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1759 2 Lena da. of Barent H. Ten Eyck.

3 Anna Janse Van Ness, now Van Der Zee.

4 Else wife of Harmen Uunn.

1757 5 Maria da. of Hendrick M. Roseboom. 1760, to Debora Van

E veren, da. of George Vielding. 1769 6 Annatje wife of Evert Lansing. This seat was gained by an

alteration of the pew.

No. 84.

1 Catbariena Dunbar.

2 Jannetje Lansing.
Annatje Veeder.

Hesse Reijckman. These in common.

No. 5. The Patroon'» Pew. 1764 1 Catharina Van Rensselaer, patrooness. 2 3, 4, reserved for her.

No. 6.

1 Wife of the preacher for the time being.

2 Catharina, wife of Seymon Joh. Veeder. 1768, to Jannetje,

wife of Robert Tests, conditioned that it should be resigned at the demand of Seymon I. Veeder or one of his sons.

1759 3 Jannetje da. of Jacob Glen.

1752 4 Margrieta da. of Dirck Ten Broeck. 1761, to Elisebet wife of Abram Ten Broeck.

No. 7.

1746 1 Maria wife of Cornelis Ten Broeck.

1755 2 Chri8tiena Van Schajck.

3 Sara Hansen.

4 Cathariena Livingston. 1761, to Sara wife of Johannes H.

Ten Eyck.

1748 5 Cathariena wife of Jacob C. Ten Eyck.

No. 8. 1 Cathariena Beeckman. 1760, to Eva wife of Johannes M. Roseboom.

1749 2 Maria Cuyler. 1768, Margretha wife of Abraham N. Cuyler.

3 Maria wife of Hendrick M. Roseboom.

4 Charlotte Amielia Coeymans.

No. 9.

1 Cathariena Hansen.

2 Annatje Douw. 1738 3 Catharlina Douw.

• 4 Helena Wendell.

No. 10.

1 Cathariena Cuyler.

2 Anna Jacobse Ten Eyck.

3 Elisabeth Glen.

No. 11.
1 Maria Livingston. 1768, to Ragel, da. of P. Douw.

2 Maria Livingston, junior. 1768 to Annatje, da. of I. Cuyler.

1757 3 Elsie da. of Hendrick Roseboom. 1768, to Eelesebet Roseboom. 4 Majeke Coeymans.

No. 12.

1758 1 Lena, wife of Barent A. Ten Eyck.

2 Cathariena da. of Jacob Wendell.

3 Geertruy da. of Cornelia Schuyler. 1762, to Catrena, wife of

Cornelus Swits. 1746 4 Cornelia Schuyler. 1762, to Geertruy, wife of Dr. Cachem.

1769, to Geertruy wife of Peter P. Schuyler. Total 439

No. 1. New Pew behind the Deacons.

Geertruyt, wife of David Van Der Heyden.
Ragel, da. of Volkert P. Douw.
Lidia, da. of Volkert Douw.
Lidia, wife of Pieter Ryckman.
Kathalina, wife of Hendrick Bleecker, Jun.
These seats were occupied by them indiscriminately.

No. 2. New Seat behind the Elders.
Alida Schuyler.
Heffie da. of Jannetie Cuyler.
Sara wife of Jan Van Buren.
Angenietie wife of Gerrit Van Den Bergh.
Alida wife of Gerrit W. Van Den Berg.
These five seats were occupied in common.

No. 3. New Seat opposite the Pew of Cornelis Cuyler.
Barber, wife of Harmanus I. Wendell.
Elizeth wife of Thomas Hun.
Margrieta da. of Jacob H. Ten Eyck.
Eva, wife of Abraham Schuyler. 1768, to Annatie Egberse,

by consent of Eva Schuyler.
Geertruy, da. of Harmanus Wendell.
Maria da. of Volkert Am. Douw.

These sittings occupied in common.

No. 4. New bench between No. 54 and No. 56.
Sara, wife of John G. Lansing.
Engeltie wife of Bastiaen Vissher.
Kathalina wife of Tunis Brat.
Janetie wife of Daniel Winne..

Marietie, wife of Anthony E. Brat. 1767, to Petertie Bradt.
These seats in common.

No. 5. Catharina wife of Ben. Goewy.
, Lena wife of Maes I. Bloemendal.
Elisabeth wife of Chris". Heegeman. 1766, to Anneke, wife

of Frans K. Winne.
Jannetje, wife of Daniel K. Winne.
Margrieta da. of James Adams.

These 5 seats occupied by the above indiscriminately, on the west side of the Broad aisle.

No. 6. Geertie wife of Abram Vos. 1768, to Annie, wife of Wil-
lem Van den Bergh.
These seats in common, on the east side of the broad aisle.

No. 7. New Slip between No. 85 and 86 on the east side.
1764 Catharina wife of Abram Vinhagen.
Geertruy, da. of John Vinhagen.
Geertruy, wife of Conraet Luek.
Bata, wife of Thomas D. Hun.
Elizabeth, wife of Chris. Hegerman.
Catharina, wife of Johannes D. Hun.
The above 6 sat indiscriminately.

Wo. 8. New Pew, South East corner, behind Cathalyna Yeats.
1764 Bata, wife of Wouter Quackenbos. 1770, to Benjamin Rom-
Janetie, wife of Volekert Van Vechten. 1766, Ragel, wife of

Jacob Loek.
Alida, wife of Gerrit I. Vissher.
Susanah Ryckman.
Annatje Van Vechte.
The above five seats in common.

The following women folk have taken seats in the first pew,
opposite that of the Elders, agreeing to relinquish it four
times a year on occasion of celebrating the Lord's Supper.

Geertruy Van Rensselaer.

Catriena Schuyler.

Margrieta Livingston.

Maria Lansingh.

Nellie Schuyler.

Elisabeth Bleecker.

The following women have purchased seats in the pew next to the new pew opposite that of the Elders, and occupy them in common:

Janietie Silvester.

Maria Van Rensselaer.

Elisabeth Glen.

Catriena Douw.

Catriena Bleecker.

Lena, da. of Johannes Lansingh.

The following women have hired seats in the new pew opposite that of the Deacons, with the understanding that they shall be vacated four times a year, for the Lord's Supper; and to sit in common.

Catriena Fielen.

Maria Lansingh.

Margrieta Neckols.
Elizabeth Van Schelluyne.

Copy from Church Book A.

Concerning the Men's Seats hereafter mentioned, whenever any one of them is vacated by death, it shall descend to the eldest son of the last occupant living in the county; and in default of sons, to a son-in-law; and in default of sons-in-law, to an own brother: always descending successively to own sons; and if there be no sons or they shall be absent, then to sons-in-law; and in default of sons-in-law, then to own brothers; the first occupant paying thirty shillings for his seat, and his successor fifteen shillings for transferring the same, in behalf of the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany. Every seat-holder shall be holden and in honor bound to contribute to the minister's salary in proportion to his circumstances. No person living out of the county shall be entitled to a seat; and in default of a successor, or of any of the requirements herein expressed, seats shall revert to the church.

Witness our hands and seals this 31st Dec., 1719.

Jacob Staats, Stephanub Groesbeeck,

Johannes Schuyler, Barent Staats,

Johannes Cuyler, Rutger Bleecker,

Johannes Roseboom, Volckert Van Veghten,

Elders. Deacons.


Commencing Back of the Elders.

No. 1.

1758 1 Stephen, son of Pieter Schuyler.

1754 2 Thomas Schuyler. 1764, to Abram Cuyler, son of Nicholas


3 Peter Schuyler. 1765, to his son Philip Schuyler.

No. 2.

4 John De Peyster, on the north side, No. 3.

1755 5 Myndert Schuyler Ten Eyck.

6 John Livingston. 1768, to Dirck Ten Broeck. 1747 7 Robert Van Rensselaer.

No. 3.

1757 8 Walter Livingston. 1768, to Harmen Gansefort.
9 Robert Livingston. 1768, to Hendrick Van Dyck.

10 Robert Livingston, junior. 1768, to Philip Lansing.

11 Peter R. Livingston. 1768, to Jacob C. Ten Eyck.

No. 4.

12 Gerrit Gerritse Lansingh.

13 Marta Gerritse Petruse Van Bergen.

14 Nanning son of I. Fischer. 1745 15 Jacob Roseboom.

1759 16 Hendrick Ed. Williams.

1758 17 Robert Sanders. 1765, to Peter Rob". Sanders.

18 Peter D. Schuyler. 1768, to John Gerritse Lansingh.

19 Johannes Gerritse Lansing. 1768, to Hendrick Rob'. Lansingh. 1748 20 Abraham Witbeeck.

21 Barent Van Bueren.

1747 22 Jacob, son of Jacob Bleecker.

1750 23 Johannes Joh". Vinhagen.

24 Johannes Beeckman, junior.

25 Cornelius C. Van Den Bergh: To Gerret W. Van Schajck. 1754 26 Sermon Johannes Veeder.

The above 15 sat indiscriminately.

No. 5.

1748 27 Dirck Jacob Van Der Heyden.

1751 28 Johannis Cuyler. 1765, to Barent Cornelia Ten Eyck.

29 Gerrit C. Van Den Bergh.

30 Johannis Van Der Heyden Snyder [? tailor]. 1771, to Abra

ham E. Wendell, by order of consistory. 1751 31 Seybrant A. Van Schajck.

1746 32 Johannis H. Ten Eyck. 1751 33 Jacob H. Ten Eyck.

34 Hendrick Bleecker. 1767, to Jacob Joh". Beecker.

The above 8 seats were occupied by them in common.

No. 6.

35 Andries Witbeeck, jr. To Jan Witbeck.

36 Volkert Pieterse Douw.

37 Petrus Douw.

38 Jonas Oothout.

39 Hendrick Douw. 1762, to Johannes, son of Hendriok Douw. 1754 40 Abraham Douw. ,

1750 41 Rensselaer Nicolls.

42 Gerrit Van Bergen. 1768, to Petteres Van Bergen.

1754 43 Albert Ryckman. 1764, to Pieter Ryokman.

Deese boven geschreven 9 sitten in't gemeen.

No. 7.

1759 44 Cornelius Van Schelluyne.

45 Jacob Vischer. 1762, to Isaac Swits.

1755 46 Hendrick Bogart. 47 Isaac Kyp.

1750 48 Guert Van Schoonhove.

49 Barent Bratt. 1762, to Harmanis Ic. Wendell, by purchase of Barent Bratt. 1757 50 Cillejaen Winne.

1747 51 Cornelius M. Van Den Bergh.

52 Barent H. Ten Eyck.

Occupied in common.

No. 8.

53 Hendrick Roseboom, jr. 1760, to Johannes H. Roseboom.

54 Cornelius Cuyler. 1765, to Johannes Cuyler. 1747 55 Hendrick Cuyler. 1763, to his son Abm. Cuyler.

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