezekiah Davis.

185. BIBB Court

Winnefred. C. Jemison from John Jemison, 185 Time of holding commissioners' court changed, 166 F JYETTE Cotste BLOUNT COUNTY Special tax to be levied,

174 Sheriff to serve process from justices of the


164 Duties of county trepsurer prescribed, 160 BUTLER COUNTY

Commissioners' court to allow compensation Mode of collecting county tax alerred, 169

to certain persons,


Herry County To settle with John R. & S. S. Henry, 192. Act of concerning pay of jurors in, sepcaled 168 CAWLFIELD, David

Concerning pay at clerks and sheriff for er Authorized to establish a ferry, 179 officio services,

180 CovINGTON COUNTY Special tax for building jail,

185 Commissioners' of reyenuc and roads to be

HERNDOX, JAMES compensated, 186 | Authorized to peddle,

177 Dallas COUNTY

Jacksoy COUNTY Sales of lands and negroes levied on by sher. Special tax io be levied,

163 iff, low advertised 167 | Additional surveyor fur

172 Concerning salary of judge of county court, 88 | Pay of jurors increased,

176 Extra tax to be levied,



Compensation of commissioners' of revenue To .asc revenue,' and compensation to clerks

and roads,

163 and sheriffs regulated,


DeKalb County
Authorized to build toll-ixridge

201 Formation of additional regimeni il,


LAWRENCE CountiFor the support of paupers In,


Judge of county court to appoint coroner in

certain cases,

195 Sale of slaves in,


LiTTi.cricid, HAZLE-
Dunx, HENRY C.-

Authorised to erect mills in Coosa river, 165 Autliorized to make titles,


Micon County
John.P. Hall froni Mary Hall,

Time of holding county court in, ciranged

MIPLESVILLEMartha Roberts from Willian Roberts, 162 John Youngblood from Eliza J. Youngblood, 165 , In Bibh county, e!cction of justice of the peace

and constable authorized,

168 Eliza A. F. Anderson froin Edmund R, An: derson),

Mirrox Courty

165 Caroline L. Neely from Jubal L. Neely,

17h Sheriff' to perform certain duties.

187 Elizabeta Dance from Henry B. Dance,

Jury to be summoned for county court,

168 Emelinc Rigdell from John W. Ridgell, 172

MOBILE CITY OF Lucretia T. Tate fron Griffith Tate, 172 To exempt fire wardens in,

180 Elizabeth Green from John M. Greci, 173 St. Andrews Society oi, incorporated, 188 Sarah Green from William Green,

173 Number of aiictioneers in county of, limited, 201 Thomas B. Bullard from Nancy Bullard, 179 MARSIIALI. AND JACKSOY CorntiEjaNancy Patterson from Edward Patterson, 180 Concerning revenues of,

189 Sarah Harman from Joel Harman,

181 RANDOLPH AND MADISONEarly A. Brown from Elizabeth Brown, 181 Additional survevors for.



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