Investigation and Control of Venereal Diseases. Hearings ... on H.R. 9047 ... April 12, 13, and 14, 1938

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Halaman 5 - Each member shall hold office for a term of three years, except that any member appointed to fill a vacancy occurring prior to the expiration of the term for which his predecessor was appointed shall be appointed for the remainder of such term, and...
Halaman 4 - That there are authorized to be appropriated annually such sums as may be necessary to enable...
Halaman 57 - Council and accepted by the State Board of Health and the United States Public Health Service.
Halaman 6 - States or any other country as to the cause, prevention, and methods of diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders, by correspondence or by personal investigation of such studies, and with the approval of the Surgeon General make available such information through the appropriate publications for the benefit of health and welfare agencies and organizations (public or private), physicians, or any other scientists, and for the information of the general public...
Halaman 61 - States, counties, health districts, and other political subdivisions of the States in establishing and maintaining adequate public health services, including grants for demonstrations and for the training of personnel for State and local health work, there is hereby authorized to be appropriated for each fiscal year a sum not to exceed $20,000,000.
Halaman 6 - Act, any such projects which it believes show promise of making valuable contributions to human knowledge with respect to the cause, prevention, or methods of diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders...
Halaman 6 - Board for such prior quarter. (3) The Secretary of the Treasury shall thereupon, through the Division of Disbursement of the Treasury Department and prior to audit or settlement by the General Accounting Office, pay to the State, at the time or times fixed by the Board, the amount so certified.
Halaman 5 - ... and promoting the coordination of all such researches and activities and the useful application of their results ; training personnel in matters relating to mental health; and developing, and assisting States in the use of, the most effective methods of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of psychiatric disorders.
Halaman 4 - States, to the treasurer or other officer of the State duly authorized by the laws of the State to receive the same...
Halaman 97 - Recommendations for a Venereal Disease Control Program in State and Local Health Departments — Report of an Advisory Committee to the United States Public Health Service.

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