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Jan Andriese Douw and Jan Vanderhoef .... S0

Annetije Liovens for 40 lbs. of nails, . . . . .48

Gerrit Banker for 8 lbs. of nails, . . . . . 12

William Claese for building the house, ..... 468

Hendrik Beecman and Jacob Vos for the masonry, . . 336 6 days work of various persons, . . . . . .36

Pieter Bogardus for the glazing, ...... 96

Jan Abeel for 72J lbs. nails, ... . . . 43 : 10

Teunis Vanderpoel for stuff for window frames (kosyn wood) 27

Johannes Martens for a lock and other work, . . . 21: 10

6 boards for benches, ........ 6

Jacob Abramse for shingling the house, .... 144

Adam Winne for sills and a gutter, 42

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It does not appear whether this was a parsonage or a poor house. But large sums were called in for the purpose. Jacob Meesen paid in 100 pieces of 8 which is entered at 1,200</. (in wampum); and 24 schepels of wheat received from Purmerend is reckoned at 5 schepels per beaver, and amounts to 240 gilders in wampum. It appears that Meesen still owed 4,295^., on which the rate of interest was reduced from 8 to 6 per cent. Lawies Cobus, vendue master at Schenectady, paid over the proceeds of the sale of Bastiyaen de Winter's effects, 219</. The purchasers at this sale were Symon de Backer, Elyas Van Guyselin, and Pieter Viele.

The ordinary collections of the year were 4,933:13, and the disbursement 5,703:11. The transactions of the year, including the ordinary disbursements, the payments on the house, and 4,901:13 in the treasury amounted to 13,754 gilders. There was also a large sum invested on bond and mortgage.

The accounts were audited by the two pastors, Schaets and Dellius, and by the consistory, Peter Bogardus, Jan Janse Bleeker, Jan Vinhagcl, Jacob Sanderse [Glen'<'], Peter Schuyler, Albert Ryckman, Johannes Wendell. The certificate is in the handwriting of Domine Dellius, of which a fac simile is given. It was resolved at this time that the collections taken in the church for the poor on Wednesdays and other week days during the year 1685, should be appropriated by the church masters to the use and maintenance of the church.


The acting deacon for the year 1685 was Johan Wendell. The receipts of that year were 4281</- 4s.; and the disbursements 4612^. 9s. The customary certificate is signed by Gideon Schaats, Godefridus Dellius, Jan Janz Beerckyl, Jan Vinhaegen, Jacob Jansen Schermerhoren, Adriaen Gerretsen Papendorp, Jan Lansinch, Joachim Staets. The orthography is exactly perserved in these names; that of Dom. Dellius being now first latinized.

On the first of January, 1686, Deacon Wendell surrendered the treasures of his office, consisting of 4570</. 83s. in wampum and specie; a house and lot inventoried at 4014^. 6s.; a bond of Jacob Meesen [Vroo

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man) for 3863^. 4*.; another of Jan Andriesen Douw, of 240^; total, 12687^. 183*.

On the debit side of the book for the month of October, this entry occurs: "Ere sij Godt. In Albanie, Anno 1685, den 2 October. Is mijii broeder Jacob Sanderse dieiaken in den here ontslapen s'naghs ontrent een winnigh naer 2 uren tussen vriday en Saterdagh." Which signifies that his brother Deacon Jacob Sandersen [Glen?] fell asleep in the Lord at night about two o'clock between Friday and Saturday.

1686. The deacons were Jan Lansingh and Jochim Staets. Their record begins a new book, which extends to 1715. For the first time we find the first two months of the year entered as of two years, thus 168£, to correspond with the custom of the English. Dr. Van Dyck was still physician to the poor at 150 gilders a year (818.75) in wampum. In August of this year they loaned the city authorities 4012:3 at 6 per cent. Six pounds of nails were purchased of Jan Tysen for the church at Kinderhook. A large amount was expended for building materials, in November, and mention is made of the domine's house and the deacons' or alms house. The elders of the church borrowed 248:18 of the deacons. 168 gilders were disbursed to Mary Jochimse on security. The annual certificate is signed by Gideon Schaats, Gr. Dell, Jacob Schermerhooren, Adriaen G. Papendorp, Dirck Wessels, Albert Ryckman, Jacob Abrahamsen.

1687. Albert Ryckman and Jacob Abrahamsen in office. On the 17th Jan., 102 guilders were received from the poor boxes at Kinderhook. Annetje Barensen was buried at an expense of 142 guilders. Domine Schaets's house was repaired out of the poor fund. In June was purchased of Peter Schuyler major, a way, for which was paid 2520 guilders And in September another sum of 560 guilders was given to Dom. Dellius on account of this way, and in November 48</, more. The names of Davidt Schuiler, Gerrit Reyersen and Egbert Tunissen appear for the first time among the consistory.


The minutes of this year appear to be in the handwriting of Gerrit Reyersen, which is quite rude. It discloses no important events. Tunis Tempelier was buried on the 25th July, at the expense of the treasury. In August 1857 gilders were paid on account of the way, which was probably the pasture at the south of the city. Catryna Vanderpoel was paid 240 gilders for a half year's rent for the house in which Domine Dellius lived. The collections were 4101:8, and the expenses 4054:15. An item of 1801:8 appears as wey-gelt received, indicating a sale or lease of apart of the tract. There is a table of expenses for labor and so forth which amounts to 741:2, anent the weij.

The audit is signed by Dellius, G ideou Schauts, pastor in Nieuw Albanie, Daviet Schuiler, Peter Winne, Jan Jansz Bleecker, Wouter Albertsen, Jan Lansinch, Evert Wendel.


The two last mentioned persons took charge of the business this year. A good many items of expense occur on account of the weij. The elders

borrowed 283</. in May. In the same month Barent was buried

with the customary items of expense. A good many citizens paid for soil out of the pasture (aerde wijt de wy) and the old fort. Also 1939^. were received from the pasturage of horses and cattle in the wij; b9lg. were paid for 12 lbs. of butter for Dom. Dellius. Gerrit Van Ness was paid for boards for the old church yard — the one in Church street, probably, as they seem to have been drawing earth from the old fort there. The new names that appear are William and Gerrit Gysbertsen, Gerrit Hardenberg, Ryck Ryddersen, Dick Dragon, Levinus Van Schayck, Benoni van Korler, Ryck Ael, Jacob Vos, Myndert Wimp, Rynier Barents, Johannis de Smit. Margaret Schuyler was paid 288^. by order of Dom. Dellius for interest of £120; and the further sum of 800^. by order of the domine for discount of the capital sum of £20; and 295</. was delivered over to the elders Jan Janse Bleecker and Johannis Wendell: all in the month of August. In October the deacons bought of Peter Schuyler de val op de beverskil—the Buttermilk fall — with vyf morgen lant, about 10 acres, for 1000</., of which 837</. was paid. In November the elders received a further sum of 350^. from the poor fund. In December Jacob Mesen Vrooman paid 177</, interest money, and 252^. was received from various persons for kruyt opt 't diacony huys (vegetables, probably); 1939</, was paid into the treasury for pasturage; 480^. per annum was paid for rent of the house occupied by Dom. Dellius. The amount of receipts this year was 5536:10; the disbursements 5906:8. Margaret Schuyler was paid 4000^ (£100) interest money, and Peter Schuyler who was then mayor, was paid 163^., the balance due on the Beaver creek.

1690. Jacob Staats and Jan Byvanck were the young deacons this year. The receipts were 2408:17, and the expenses 3576:14. Dr. Van Dyck seems to have been succeeded by Jacob Staets as physician. The consistory borrowed 180^. for Dom. Dellius. There was a loan of £100 (4000 gilders in seawant) of Juffrouw Margriet Schuyler, the interest on which was 240y. seawant for this year. The signatures of Dom. Schaats, Jan Vinhaeghen, Johannes Wendel, Dirck Wessels, Johannes De Wandelaer, Jacob Meesen Vroommeen and Jacob ten Eyck appear to the audit. This is the last time that Dom. Schaets's name appears.

1691. Johannes De Wandelaer and Jacob Lookermans had charge of the eleemosynary funds this year. The record is very neatly written. The income was 2884:12, and the disbursements 2520:1. The expenses of February are solely for the burial of Jan Cornelissen, whose name had long appeared on the books as the recipient of alms. The items are here inserted in the original Dutch orthography, to show the language and custom of the time. Aen Jannetie ridders voor haes houden van Jan Cornelise root 24:00

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