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Aen Willem Claesz voor het maeken van Jan Cornelisz: syn doot

kist ....... 18:00

Aen Johannes Kujler voor 3 kan rom tot syn Begrafenis 12:00

Aen roosebooms soon voor het Brengen van Jan Cornelisz syn kist na Bujten ...... 0:18

Aen gysbert Marselis voor 3 planken tot de kist van Jan Cornelisz: root ....... 6:00

Aen Jannetie ridders voor haer diest vant houde van Jan Cornelisz: ..---.. 22:10 Aen Jannetie Bidders voor dienst vant houden van Jan Cornelisz: voor 2 Maende en 8 dagen het Laeste-gelt van haer gedans dienst - - - - - - 52:10

Aen henderck roseboom voor het Begrauen van Jan Cornelisz: 30:00 Aen harmen ganseuort voor een half vat bier tot de Begrauenis

van Jan Cornelisz: root .... 12:00

Aen Jonge Jan syn vrou tot Lasten van de Meyer op tekening

die sy noch te goet heeft van d: dienst van Jan Cornelisz: root 16:00 The whole sum is 193:18. A part of the sum, however, was for board and washing.

The names that appear are William Teller, Martie Temp, Johannes Van Sandt, Jacob Martensz, Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, Annetie Lamers, Evert Bancker, Johannes Beeckman, Jan Bradt, Alltie Oothout, Antonie Van Schayck, Jan Abeel, Isaac de Foreest. Some articles were bestowed upon an Englishman who had been imprisoned in Canada. Ten gallons of sweet wine were bought for the use of the sacrament at 120</- Among other properties belonging to the deacons was a bull, which was sold this year to Antonie Van Schayck for 107^. Father Schaets received 108:16 in settlement (afkorting) of his salary. This is the last mention of his name. The yearly audit is signed by Godefridus Dellius, Gerret Reyerse, Dirck Wessels, Albert Ryckman, Gerret Lansingh, Jacob ten Eyck.

The items of expense indicate the building of a house this year for Domine Dellius.


Jacob Ten Eyck and Johannes Tomassen Mingael had charge of the treasury this year. The receipts were 4914:7; the disbursements 5251</. Early in January Wouter Albertsen Uythoft paid in 1800</. on account of Jacob Meesen Vroman, deceased. The same amount was paid to Juffrouw Margaret Schuyler. The burial of Maertye Tempels is mentioned, the wine and beer costing 69#. Josep de Spaniert paid 24^. for rent of house. In March Ryck Riddersen deceased. The new names that appear are Tannen Winners, Jannije Ridderse, Klaes Jansen, Peter Mingael, Luyck Duycksen, Jan Gouw, Jan Jaeobsen, Andries Bradt, Jan Albertsen, Jannye Schermerhooren, Roelef de Drent, Barent Albertsen Bradt, Jan Abeel, Teunis Slingerlandt, Haerpert Jaeobsen, Tnrck Harmensen, Johannes Van Sandt, Robbert Sanders, Benoni van Corlear, Wouter van den Uythoof, Elbert Gerretsen. The construction of the domine's>house went on this year. The audit is signed by Dom. Dellius, Jan Jansen Bleecker, Marten Gertsen, Evert Bancker, Hendrik van Rensselaer. 8


Everard Banker and Hendrick van Rensselaer officiated this year. Income 3415:8; expenses 2749:17. In April Johannes van Sandt was paid 6</. for doot kt'ssie voor biddende Jongen. In May the consistory had 207:7, and in August 382</. In July Elyas van Rafenstyn had 156^. Among the new names that occur are Willem Holly, Jan Knoet, Jan Salomons, Tam and Sara Rodsiers. The auditors were Dom. Dellius, Jo. Lansingh, Claes Ripse van Dam, and Antony van Schaick.


Hendrick van Rensselaer and Antony van Schaick carried the bag. Receipts 4474:7; expenses 4902:13. Trynte Schaete received by consent of the consistory 240</.; also log. for doot Meet, and other payments were made on her account for articles indicating a funeral in March. Melgert Wynkusele * paid for the Wasser loop van de bevers kyle; that is, the Buttermilk falls. The Domme's huys, which had been receiving faint attention during the two previous years, was this year vigorously prosecuted, and absorbed the greater part of the amount expended.

The names appended to the audit are: Dellius, Dirck Wess^ls, Jacob Staats, Pieter Schuyler, Albert Ryckman, Joh. Cuyler, Johannes Roosoboom, Johannes Myngael, Pieter Van Brugh.


Johannis Cuyler and Johannis Roseboom were the acting deacons. Receipts 4231^.; expenses 3171</. In January they made an arrangement with Sara huys vrow van Thomas Rodgers for the support of Elias van Ravenstyn at 24</. a month. The consistory made an arrangement with the consistory of the Lutheran church, Myndert Fredricksen, Jurrian van Hoesen and Pieter van Waglen, to pay Hendrick Marselis and his wife Tryn van den Bergh one third the expenses of keeping the poor. They agreed with Hans Kros and his wife Antje to provide Claes Janse syn logement, kost, drank, wassen en under gerak gedurende dit hpende jaer (that is his lodging, board and washing) at 40^. a month. In June it is recorded that Claes died on the 12th, and was buried on the 13th. The expenses of his burial are thus given: Dead shirt and cap, 16//; winding sheet, 14^.; making the coffin, 24</.J 1 lb. nails and cartage of the coffin, 3g. 10s.; 2 half vats of good beer, 30g.; 6 bottles of rum, 22</. 10s.; 5 gallons Maderia wine, i2g.; tobacco, pipes, and sugar, hr. 10s.; 3 cart loads of sand for the grave, 1g. 10s.; Hendrik Roseboom for gravedigging, 30^. (this item probably included the services of the undertaker); to which the deacons contributed 3 boards for the coffin, and the use of the pall; total I887. In February Harmen Rutgersen was paid 1hg. for a half vat of beer delivered to Johannes Bensing for the burial of Egbert Norsen; and Catalyntje Elslant was paid lfi^. for a gallon of sweet wine for the sacrament at Kinderhook. A good deal of money was expended this year upon the nieuwe koke huys of Dom. Dellius, that is, a new kitchen. Among the names of persons mentioned are Carel Hansen, Jan Andricse, Jan (jow, Syte Mattyse, grand-daughter of Tryn van den Bergh, Jona

* Melgert Wynantse?

than Stephens, Joseph Spanjaerd. Jacob Staets was still chirurgyn der armen. The spiritual goods (geeste7j/k goederen) of the church are inventoried, among which are mentioned a house and lot in Brewers street, obtained in 1692, in which Dom. Dellius lived. A poor house and lot by the side of the Rutten kill, acquired in 1685. A lot 25 feet broad, 29 Dec., 1794. A tract where the old fort stood on the west side of the great highway (near the present steamboat landing), and two parcels of land obtained of Gov. Dongan by Dom. Dellius. The accounts of the retiring deacons were audited by Dom. Dellius, Albert Ryckman, Peter Schuyler, Marten Gertsen, Johannes de Wandelaer, Johannes Myngael, Peter Van Brugh, Joh. Abeel, Wessel Ten Broeck.

1696. Johannes Mingael and Peter van Brugh were the young deacons. They collected 3241:13, and disbursed 2954:4. The expenses of building and improving their real estate had depleted the treasury,, and the former inventory of sacks of wampum and specie are no more mentioned. On the 9th Feb. Elias van Ravenstyn died, and was buried on the 11th. The bill of expenses is thus given: 1 lb. tobacco, 1g. 10s.; Roseboom (undertaker) 40^.; Jacob Bogert for the coffin 30^.; 3 boards, 4:10; a can of sweet wine, bg.; Harme Raggerse for 2 vats beer, 30y.; 4 bottles rum for the watchers, 16g.; 4 cans, rum, 20g.; for the doot Meet and hemd, 36:12; for making the same, (winding sheet and shirt) 4:10; total, 2l3g. The surplus money was still spent upon the domine's house. Seven gallons of sweet wine was purchased of Catelyntie van Elselant for H2g. Cristejaen Han, and Nantje Sammerse are new recipients of alms. The domine signs his name simply Dellius, as usual; and is followed by J. Jansz. Bleecker, Joh. de Wandelaer, Dirck Wessels, Jan Lansingh, Bend, van Rensselaer, Wessel Ten Broeck, Willem Groesbeek.

1697. The accounts were kept by Wessel Ten Broeck and Hendrik Van Rensselaer. They write the names of their predecessors as Johannes Tomasse and John Ver Brugge. The names of persons as well as things were written loosely. Dr. Staets was paid his salary for 1696, 60^. The number of the poor had fallen off, and the Doctor's salary was reduced. The great bridge in the pasture was repaired. Large sums are frequently paid to the consistory. The widow of Harmen Lieverse [Livingston n for taking care of Rysick Swart was paid 24^. a month. Mr. Simson was paid 120g. for writing a patent of the lands of Broeder, who had long been one of those whom the church supported. Christian Han died in November when the customary list of expenses is given. Davit de Wilt, [David the Indian ?] died in December, and was buried by the church. Hendrik Roseboom, who had long officiated as voorlezer and undertaker, and received his annual salary for setting the Lord's table, Hr, the consistory now resolved should have an increase of pay for that duty of 32g. The receipts of the year were 2733:2; the expenses 2811:8. Audit signed: Dellius, Dirck Wessels, Jan Lansingh, Jan Vinhaegen, Albert Ryckman, Willem Groesbeek, Abraham Cuyler, Johann J. Bleeker, Anthony Bries.

1698. Willem Groesbeeck and Abram Cuyler entered upon the duties of their office with 209:7 in the treasury. They received during the year 2836:10, and disbursed 2265:3, leaving 780:14 to their successors. We now find an income from the rent of the deacons' house: Van Robbert Berret van huyshiter vant de dyakonys huys, 35:5. The quantity of wine purchased for the sacrament is noteworthy. On the 29th April, 5 gallons of sweet wine was purchased, "als des heren avont mael uyt gedelt is soo hier als op de Kinderhook, 60^." On the 25th July, " Aen Dirck van der Heyden voor wyn als der heren avont mael was, 48^. Oct. 19, " Aen Brodes voor 3 galen wyn als des heren avont mael was, 36^." Dec. 25, "Voor wy als des heren avont mael was, 42^." In all about 15 gallons. May 11, was buried Hendrick de Haes's vrouw, when the following expenses are given: i vat beer, Mfg.; coffin, 24^.; 2 gall, rum and 2 lbs. sugar, 25:10; uytbreng van bier en 1 kar, 18s.; J lb. nails, 1:5; 5 gallons of wine of Dirck van der Heyden, 60</.; small cakes (koekties), too. ; Roseboom, (undertakers), 42<f. They were still building the domine's house, and improving the great pasture, a new bridge having been built over the Bever kil by Willem Kittloen. The principal recipient of the deacons' goods and money was Rysick Swart, at a monthly rate of 36#. The signatures to the annual audit are Dellius, Jan Vinhaegen, Albert Ryckman, Pieter Schuyler, Johannes Bleecker, Anthony Bries, Johannes Cuyler, Evert Bancker.


Johannes Bleecker and Anthony Bries. Hendrick Roseboom was paid 50^. for a half year's salary as chorister or reader (voorlezer). In the absence of the pastor he conducted the services, and also superintended burials. The expenditures were 1807^. The domine's house was still in progress, and bridges and other improvements were made in the pasture. Nevertheless the treasury was beginning to recuperate, 1590:1 being passed over to the next incumbents. The good services of the deacons "van de ingesamelde Godspenningen" is certified for the first and only time* by

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Also by Jan Vinhaeghen, Jacob Lokermans,

Albert Ryckman, Johannes Cuyler,

Peter Schuyler, Evert Bancker.

1700. Johannes Cuyler and Evert Bancker deacons. The collections taken up in the church on the first Sunday in January amounted to 218^. 14s. John Kidnie paid 54^. for half a year's rent of the east end of the poor house, which seems to have been vacant by the decrease in the number of the poor; the old names having all disappeared from the list. It appears

♦It is stated on p. 2, that Dom. Nucellaofficiated here from 1695 to 1700, but there is nothing in this book to indicate his presence before this year, and this signature is the only recordof him.


that Hendrick Roseboom received 400</. from the city and county besides his salary from the church; and he was voted 50 guilders extra pay for services as voorlezer during the time the church was without a pastor before the arrival of Dom. Nucella, which seems to have been on the 16th of April, 1699. On the 15th of February, Ryseck, widow of Gerrit Swart, the last of the church poor, died, and was buried on the 17th, the onkosten of which was as follows: 3 dry boards for the coffin, 7:10; i lb. nails, 1:10; making the coffin, Mg. ; cartage, 10s.; a half vat and an anker of good beer, 27g.; 1 gal. rum, 11g; 6 gall. Madeira for women and men, 84^.; sugar and cruyery, bg.; 150 sugar cakes, 15^.; tobacco and pipes, 4:10; Hendrick Roseboom doodgraver, 30g.; use of the pall, 12g.; total 232</. A claim of Roseboom of 12g. for inviting to the funeral (jpretendeerde voor't aensprelcen but/ten oV stad) was paid; but it was regarded as an extortionate charge, and the consistory ordered that the doodgraver should thereafter have from the deacons 30 guilders and no more, for like services. Mary wife of Jacob Lookermans was paid 6g. for assistance (handrykingh) at the burial, and Marritje widow of Harme Lievertse, who had long received a monthly stipend for nursing and board, was paid the same as for a full month, as was the custom, My. A statement of the expenses of Ryseck Swart during four years is given, amounting to 2229</. 10s., and she is credited with effects, consisting of silver ware, jewelry, &C., and a lot on the plain (tuyn erff op de plyn) which were appraised by the patroon and Jacob Turck at 6iig. 10s., which in seawant was 1585.9. On the 20th of July Dom. Johannes Lydius and Dom. Barnardus Freerman arrived (the latter the second pastor at Schenectady). On Sunday the 21st, they both assisted in the services (elck cent gepredikt), and on the following Sunday Dom. Lydius preached his introductory sermon. New improvements were made on the domine's house, and a new turned bedstead was purchased for Dom. Lydius at i0g. A payment of l60g. was made by Nanningh and Frederick Harmense towards their saw mill on the Bevers kil. A payment of 506^. was made upon the expenses of Dom. Lydius from Antwerp. The receipts were nearly 4000 guilders, and although there were many extraordinary expenses, there remained 853:12 in the treasury. The signatures to this year's business are those of

Dihck Wessels, Antony Van Schaiok,

Hendrick Van Rensselaer, Johannis Abeel,

Willem Groesbeek; Haerpert Jacobsen,

Gerret Van Ness, Johannes Schuyler.

1701. William Claessen Groesbeek and Harpert Jacobsen van Deusen, deacons. They contributed to the magistrates of Albany, 120o\ for the support of Jacob de Wilde Jonge. Domine Lydius's expenses from Amsterdam were paid in full 503:9; and the passage of Dom. Freeman, b60g. The receipts were 348L/., and the disbursements 2880:2.

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