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The Pilgrims leave the Town of Vanity,

his content; he accordingly complied, and forsaking his company, followed the man, who conducted him to a tavern in the market-place, and sending for some of his boon companions, they fell to carousing and making merry; also they drank confusion to the pilgrims that were going to the heavenly City but Yielding got little by the bargain, for being surfeited with excess of wine, he died suddenly in the night time.

In the mean while the rest of the pilgrims passed through the streets of the town, molested on all hands by the ruder sort of people, and unpitied of them that, according to their age and stations, ought to have shewn more wit and humanity. Thus they went on till they came to a place called the Exchange, where the merchants use to meet and traffic: there were men of all nations and families, men of all tribes and languages, each one busy in his particular occupation or commerce: but when the pilgrims came amongst them, they all with one accord left off their business and talk, and stood gazing on these strangers, saying among themselves, What countrymen are these that appear in so strange a dress, so different from all that use to frequent this place ?

Then I saw in my dream, that Zealous-Mind, one of the pilgrims, stood up, and spoke to the multitude, saying, Men and brethren, partakers of the same flesh and blood with us, why stand ye gazing on us, as though some new thing had happen. unto you which you had never seen or known before? Have you forgot the days wherein Christian and Faithful passed through your town, whereof the one was burned for the testimony which he bore to the truth; and the other, though imprisoned, yet by the mighty power and providence of God, escaped your rage and malice? Are these things out of your memory already; or are your records silent in the matter? We are come upon the same account as they, and are going to the same country whither they bent their course: therefore wonder not at our unusual dress, for it is necessary that all those who travel Sion-ward should be appareled after the fashion of that city, that so their entrance therein may be easy and without blame. This is the reason why we are not clothed after the same manner of this town, or of this world; for we have no abiding city here, but we seek one to come, whose builder and maker is God.

After Zealous-Mind had made an end of speaking, some of the merchants left their affairs, and joined themselves unto the pilgrims : others mocked and derided them: but they shook the dust off their feet, and departed from that place, and the mer

and arrive at the Delectable Mouritains.

chants that had left their merchandise went along with them; and the people followed them out of the town hallooing and hooting at them; but whey remembering the saying of Christ, “ Cursed is he that hath set his hand to the plough of the kingdom, and looketh back," regarded not the ridiculous noise they made; but kept on their course in the King's highway, neither turning to the right hand nor to the left, but walked directly in the way of the Lord, till they came to the plain of Ease: where the merchants hearkened to the enticing words of Demas, and were persuaded to go down into the silver mine to dig for treasure that corrupteth; but the rest of the pilgrims would not turn aside out of the way, to follow after filthy lucre : yet they had not gone far before one of them, whose name was Weary-o'-the-World, was turning about to look back towards the silver mine, when Spiritual-Man espying him, catched hold of his arms as he was facing about, and stopped him, saying, Brother here is a sight just before thee, which will convince thee of the danger of looking back in this place. So he shewed him the pillar of salt into which Lot's wife was turned, which stood directly before them on the way-side. Then Weary-o-theWorld thanked him for his friendly admonition and assistance, confessing that he was glad he so timely prevented both his crime and his punishment, by shewing him the example of Lot's wife, who for looking back on Sodom, was turned into a pillar of salt.

Now I saw in my dream, that the pilgrims went forward till they came to the river of God. Their way lay along by the river side, where grew trees, bearing all manner of delightful fruits, which the pilgrims tasted to their wonderful refreshment; they also drank of the water of the river, whose virtue is to rejoice the heart more than wine; and there being pleasant green pastures all along the banks of the river, they laid down some time to repose themselves there, and then rose up to prosecute their journey, coming at length to the place that led down to Doubting-Castle, which was demolished in the days of Chris. tiana's pilgrimage. So they passed by the stile that Christian and Hopeful went over, when they were taken prisoners by Giant Despair, keeping the highway, never stopping till they came to the Delectable Mountains, where they again refreshed themselves in the gardens and vineyards, eating freely of this fruits that were therein.

kot bi 15 23 Now, as they went up these Delectable Mountains, they came at last to a mountain that was at the top of all the moun. tains, and established above the rest of the hills, and it was called the Mountain of the House of the Lord. Now there were

The Pilgrims entertained at the Delectable Mountains.

shepherds feeding of their flocks all over this mountain; and there were men of all nations, tribes, and languages, walking up and down on the mountain; and sometimes they talked with the shepherds, and at other times they talked one to another.

So I saw in my dream, that as the pilgrims went along the highway, there stood some shepherds by the way-side, tending of their flocks; and the shepherds asked the pilgrims whence they came? and whither they were going? To whom Spiritual. Man replied, Sir, we come from the Valley of Destruction, and are going to the Celestial Country.

SHEPHERDS. Ye are welcome thus far on your journey, for now you are on the top of the Delectable Mountains, even on the mountains of the Lord's house, and here be men of all na tions, tribes, and languages, that are going the same journey with you; only they tarry awhile here to take the air of these Delectable Mountains, and to partake of the fruits that grow on this holy ground, which are good to refresh and strengthen them after their wearisome travel. Moreover, we shepherds have remedies for all the diseases that pilgrims are subject to in their toilsome journey; and we minister freely unto them of such things as we have, giving advice and physic unto the sick, opening the eyes of the blind, the ears of the deaf, and loosening the tongues of the dumb, causing them to shew forth the praise and glory of God. To this end we are placed here, and our tents are open to all comers, where we entertain the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, the rich and the poor, the weak and the strong, the young and the old, at the King's cost, who prepares a table for all that will come to it, and hath made us his stewards to portion out to every one what they need; we have milk for babes, and meat for them that are of ripe age. Our

00:s are not shut day nor night, neither do we cease crying jut, “Ho! every one that is thirsty, let him buy milk without money and wine without price; for the Lord hath prepared a feast of fat things, of wines well refined, and he inviteth all men to his table.”

Then the shepherds conducted them into their pavilions, and set before them such dainties as they had not met with before ia all their journey: so they ate and drank cheerfully, and were mightily refreshed, and afterwards the shepherds invited them to walk out and take the air of the mountain; which they did, and found it the wholesomest, purest, and pleasantest air in the world; for it was perfumed with the odour of oranges and lemons, pomegranates and citrons, with all manner of spice trees, which grew upon the mountain in abundance; so that, what

The Pilgrims leave the Delectable Mountains.

with the admirable diet, and what with the delicious air of this place, their strength was renewed like eagles', for they rested there with the shepherds two or three days, who shewed them good hospitality, for they had all things in common among themselves; and therefore the pilgrims went freely up and down from one tent to another, and were kindly received every where; for this is Emanuel's land, the holy mountain of the kingdom of peace, where their spears were turned into pruning-hooks, and their swords into plough-shares, every one sitting peaceably under his own vine, and under his own fig-tree, and no man did harm to another; but all lived together in unity, love and peace.

The shepherds also shewed them the many wonderful things of the mountain, as the hill of Error, and the hill Caution; and when the time came that the pilgrims were desirous to pursue their journey, the shepherds had them to their Overseer, whom the King had set over them, even one of their brethren, and a shepherd; to this man they brought the pilgrims: who when they came before him, blessed them saying, “ Peace be unto you;"_and when the shepherds had told him who they were, and how far they had travelled, and whither they were going, he anointed them with a certain rich and sovereign ointment, which would exceedingly strengthen them in their journey. Then the pilgrims bowing down their heads to the ground, took their leave of the venerable old man, giving him thanks for the kindness he had shewed them. · Then the shepherds went along with them, and shewed them the door in the side of the hill, which is a by-way to hell; and lent them their perspective-glass to take a prospect of the Celestial City through it; which, when the pilgrims had a glimpse of, they were ravished at the sight of such glorious things, and longed to be there. Wherefore they desired the shep. herds to give them leave to depart; which was granted them, only the shepherds first gave them directions conceruing the way, bidding them have an especial care lest they slept upon the Enchanted Ground, which they must needs pass through before they could arrive at the heavenly City; and it lies just on this side the region called Beulah.

Moreover, I saw in my dream that the pilgrims having bid ulieu to the shepherds, went down from the mountain into the plain, having a large valley before, which was called the valley of Vain-Opinions." Now, as they were going through this val. ley, they saw a company of men before them, and as they drew nearer they could hear them talk very eagerly one to another, us though it were about some very weighty matter : so when

The Pilgrims meet with Human-Reason.


Corought to read, se anaatio

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they came up to them, they perceived that the men were talking about the King of the country, which made them dispute very passionately, and with a great deal of heat; one asserting, That the King was of his opinion; another, 'That he only had the right understanding of the Royal mind, will, and pleasure; and each man quoted some article or sentence of the King's statute book in confirmation of what he had said ; so that there was a great noise and hurly-burly among them, insomuch that they were ready to go together by the ears, while every one thought himself in the right, and all the rest in the wrong. Thus contended they, till Spiritual-Man spoke to them, and said, Good people, what is all this clamour for? Then they all ceased their loud talking, and gave attention to what he would say, who thus proceeded :

SPIRITUAL. I hear you very vehement and earnest in controversy about the King's pleasure; one saying, He knows best; and another, That he is best acquainted with it: this puts mo in mind of the words of Christ, where he says, “ If any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ! or, Lo, he is there! believe it not; for there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before, wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert, go not forth; Behold, he is in the secret chambers, believe it not: for as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be,” Matt. xxiv. 23, 24, &c. Therefore I have reason to judge you all deceivers and false prophets, since you so exactly make good the character which our Lord has given them: for whereas one boasteth that he knows the King's mind; another, that he is the best interpreter of his will; ye are all out of the way of truth; the King's mind is with none of you; Christ is not amongst you: it is the shepherds who are his privy-counsellors, who know the secrets of his kingdom. Go ye therefore, and feed with the flocks, and frequent the places where they lie down at noon, so shall ye learn knowledge, and perserve your feet from stumbling into error. And having spoken these words he turned from them with all his company, and they kept on the way over the plain.

Now they had not gone far before a man bolted out upon them from a little cave on the side of the highway, which was called the cave of Natural-Speculation, and the name of the man was Human Reason. So he asked them from whence they came, and whither they were going? To whom Spiritual.

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