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The Shepherds give Presents to the Pilgrims.

ing, “ Blessed are he and she that are delivered from this place."

Now when the Shepherds had shown thein all these things, then they had thein back to the palace, and entertained thein with what the house would afford. But Mercy, being a young and married woman, longed for something that she saw there, but was ashamed to ask. Her mother-in-law then asked her what she ailed, for she looked as one not well. 'Then said Mercy, “ A looking-glass hangs up in the dining-room, off which I cannot take my mind.” Then said her mother, ' I will mention thy desire to the Shepherds, and they will not deny it thee." But she replied, “I am ashamed that these men should know that I desired it.” “Nay, my daughter," said she, “it is no shame but a virtue, to desire such a thing as that." So Mercy said, “ Then, mother, if you please, ask the Shepherds if they are willing to sell it." · Now the glass was one of a thousand. It would present a man, one way, with bis own features exactly; and turn it but another way, and it would show him the very face and similitude of the Prince of pilgrims bimself. Yes, I have talked with them that can tell, and they have said that, by looking in

i One of the most alarming books ever published, is Mr. Bunyan's “ Sighs from Hell; or the Groans of a Damned Soul." It will not be unprofitable for young christians to recollect, that there is a possibility of persons perishing under the gospel; and if the groans of damned souls could be heard, it would be found, that many are employed in cursing even their own parents, for “ holding their feet back from the way of life and peace," by their wicked examples, or by their unscriptural opinions. It will be matter of eternal lamentation to those who, for the gratification of their lusts, left off to watch and be sober. Gladly, as they think, would they return to the world for the purpose of exhibit. ing a life of self-denial ; but the “great gulf is fixed," and their damnation is “ everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord." How thankful should they be who have been plucked As brands from the burning by the Saviour, “ even Jesus, who hath delivered them from the wrath to come," | Thess. i. 10

The Sbepberde give Presents to the Pilgrims.

that glass, they have seen the very crown of thorns upon his head, they have therein also seen the holes it his hands, in bis feet, and in his side. Yea, such as excellency is there in it that it will show him to a person wherever he has a mind to see him; whetber

iving or dead; whether in earth or in heaven ; whe. ther in a state of humiliation or in his exaltation ; whether coming to suffer, or coming to reign. James i. 23. 1 Cor. xiii. 12. 2 Cor. iii. 18.

Christiana therefore went to the Shepherds apart," and said unto them, “ One of iny daughters, a mara ried woman, is very desirous of something that she huth seen in this bouse.” · EXPERIENCE. Call her, call her, she shall assuredly have what we can help her to. So they called her, and said to her, “ Mercy, what is that thing thou wouldst have 3" Then she blushed, and said, “ The great glass that bangs up in the dining-room." So Sincerc ran and fetched it, and with a joyful consent it was given her. Then she bowed her head, and gave thanks, and said, “By this I know that I have obtained favour in your eyes."!

They also gave to the other young women such

The names of the Shepherds were Knowledge, Experience, Watchful, and Sincere.

i The design of our author is very apparent in this representation, though it may perhaps strike some readers who have had a polite education, and who live in the present more refined age, that that simplicity and delicacy are wanting which his descriptions in general possess. He doubtless meant to intimate, that in times of great anxiety, and in prospect of seasons of difficulty, christians desire above all things the special supports and consolations of the word of God. To meditate upon the person and work of the Lord Jesus, upon his death and resurrection, and upon his first and second coming, is admirably adapted to banish fear, and encourage hope, in every time of need.-- Pastors who possess“ knowledge, experience, watchfulness, and sincerity," will be willing that their people should possess the scriptures; and they who inow the value of a Bible, will receive such a present with res. pectful gratitude, and consider it as the highest wark of sincere estern which they can receive from a faithful pastor.



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that glass, they have seen the ETT STOMI & LUOTES upon bis bead, they have therein ais seen toe inte a: his hands, in bis feet, and in his dicit le suck & excellency is there in it that Evil Slow uŹ De son wherever be has a mind ik het 11. Fit

iving or dead; whether in caril & 11 ikara. E ther in a state of humiliation or de exa: whether coming to sufit, Un il per James i. 23. I Cor. xii. 12. ? Cur: ii. io.

Christiana therefore went to the birpers 14 and said unto them, - One IT sauguiere was ried woman, is very debiruus v suneti sa bath seen in this bouse >>

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s with seven strong ck to the door which e door from the church vion of this awful man ;yan mentions in bis Life, mian, and was so obstinate en to no counsel, but from the rsuasion could stop him in the se iniquities. The allegory here is swful passage of scripture:

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Tbe Pilgrims leave the Delectable Mountains.

things as they desired, and to their husbands great cominendations, for that they had joined with Mr. Great-heart in slaying Giant Despair, and demolishng Doubting-castle.

About Christiana's neck the Shepherds put a necklace, and so they did about the necks of her four daugh. ters ; also they put ear-rings in their ears, and jewels on their foreheads."

When they were minded to go hence, they let then go in peace, but gave not to them those certain cantions which before were given to Christian and his companion. The reason was, for that these had Great heart to be their guide, who was one that was well acquainted with things, and so could give them their cautions more seasonably, to wit, even then when the danger was near. Wbat cautions Christian and his companion had received of the Shepherds, they had lost by that the time was come that they had need to put them in practice. Wherefore, here was the advantage that this company had over the other. From hence they went on singing, and they said, Behold, how fitly are the tables set

For their relief that pilgrims are become,
And how they us receive without one let,

Who make the other life our inark and home!
What novelties they have to us they give

That we, though pilgrims, joyful lives may live.
They do upon us, too, such things bestow,
As show we pilgrims are, where'er we go.

m By the presents to 'the other young women, and the commendations given to their husbands for their faith and hope, we may understand, that their conduct in the married life was such as to secure the approbation of the faithful servants of Christ. B the necklace, the ear-rings, and the other jewels, with which they decorated the females, it is probably intimated, that their pastor gave them written testimonials of prosessing "the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit," (even as "in the old time the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves,"') that they might in every place be recognized as christian women.

à Christians who are under the constant direction of a faithful

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