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56 Rutger I. Bleecker.

1751 57 Johannes Glen. 1770, to Cornelius Gelen by order of John

Cuyler. 1747 58 Cornelius Ger". Van Den Bergh. 59 Anthony Van Schajck, jun.

1752 60 Abraham Ten Broeck.

These 8 seats in common.

No. 9.

1757 61 John, son of H. Hansen. June 5, 1769, to Peter Hansen.

62 David A. Schuyler.

63 Robert Roseboom. 1764 to Ahaswerus Roseboom. 1749 64 Johannis Pruyn.

65 Ryckert Hansen. 1766, to John Ja. Beeckman.

1758 66 John Joh*. Lansing.

These 6 in common.

No. 10. 1747 67 Philip Cuyler. 1746 68 Philip, son of Joh'. Schuyler.

69 Gerrardus Groesbeeck.

70 Joachim Staats.

1749 71 Hendrick Cornelise Cuyler. 1765, to Abraham Cor'". Cuyler.

1759 72 Pieter Winne Douw.

No. 11.

73 Jeremiah Van Rensselaer. 1764, to Stephen Van Rensselaer.

74 Steven Van Rensselaer. 1764, to Stephen Van Rensselaer, jr.

75 Jacobus Van Rensselaer. f

76 John Babtist Van Rensselaer. } 1764, for the Patroon.

77 Johannis Van Rensselaer.

78 Henderick Van Rensselaer.

79 Jeremiah Job". Van Rensselaer. 1764, to John, son of Jere

miah John, Van Rensselaer.

At a meeting of the Consistory) held in Albany, Sept. 3, 1753, J

Present: Theodoras Freelinghuysen, minister:

Petrus Douw, Pieter Schuyler,

Tobias Ryckman, Hermanus Wendell,
Phillip Schuyler, Johannes Hun,
Isaac Staats, Gerrit G. Lansing,

Elders. Deacons.

Resolved, That all the men's seats in the new or last constructed gallery shall be sold; the first tier for 12 shillings a seat; the next tier for 10 shillings, and the other for 8 shillings. There shall also be paid for each seat yearly in every year 6 shillings; and in default thereof, the seat shall be forfeited to the consistory, to be again disposed of. In case of death or removal, the seat of such person shall be transferred to his next of kin, upon the payment of 6 shillings for transferring the same; and in default of the payment of the transfer money within a year, the vacated seat shall again revert to the consistory, and be at their disposal.

1754. Men's seats given out on the west side of the church in the gallery, as they were purchased; Wherefore they must be paid, both for the purchase and transferring, and be subject to the quarterly salary of the Domine. No 1. Robert Yates, jr. • Joseph, son of Adam Yates.

Adam Yates. Johannes Yates.

Abraham Yates.
No. 2. Johannes Js. uWendell. Volekert A. Douw.

Tobyas Ten Eyck.
1759 Cornelius Switts.
No. 3. [Vacant].
No. 4. [Vacant].
No. 5. Jacob C. Ten Eyck. Hendrick B*. Ten Eyck.

Evert H. Wendell. 1762, to Hendrick, son of Jacob Wendell.
Jacob Van Schajck. 1761, to Gose S. Van Schajck,
Barent Ten Eyck. 1765, to Peter Gansevoort.
No. 6« Myndert Van Eyvere. 1764, to Rynier Van Eyvere.

David Van Der Heyden. 1770, to Leendert Gansevoort.
Harmen Fischer, Peter Williams.

Hendrick Bleecker, jr.,
No. 7. [Vacant].
No. 8. [Vacant].

No. 9. Harmanus Schuyler. Johannis Lansingh.

Johannis Hogan. 1760, to Isaac Williams Hogan.
Luykas Van Veghte. Philip Van Veghte.

No. 10. Harmanus Wendell. Barent Staats.

Nicolas Cuyler. Abraham Wendell.

Gerrit Jabs. Lansing. 1770, to John Gevse Lansingh. No. 11. Cornelius Ten Broeck Johannis Ten Broeck

Johannis Cuyler, jr. Dirck Ten Broeck. 1768, to

Derrick, son of Abraham Ten Broeck.
No. 12. Joachim Is?. Staats. Abraham H. Cuyler. 1762,

to Harmanis, son of John Cuyler.
Johannis Jacb. Glen. Cornelius Cuyler, jr.

Myndert Roseboom.
No. 13.
No. 14. William Winne. Hendrick Van Ness.

This pew had but two seats.
No. 15. Johannes Williams. But one seat in this pew.

Gallery on the south side of the church.

No. 16. Gysbert Marselus.

Gysbert Fonda. Volkert Van Veghte.

Gerrit Marselus, jr. 1766, Johannes, son of Gysbert Marselus.

No. 17. 1 John Clout, jr. 4 Dirrick Swart.

2 Willim Hun. 5 Wouter De Frest.

3 Cornelius Van Veghte. 6 Isaac De Frest. No. 18. [Vacant].

No. 19. [Vacant].

No. 20.

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Bardenardus Harsen. 1766, to Jacob Harsen, his son. 2 Samuel Pruyn. 3 Caspares Pruyn.

4 Hendrick Pruyn.1767, to Jacob F. Pruyn.

5 Antonio K. Bratt. 6 Isaac Van Arnam.
Robert Lansing.

2 Johannes Jacobus Lansing.

3 Gerhardus Lansingh.

4 Johan Jo. Bleecker.

5 Gerrit Gerritse Lansingh.

6 Johannes M. Roseboom. No. 22. Dec. 1763. Joh*. Gansevoort. [Query 23.] Joh*. M. Beeckman.

John Van Alen.

Abraham Schuyler.

Barent Van Alen.

Cornelus Glen.

These 6 seats occupied by them in common.
No. 23. Cornelius V. Santvoord.
Query 24? Joh*. Bradt.

Thomas Bradt.
Peter Bratt.
No. 24. [Vacant].

Wessel Van Schaick.

Jacob Van Schaick.

Gerrit Van Santer, jr.

Gysbert Van San tor, jr.

David Groesb^ eh.

Hendrick u' .' Ness. 1768, to Gerret Groesbeeck.

Willian Van Den Bergh.

Jacob T ^ansing. Colonie . These seats in common.

Abraham Roseboom.
Abraham Fonda.

These 5 seats in common.

No. 25. 1764.
Also numbered 26.
No. 26. 1764.
Also numbered 27.

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No. 37. Abraham Hogkorck.

Johannes Hoghkerck. Pijeter Wijtbeck.

Jacob Van Dcusen. Rijenijer Van Jeivere.

Deese sitte in't gemeen. Willem Kobes Hijlten. No. 38. Derrick B. Van Schoonhoven. Gerrit Roseboom.

Also 39. Nanning Vissher, jr. Jacob G. Lansing.

John Fisher, jr. Cornells Douw. In't gemeen.

No. 39. 1766. Johannes Fr"e Pruyn. Doct. Wilhelmus Mancius. Peter Hansen. 1769, June 5, to PhyllepRensselaer.

Barent Roseboom. Johannes N. Bleeker. • Barent Ja. Ten Eyck. Dese 6 sitte in 't gemeen.

At a Consistory held in Albany, )
December 14th, 1768, J

Hendrick M. Roseboom, Symon Veeder,

John Winners, Pieter Williams.

Nicolaes Cuyler, Gerrardus Lansingh,

Volekert P. Douw, Samuel Pruim,

Elders. Deacons

Having taken into consideration certain resolutions of a former consistory concerning the disposal of the men's and women's seats on the first floor of the church, which we hereby confirm, in order further to promote the interests of the church, do

Resolve, That respecting the men's seats aforesaid, after the death or removal of an occupant, his seat shall fall to his oldest son residing in this county; and in default of sons, to sons-in-law; and in want of sonsin-law, to brothers or brothers-in-law; and if there be no brothers or brothers-in-law, then to cousins, etc., the oldest in all cases having precedence; conditioned that as often as the seat be transferred by the death or removal of a sitter, his successor shall pay the sum of fifteen shillings to the churchwardens for transferring the same, for the behalf of the Nederduytsh church in this place.

Having also further considered the matter of the women's pews, and what is for the interest of the respective parties, when by the death or removal of an occupant her seat becomes vacant, it shall descend to her eldest daughter residing within the bounds of the community; and in default of daughters to daughters-in-law; and in the absence of daughtersin law, to sisters; and if there be no sisters, to aunts; and if there be no aunts, to neices; and thus at all times the succession to be limited to the eldest in the line of descent; upon the condition that as often as it shall become necessary to transfer a seat by reason of the death or absence of an occupant, the sum of twelve shillings shall be paid to the churchwardens for the behalf of the church aforesaid, by the successor thereto.

Resolved, further, That no man or woman having a seat, shall be permitted to sell or give it away to another, but that every one shall occupy his own seat.

It is further determined that no person leaving this church by certificate or otherwise, and going to another place, shall have any claim upon the seat which he occupied in this church, but may have the same transferred to his nearest of kin, as herein before prescribed. The Domine absent. Hendrick Roseboom, Seymon Joh". Veeder, John Winne, Peter Williams,

Nicholas Cuyler, Gerardus Lansing,

Volckert P. Douw, Samuel Pruyn.

At a meeting of the Consistory, )
Albany, Dec. 30, 1779, j

Present, Willem Winne, Thomas Lansing,

Peter Gansevoort, David Groesbeek,

Gerardus Lansing, Elbert Willett,

John, M. Beekman, Gerrit Groesbeek,

Ouderlingen. Diaconen.

Being assembled to consider upon a dispute, and to examine and weigh the same, between Gerrit G. Lansing and Bastejaen Visger, about the transfer of a woman's seat in the year 1776; and having summoned persons familiar with the transaction at the time, who testify that, after due deliberation upon the matter, having due regard to the circumstances of the case, and the existing rules, they come to the conclusion that transferring the seat to the wife of Bastejaen Visger was right. We desire therefore to abide in peace and quietness by their decision.

lksluit der Kerkeraet.

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