Annual Report of the Interstate Commerce Commission, Volume 27

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Halaman 87 - An Act to promote the safety of employees and travelers upon railroads by compelling common carriers engaged in interstate commerce to equip their cars with automatic couplers and continuous brakes, and their locomotives with driving-wheel brakes, and for other purposes...
Halaman 34 - All parties must be fully apprised of the evidence submitted or to be considered, and must be given opportunity to cross-examine witnesses, to inspect documents, and to offer evidence in explanation or rebuttal.
Halaman 75 - Canal is being operated in the interest of the public and is of advantage to the convenience and commerce of the people and that such extension will neither exclude, prevent, nor reduce competition on the route by water under consideration, the Interstate Commerce Commission may, by order, extend the time during which such service by water may continue to be operated beyond July first, nineteen hundred and fourteen.
Halaman 34 - ... and shall keep itself informed as to the manner and method in which the same is conducted, and shall have the right to obtain from such common carriers full and complete information necessary to enable the commission to perform the duties and carry out the objects for which it was created...
Halaman 79 - The classification of articles mailable, as well as the weight limit, the rates of postage, zone or zones, and other conditions of mailability under this section, if the Postmaster General shall find on experience that they or any of them...
Halaman 8 - United States v. Union Stock Yard & Transit Co. 226 US 286, 57 L.
Halaman 34 - A finding without evidence is arbitrary and baseless. And if the Government's contention is correct, it would mean that the Commission had a power possessed by no other officer, administrative body, or tribunal under our Government. It would mean that where rights depended upon facts, the Commission could disregard all rules of evidence, and capriciously make findings by administrative fiat.
Halaman 34 - But the more liberal the practice in admitting testimony, the more imperative the obligation to preserve the essential rules of evidence by which rights are asserted or defended.
Halaman 35 - ... be given opportunity to cross-examine witnesses, to inspect documents and to offer evidence in explanation or rebuttal. In no other way can a party maintain its rights or make its defense. In no other way can it test the sufficiency of the facts to support the finding...
Halaman 87 - To further enable the Interstate Commerce Commission to enforce compliance with section 20 of the act to regulate commerce as amended by the act approved June 29, 1906, including the employment of necessary special agents or examiners 300,000.00 Sundry civil act Aug.

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