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June. Receipts 232:6 J, besides 20 schepels of wheat derived from the personal estate of Carstiaen de Winter. Expenses 249:1. Marten Cornelissen was paid 18^. for 60 lbs. of beef, and butter was bought at 24s. a pound. A cow was purchased for Dirk Mayese the son-in-law of Lijzzie Solderse, at 16Sg. A half barrel (4 tuns) of lime cost 20g. 3 lbs. soap 2:14.

July. Receipts 617:7. On sacrament day, 8th, 225:15 were collected. Ritsert Prettie paid 80^. on account of Robert Sanders. Jan Yosten gave 2 pieces of 8 to the poor, which is carried out 24^. Abraham van Ilpendam and Barentie Harmense paid 10^. each for the pall. Expenses 287:12. Four pieces of 8 (48</.) were loaned to the commissaries. The names mentioned are Dr. Van Dyck, Eytie Barentse, Annctie Barents, Old Karsten, Pouwelyn, Orseltie, and Kleyn de Goyer. Dirrickie Weverse was paid 154</. for the maintenance of Jan Kornelisen, who is supposed to have died about this time.

August. Receipts 396:3. Jan Bruyn paid for the small pall, and Arnout Kornelisen for the large pall for Jan, whose name appears for the last time. Expenditures 147:10. Myndert Frederickse was paid ig. for a ring for the sack, and Jan Vinhagel 2g. for making the sack or bag for taking up collections.

September. Receipts 564:6}. At the Sunday collections of the 30th, 219</. were taken up. Wouter de Backer paid 10g. for the pall, and 20 schepels of wheat were received from Claes Willemsen on account of the personal estate of Carsten de Winter deceased (saligher.) Expense 226: 11. The recipients of alms are Pouwelyn, Orseltie and Carsten de Norman. Dr. Van Dyck is paid his quarter's salary, and Symen Schermerhorn is paid 16^. for a pair of shoes. Phillipsoon supplies 8 gallons of wine at 12Sg. A pair of Friesland stockings cost 6g.

October. Receipts 243:11J. Pouwelyn Turck paid for the use of the small pall. Expenses 252^. Pouwelyn's wife is debited 51 ells Osnaburg at 17 ells per beaver, 72g. *

November. Receipts 463:15. Johannis Provoost paid for the use of the large and small pall. Received 340 lbs. of hops on account of Klyn de Goyer, on which a deduction of 164 lbs. was allowed for picking; the remaining 176 lbs. were sold at 1g. a pound. Maese Kornelissen was paid 36g. for 17 candlesticks to be used at the evening services in the church. Andries Teller was paid 12^. for the Psalm Book used by Domine Delliua in the pulpit. This is the first mention of the name of Dom. Dellius.

December. The receipts were 772:17. At the preparatory service on Friday, 21st, 21:10 were collected; on the 23d, being sacrament Sunday, 217:10; 25th, Christmas, fore and afternoon service, 67:10; 26th, 2d" Christmas day collections, 55:18; totar'of 4 days 362:8—at 40 cts the gilder is 144:96, but in the depreciated wampum currency it would amount to 45:40. Jan the Trompeter gave 45^. to the poor; the commissaries paid iSg. loaned to them; Marten Kornelissen, Teunis Slingerlandt, Pieter Bogardus, Jacob Mesen paid each for the large pall, and Jacob Sander, Wm. Kettelheun, Evert Janse Kuyper, Johannes Van Sandt, and Pieter Schuyler for the use of the small pall. The expenses were 432:6. With the consent of consistory ±Sgt were given to a Frenchman; Livingston was o paid 2(j^. for services to the poor; Jacob Tyson received 9^. for making a coat

and pair of breeches for Kyln de Goyer; Isaac Verplanck Sg. for 2 schepels of lime; Dr. Cornelis Van Dyck his quarterly salary of 37:10; and Albert Ryckman 6:5 for lJ ankers of beer for Orseltie, a pauper; Wouter Alberse was paid IO. for bread for the Lord's table; and Hendrik Roseboom S2g. for setting the table one year; Jacob Mesen for making a seat in the parquette, 40^.; Hans Hendrikse's son 30g. for 10 candlesticks for the church.

The whole receipts of the year were 5,692:14$. The expenditures were 2,651^. Mr. Schuyler handed over to his successor money and obligations to the amount of 12,073:7, besides a cow in the possession of Mary Jocghemse, and one with Dirk Everse; a silver goblet pawned for 200:13J, containing 16 pieces of foreign money, 10 ells of serge, 15 ells of bleached and unbleached Osnaburg linen, 8 schepels of wheat, a list of obligations of long standing, and the church utensils, before enumerated.

The customary annual certificate of the consistory in the hand of Dom. Schaets, is given in fac simile on the opposite page. The signature of Domine Dellius here first appears—simply Dell.

1684. The accounts of this year were kept by Adrian Gerretsen.

January. Receipts 261:19, 10g. of which was contributed by Doorte Volkerse. The expenses were 21%>. The recipients of charity this month were Antony Barway, Dirk Everse, Pouwelyn and his wife, Annctje Barens and Orseltje.

February. Receipts 367:15, of which 110:6 was a premium on 1,160: 16g. sold to Mrs. Marghriet Schuyler; Pieter Mesen paid for the large pall; also the constables paid for the same at the burial of Teunis Wilfemse. The expenses were 209:7.

March. Receipts 400:18, of which 203:11 was taken up on paasday. Expenses 858:10. Gelyn Verplank was paid 300^. for the passage of Klyn de Goyer in the ship Bever, and Jan Andriesen Douw borrowed 20 pieces of 8 at 6 per cent, which is carried out at 240^.

April. Receipts 246:7, collected on 4 Sundays and 1 Wednesday. Disbursed 164:13. Wouter de Backer was paid bg. for a bottle of Spanish wine, and 18</. were paid for communion wine; lbg. were paid for 3 schepels of wheat for Dirk Evertsen.

May. Receipts on four Sundays 242:11. Disbursements 932:2, of which a considerable portion was for replenishing the deacon's stock of goods, purchased of Peter Schuyler, Johannes Wendell and Johannes de Wandelaer.

June. Receipts 504:12; of which bg. was on account of letters received from Holland. Expenses 751:13. Johannes Wendell was paid 144?. in seawant for a piece of 106} ells Osnaburg linen, at the rate of 1 i lbs. beaver for 20 ells; also 12:9 for 5 cans of sweet wine. There is an item of 88:12 for " goods given to a certain person."

July. Receipts 349:18. Annetie Lievens purchased 2 sacks of wampum of 6&Zg.; but there was found 700g. in the sacks, and a premium of 30y. was obtained, being a gain of 68</. Expenses 69:3. Two pounds of tobacco had been furnished Jan Kornelissen, 1:18, who ishere styled doctor.

August. Receipts 268^. Expenses 921:15. Peter Schuyler was paid

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48^. for 12 ells of coarse cloth (plea), and Marghriet Schuyler 12g. for 10 lbs. of butter. Jan Dirriese had two pair of Iceland (et/slarue) stockings.

September. Receipts 440:8; "from a certain person," 36^.; from the friends of Cobus the runner (looper) for a piece of 8, out of gratitude (tot dankbarheyt). Expenses 444:7. Rijck Ridderse was paid 7:10 for an anker of beer, and 8J cans of wine were bought at 19:10. Jannetje de Vriesin (Frieslander ?) received gifts, and a stranger was given 1Sg. Jan Martense was paid l3bg. for 3 mos. board of fat (dicke) Jan Cornelissen.

October. Collections on four Sundays, 223:17. Expenses 298:8. Jan De Berte was paid 24^. for plowing, sowing, and harrowing in 2 schepels of wheat.

November. Receipts 530:8. Expenses 355:4. Yacob Sanderse was paid 27</- for a blanket or quilt, and Sybrant Van Schaick 82^. for kersey furnished during the year. Ecbert Tcunissen was paid i2g. for a pig that went to De Vriessin. Catrina Martense was loaned 105<7. in seawant.

December. Receipts 1,096:19, including 103^. returned by Catrina Martense. Sybrant Van Schayck and Albert Ryckman paid 96^. for Kleyn de Goyer's hop vines; settled with Adam Winne on his paying l l0y.; one Lieffensten (Robt. Livingsten?) gave through Mr. Prette 18^.; 71:11 were received at the Christmas day collections, and on the Sunday following 225:13 was collected; besides which Jochghem Lammerse paid over 114</. collected at Kinderhook, and Harmen Lievissen 49:15 collected at Half Moon (Waterford). Expenses 479:9. Derrick Bensingh was paid 6g. for bringing a stranger from Esopus, and Jan Dirkse was paid 8:2 for 3 ells kersey for a waistcoat and breeches for Leendert Flipsen. Leifiinsten was paid iSg. for 9 cans of sweet wine. Jan Trompetter was paid 28^. on account of Pouwelyn, and Dirrickije de Weverse 135</. for 3 mos. board of fat Jan Cornelissen. Wouter Alberse received 14^. for bread used in the church, and Hendrick Roseboom ;i2^. for setting the Lord's table.

During this year a house and lot were purchased of Doorte Volkerse, which is represented as "lying on the plain, behind the widow Gooze's." The original cost was 600^., but it seems to have been rebuilt, which increased the cost to 3,148:16. As the items in this account contain the names of merchants, artizans, and laborers, and show the prices of labor and materials, it is given in full. Bought of Doorte Volkerse a house and lot for 50 bevers, upon

which was paid 25 bevers 600

Hendrik Marselis for 12 days work on the house, . . 72

Yacob Casperse for a load of building stone, . . . 120 Cartage of the stone, clay, sand, &C., . . . . 84: 12

Dirrick Bensingh for 7 tons (casks) of lime, ... 24

Beer for the work people at the raising of the building, . 47 : 10

Gerrit Van Ness for 50 inch boards and 12 ceiling boards, . 75

Tarck Harmense for 110 do. and 51 do 214

Antony Barens for 46 do. ..... . 50

Peter Quackenboss for 7000 bricks, 170

Dirrick Bensing for a load of stone and the cartage, . . 117 : 8

19 loads of stone by various persons, 58 : 10

Dick the Englishman, for 39 J days' work on the house, . 205 •

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