The Court Magazine and Monthly Critic, and Lady's Magazine and Museum: A Family Journal of the Belles Lettres, Music, Fine Arts, Drama, Fashion, Etc, Volume 29

Sampul Depan
Dobbs, 1846

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Halaman 16 - Providence at this interval gave to my anxious wishes the usual land wind, common in this bay, and my expectations were completed. We were all hands employed warping and towing off, and by the help of the light air, the whole were under sail, and came to anchor out of reach of shells, about two in the morning, after twelve hours
Halaman 8 - Though the Frenchmen laugh'd and thought it stuff; But they knew not the handful of men, how tough, On board of the Arethusa. On deck five hundred men did dance, The stoutest they could find in France ; We with two hundred did advance
Halaman 112 - The Corporation presented him with the freedom of the city in a gold box, in acknowledging which he naturally dwelt on some of the topics that were interesting to a commercial community. He gave a somewhat new view of "Protection" when he called it a remnant of heathenism.
Halaman 16 - Christian slaves who were at Algiers, it came to the knowledge of Lord Exmouth, that two Spaniards, the one a merchant, and the other the vice-consul of that nation, had not been released, but were still held by the Dey in very severe custody, on pretence that they were prisoners for debt. The...
Halaman 8 - As ever stemmed the dashing wave ; Her men are staunch To their fav'rite launch, And when the foe shall meet our fire, Sooner than strike we'll all expire On board of the Arethusa.
Halaman 102 - ... to a fanciful view, To weep for the buds it had left with regret, On the flourishing bush where it grew. I hastily seized it, unfit as it was For a nosegay, so dripping and drown'd, And swinging it rudely, too rudely, alas ! I snapp'd it, it fell to the ground. And such...
Halaman 80 - ... that are hoary, But the voice of the weeper Wails manhood in glory. The autumn winds rushing Waft the leaves that are searest, But our flower was in flushing, When blighting was nearest. Fleet foot on the correi, Sage counsel in cumber, Red hand in the foray, How sound is thy slumber ! Like the dew on the mountain, Like the foam on the river, Like the bubble on the fountain, Thou art gone, and for ever ! XVII.
Halaman 8 - 'Bear down, d'ye see, To our Admiral's lee!' 'No, no,' says the Frenchman, 'that can't be! ' 'Then I must lug you along with me,
Halaman 8 - Twas with the spring fleet she went out, The English Channel to cruise about, When four French sail, in show so stout, Bore down on the Arethusa.
Halaman 16 - ... many conflicting opinions to reconcile, and therefore he might be said to have enjoyed, during the remainder of his long life, something like comparative repose. It was at that, time he began and completed his history of the great struggle in which he and his friends had been engaged. Thirty years after the publication of that work he was accused of...

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