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Gerret Van Ness and Johannes Schuyler, deacons. They entered upon their office with 1454</- 10s. in the treasury. A pasture had been purchased in 1700 of Ryer Schermerhorn, on which 600^. had been paid; the balance 1260^. was paid in January of this year. The collections in the church on four Sundays in July amounted to 618 guilders; and there remained in the treasury at the end of the year 3133^. 14s. The expenses upon the domine's house were still large, and they had been more than a year engaged upon the domine's well. All work of this kind seems to have progressed with the safest haste.

1703. Hendrick Oothout and Robert Livingston, junior, had charge of the kist this year. In February 79 guilders were bestowed upon a necessitous person (een nootdruftige); 240</. were paid for the passage of Dom. Freeman. Those who furnished materials or labor on the domine's house this year, were Samuel Pruyn, Wouter Quackenboos, Thomas Wendle, Evert Banker, Robert Barrett, Gerret Van Ness. Hendrick Roseboom, so long voorlezer, died this year, as appears by an entry stating that his salary for setting the Lord's table was paid to his widow. The receipts were 3271:2; expenses 2953:6, including 1916:10, paid to Anthony Van Schaick, for some indebtedness.

1704. David Schuyler and Willem van Aelen received from their predecessors 3451:10, with the chest, besides five obligations for money due. The income was 3276:8; expenditures 761:11, leaving 5966:6 in the treasury. In January 5 cans of wine were sent to Kinderhook for the sacrament, and in April 9 more. Work upon the domine's house still went on. A needy person received 117:5 J in June, and in November two such persons, names unmentioned, received 167 guilders; in December a similar payment of 111:15. Anthony Bradt had succeeded Hendrick Roseboom as clerk, and voorlezer.

1705. Geysbert Marcelis and Antony Coster, church-masters. They entered upon this office with 6727:10 in the treasury. The receipts of the year were 2938:11; expenses, 754:3.

1706. Elbert Gerretse and IVIyndert Schuyler, church-masters. They found 8912:6 in the treasury, and increased the sum to 10287 guilders. In March they expended 395:10 in verbeterenDom. Lydius'shouse, and further sums were paid on that account and for repairs on the armen, or poor house. The elders were given 180 guilders to make an entertainment for Dom. Lydius. Sums were frequently bestowed upon certain nootdruftige persons. In November the items of expense for burying Guysbert Bastiaen are given.

1707. Harpert Jacobs and Robert Livingsten were church masters. Jan

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Huybertse died in February. He was one of the nooddruftige, and had received various articles of necessity. The following items are given under date of 25th Feb. To Hendrick Oothout for making the coffin, 25:10; J vat good beer, 1Sg.; to David Schuyler for 3 gallons of wine, 30g.; lJ gall, rum, lSg.; Johannes Lansingh for pipes, 3g.; tobacco, V. ; for inviting to the funeral, digging the grave and tolling the bell

iaenspreken graftmaken, en Mock lut/den) 36g.; total, 235:10. Peter honk and Anthony Bogardus were paid 105:15 for making the baleony to the domine's house. Oct. 23, Geertie, wife of Jan Thoorn was buried at the expense of the church masters. Jacob Staets was paid ±2g. for half a year's rent of his small tenement, occupied by the widow of Patrick Macgregory. The domine was paid 473</. on account of his salary. Outlays continued to be made on the domine's house. The name of Shivolet Bogardus is mentioned. The treasury gained more than 500 guilders.


Peter Van Brugh and Jonas Douw officiated this year. June 13, the pastors of the Long Island and New York churches preached here, and a collection of 89</. was taken up in the church. A new table cloth for the church cost 192</. Johannes Ouderkerck was paid 400^. on account of the wife (widow?)of Jan Huybertse. Receipts 3105:10; expenses2228:10.


Guysbert Marselis and Goose van Schaick were church masters this year, and commenced business with 13898:17 in the treasury. The burial of Jan Rosie is mentioned at an expense of 1S3g. They were still building the domine's house; yet the balance in the treasury was 14982:14. The signature of Dom. Lydius appears at the close of this year's account for the last time.


David Schuyler and Antony Coster in office. Elizabeth Janse and her two children were the principal subjects of alms. In April they paid Domine Du Bois for pastoral services and expenses, 556 guilders. Abram Kuyler was paid 14Lj. for cleaning the church. The accounts run into another year without the customary annual audit. In March, Domine Vas was paid i00g. for services. In April £75, or 3000^. was paid for a draft on Holland to pay for the call of a new domine. In October Dom. Vos was paid another ,l00g. Johannes Van Alen was paid 6g. for the passage of Domine Du Bois from Esopus, and Luykes Wyngaert 12</. for taking him back. Willianf and Johannes Claessen received 401: 10 voor het maecken van de kerck, by which it would seem that they had already begun the building of the new church, which was completed three years later. In April Samuel Beyiert and Jan Cruger were paid V6S2g. on account of Domine Van Driessen, and in June he was paid £22:10s., or 900 guilders. Abram van der Poel paid one year's rent of water for his mill on the Bevers kil, and Daniel Bradt 10(></. for the use of water for his mill on the same stream (twee jarr water loop van syn moleri). At the close of the year 1712, these brethren rendered their statement for three years, receipts 15807:16; expenditures 13029:18. The following names in fac simile are attached to the audit:

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These names are Peter Van Driessen, P. V. D., [ Verbi Dei Preeco, preacher of the word of God] Jacob Staat», Hendrik Van Rensselaer, Johannes Rosehoom, Myndert Schuyler, William Van Deusen, Conrad Ten Eyck, Johannes Beeckman, Rutger Bleecker.

1713. William Jacohsen Van Deusen and Koenradt ten Eyck, deacons. Abraham De Peyster was paid 420^. on a bond to the order of Jacob Sandersen Glen. A poor German was paid 38:17 {een nodruftyge hoog dytter).


Johannes Beekman and Rutger Bleecker deacons. Three Palatine women were given 33y. (3 daclderd). Cornelia Gilbert was paid £6 (240</.) for a release of her claim in the pasture. The balance of the expenses of bringing Dom. Van Driessen from Holland were paid. It was stipulated that his salary should be paid in Holland currency.

1715. Stephanis Groesbeek and Hendrick Douw deacons. The new church was now far advanced, the walls carried up around the old one. It is

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