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Albany; Nicolaus Van Rensselaer, Pastor Loci; Marten Gertsen, ouderling; Corn. Van Dyck, Adriaen Gerretsen, A. Teller, Jan Jansen Bleeker

This ends the book. The accounts of the following year were kept by Andries Teller, but the records for the next five years are not to be found, namely 1677, 1678, 1679, 1680, 1681. The book for 1682 is in existence. It was kept by Gerritt Lansing. The accumulations in the hands of the Deacons at the end of the year 1681 were 8,012:09J.

Deacon Schuyler in his inventory of the utensils of the church which he delivered over to his successor, mentions but one silver becker. One of the backers still in possession of the church, is dated 1660, and the other 1676; and we find in the inventory of 1682 that there were then two. There is evidently an error in the date of the latter, or it did not arrive before the inventory was made up.

The second book of records contains the receipts and disbursements of the deacons during three years of the ministry of the Rev. Gideon Schaets, namely 1682, 1683, 1684.

, 1682.

The accounts of the year 1682 are in the handwriting of Gerret Lansing, beginning thus: "Laus Deo, Ontfanght der Dieaconij. Op Nieuwe jaers daegh ontfangen voor en nade middagh versamelt:" that is, received at the fore and afternoon New Year's day collections.

January. The receipts were 252:6. On Monday, the 30th, was king's day. Jan Albertsen Brat and Pieter Winne paid for the small pall, and Jacobus Van Vorst for the large pall. The expenses were 10;/. in seawant, and 4 schepels of wheat and 8 ells of Osnaburg linen from the deacon's store, to Pouwelyn's wife.

February. Receipts 298:17. Anthony Van Schaick paid for the small pall. Expenses 617. Klaas die Brabander was paid 50^. for 10 schepels of wheat, and 8 schepels of corn cost 2ig. A pound of tobacco for Ariaen Hubertsen cost 14^., and his board and washing for two months 80^. Hendrik Kuilder was paid 7:17 for black stuff, and two skeins of silk for the collection bag {karck sackie), and Jan Fynhagel was paid 2g. for making it. This utensil being for the purpose of taking up the collections was properly chargeable to this fund. Of this amount, 6l7g,, 425</. was loaned to Jan Thomassen. The rate of interest seems to have been 8 per cent.

March. Receipts 272:19. Marten Kregier gave a silver piece of 3^. to the poor. Expenses 2("3</. The store of wheat was further increased by the purchase of 20 schepels of Johannes Wendel for W0g., and the like quantity of Johannes Lansing for the like sum.

April. Received 354:11, besides an unusual quantity of silver. Expenses 129:2. Dr. Cornelius Van Dyck was paid 37:10 for a quarter year's salary (gaasie*^. Johannes Bechman was paid 2g. for a cover to the consistory che9t; and Robert Sanders' wife was paid Mb. for 9 cans Canary wine for sacramental use. Orseltyn, Aeltie Solderse and Poulyn's wife were recipients of charity, and Ariaen Iluibertsen received his monthly allowance of beer and tobacco.

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May. Receipts 207:12. Harmen Van Bommel and Teunis Sliengerlant paid for the use of the small pall. The 29th was king's day, on which occasion a collection was taken up as usual. Expenses 603:19J. Of this amount 300^. "was given to a certain person with the consent of thewhole consistory;" and 200:13J was loaned toGeertruit Vrouemen, taking a silver goblet in pawn. Ariaen Huibertsen comes in for his month's board 40^r., a pound of tobacco 12s., and a can of rum 3g.

June. Receipts 300:5, besides silver pieces. Expenses 190:12. A considerable portion of this sum was paid for cleaning the church, as follows: 2 cleaners, 6ig.; 2 brooms, IA ; a schepel of lime, 3g.; a half pint of oil, 1:10; a schepel of sand 1:10; a scrubbing brush, 2g.; 2 duffel files, 4:8; scouring the chandelier, 12<7. Jurijan Teunise was paid 32g. for 8 cans of sacramental wine.

July. Receipts 269:6, besides30^. in specie of Mr. Aberhamstadt, and other silver. Bakes paid for the use of the small pall, and Jan Van Loone for the large. Expenses 71:2. Ariaen Huybertsen had 4 ells of Osnaburg linen and a pound of feathers for a cushion.

August. Receipts 240:15 besides silver. Barent de Muelenaer had the use of the large pall. Expenses 237:6. Broeder's wife had 3 ells of strodtwaters to make a petticoat for her daughter, at 36g.; Antien Barentsen had l0g. and a schepel of the deacon's wheat; Albert Ryckman was paid 16</. for beer furnished to Ariaen Hubertsen, who died in this month, and was buried on the 28th at an expense of 150:11, as follows: paid for 5 cans of rum, 12g.; to the bearers 2 pieces of 8, and 24 guilders; to Klaes Van Rotterdam for making the coffin, 3Qg.; Roseboom for services as undertaker, making the grave and ringing the bell, 43:10; Barent Mynderse for a half vat * of good beer, 16:10; Albert Ryckman for an anker f of good beer, 7:14; 1 lb. nails, 1:10; a linen shroud, 9g.; 3} planks for the coffin, 5:2. A fac simile of this record is given on the opposite page.

September. Receipts 311:11, besides 47, 16 quarters, 5 shillings, and a piece of 8 in silver. Expenses 184</. Derckien de Wever and William Teller's wife were paid for board, &C., of Jan Kornelisen.

October. Receipts 239:13. Giesbert Marseles's wife paid for the use of the large pall. Two pieces of 8, and 23 quarters were received in silver. Expenses 217:10, and My. in specie. Mr. Syoons was paid 132^. for 9 gallons of wine for the sacrament. Maretie de Brouster was paid 10^. for cleaning the church.

November. Receipts 195:}, and 6 quarters in silver. Expenses 52:6, besides specie payments to the Frenchmen {Die Franzeii). A schepel of salt was Ir. ; 4 lbs. butter bg.; a fat hog 60g. in specie; a J anker of molasses VLg.; a schepel of corn 'Sg.; a deer 15^.

December. Receipts 940:12, besides silver. Captain Eston, Mr. Doedd,tCobes de Snyder, Peter Quackenboss, paid for the use of the large pall; and Peter Schuyler, Melgert Abrahamse, Leuckesen Gerretsen, Roeliff Karstense, Gerretsc Guysbertse, Meuwes Hogeboom, and Dick de Soldier, Tierk Harmensen, twice, the small or child's pall. Jacob Casperse paid lbg. for the pall, indicating three children, or an adult and child. Jan Tomasen returned 462</- for the 425^. loaned to him. The collections in the church for three days in succession were as follows: Sunday, 24th, being sacrament day, 159:2; Monday, 25th, Christmas, 61:10; Tuesday, 26th, 2d Christmas (kersdingsdagh), 23:3, besides 1 piece of 8, 2 three gilder pieces, 25 quarters, and 4 shillings in silver. Expenses 87:17 besides specie. The Frenchmen received goods and money; Karsten de Norman also received sundry articles; Evert Wendell was paid 12</. in specie for making a coat, Johannes Wendell being paid 1ig. for 2 ells of Kersey for the same, the deacons furnishing 2 more. Kornelis Hyesbertse was paid 1lg. in specie for two loads of wood; and Takel Dirckse was paid for the board of Klyn de Goyer.

• 10 gallons, or 83 bottles.

f5 gallons.

J The pall was used at the burial of them, two persona.

In summing up the year's business, Deacon Lansing's receipts were found to have been 11,695:18. His predecessor, Wouter Dyteshof* transmitted to him 6,513:12, of which amount he sold or loaned to Stephen van Cortlant 5,998:17i, at an advance of 9J per cent, 569:17J; sold to Mr. Teller 194 English shillings, 349:5, advanced 38:15; 5J pieces of 8, advanced 6g.; 66g.; alsoa little sack of silver valued at 475^.; to which were added the monthly receipts of the year, 3,683:9J. The disbursements were 2,664:5J; leaving a balance of 9,031:13 in the treasury; besides 83 ells of Osnaburg linen, 10 ells of serge, a silver cup pawned for 200:13 J; 16 pieces of foreign silver valued at I87., and 20 bushels of wheat.

The inventory of articles in his custody is given as follows: 1 new pall; 2 old ones; 2 table cloths and 7 napkins; 2 silver cups; one earthen can with a silver lid; 1 pewter and 1 earthen can; 2 pewter basins and 1 large pewter plate; 1 ragebol + and a scrubbing brush. Together with a list of accounts and obligations due the treasury.

The annual audit is signed by Gideon Schaats, pastor; Dirck Wessels, Marten Gerretsen, Pieter Bogardus, elders; Pieter Schuyler, Albert Ryckman, deacons.


The acting Deacon this year -was Peter Schuyler. Over each page are the words Laus Deo.

January. The receipts were 764:18J including 497^., principal and difference of exchange received from Jacob Meuse, husband and guardian of his wife, Elizabeth de Lint. King's day was kept on the 30th. Expenses l7g. By advice of the consistory, he loaned Jacob Meuse £120, which is carried out 4,800</.

February. Receipts 257:J-. Expenses 76:8.

March. Receipts 226:19, of which 3g. were bestowed by Marten Creiger. Expenses 60:18.

April. Receipts 455:J. Paasday or Easter collections amounted to 191:10. Expenses 365^. Mr. Soons furnished 5 gallons of wine for the sacrament at S0g.

May. Receipts 598:10. Of this amount 300^. was bestowed by Philip Schuyler, who died this year; and 10g. was paid by Margaret Schuyler for the use of the pall. Expenses 218:14, a considerable portion of which was for cleaning the church.

•Thla name la very obscurely written.

t A sort of doster constating of a large round brush with it long handle, for the pnrpoae of reaching cobwebs In a high room.

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