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122:2 Anueke Schaets received 19:2 for Susanna. Neeltje, wife of Isbrant, was paid 2bg. with which to purchase breadstuff [broot koren\.

April. Receipts 244:14. There were no Wednesday collections this month; hut on Friday, 5th, 10:10 were received at the preparatory service (boet predecatie), and 9g. for letters from Holland (Hollantse brieven.) Expenses 194:10. The recipients of alms this month were Johannes Dyckman, Jacob Aertsen,and Kartsen deNoorman (2 shirts 24^.). Pouwlyn was paid 45i/» for 3 weeks board of Jacob Aertsen.

May. Receipts 158:19. Services were held on 4 Sundays, on Thursday 16th, ascension day, on pinxster Monday 27th, and on Wednesday 29th, the king's birthday and restoration. Expenses 247:14. There were transactions with Jan Verbeeck and Marten Cregier; Tig. were paid for cleaning the church.

June. Receipts on 5 Sundays 164:10. Expenses 1S%g. 24:6 was paid for 27 lbs. tobacco at 18 stivers a pound, for the use of Jacob Aertsen.

July. Receipts 211:18. Expenses 115.7,

August. Collections on 4 Sundays 145:14. Expenses 133^. Cornelius Steenwyck was paid b6g. for 7 beavers, and a Jan Potter 12^. for the passage of a man, on the river probably.

September. Receipts 208:10, on 5 Sundays and a Friday morning. Expenses 93g. Mother Dyckman was paid i0g. towards the expenses of the burial of her husband (Jiaer man) Johannes; l0g. was paid for 10 lbs. smoked pork.

October. Receipts 112^. on 4 Sundays. Expenses 61:10; of which 4:10 was paid for 3 dry boards for the chest of Jacob Aertsen. Ariaen Appel is a new candidate for alms.

November. Receipts 106*7. on 4 Sundays. Expenses 229:10. Peter Jacobsen Marius was paid 5 beavers for an anker of Spanish wine which is carried out 100^. in scawant. A great deal is bestowed upon Ariaen A^pel this month, he being the sole recipient of alms. It is observable that Dr. Van Dyck's salary is more punctually paid this year than ever before or since!

December. Receipts 278:14 on 5 Sundays, 1 Friday and 2 Christmas days (kersdagh en ticeede kersdagh.) Expenses 60:10. Jufvrouw Schuyler was paid 1:10 for oil used in the chandelier of the church, the first mention of oil for that purpose. Receipts for the year 2,133:2. Expenses 1,649:6. Dr. Van Dyck delivered over to his successor 2,017:2 in seawant, and 32:J in specie, Holland currency. The utensils of the church and other effects passed to his successor tally with the list given by his predecessors.

The customary certificate, dated the 1st January 1673, is signed by the pastorGideon Schaets, Stoffel Jansen Abeel, Jacob Janssen Schermerhooren, Pieter Bogardus and Barent Reyndersen [ f rather obscure.]


Deacon Bogardus begins his entries:

Primo Jannuary. Gelofft sij Godt. In Albanij vervolght vande ontfanck ende vijt gift der diakonie {van het Jaer onsds Hceren en Salickmocker Jesu Christi) door Pieter Bogardus A' 1673.

The account is kept in a very good hand, and much in the same way as that of his predecessor.

January. Receipts 180:5, mostly on Sundays and Wednesdays. Expenses 57:1; among which is 6g. to Maes the brazier (coperslager) for 2 candlesticks for the church.

February. Receipts 146:1 on Sundays and Wednesdays. Expenses 63:4; 4 lbs. English soap at 16 stivers a pound.

March. Receipts 285:15, on 12 occasions in the church. Expenses 63; 25^/, was paid monthly to the Old Fox (aen de oude Vos) the same price that was paid for the board of Adriaen Appel.

April. Receipts 126:9. Expenses 14u. Several old names reappear this month; Malle Vries, Hans de Backer, Barent do Schoonuiaker, Barent de Molenacr.

May. Receipts 148:18. Pinkster and the king's birthday were observed as usual. Expenses 161:1; a considerable portion of which was for cleaning the church.

June. Receipts 231:6, besides several silver pieces. Expenses 96:10.

July. Receipts of first half of the month "in black scawant (swaer getelt) 50:3; and for thelast half in white seawant (Iicht getelf) at 6 pieces to the giver; 91:18; total 142:1 met en vals stuckje silver, showing that bad coin was not unknown to the ouders, and that it found its way into the church treasury. Expenses 2bg.

August. Receipts 188:2, and a quantity of specie. Expenses 70:2. The names of Steven Koninck and the oldest daughter of Marten the Brewer (bierkoocker) appear in this month.

September. Receipts 221:6. Expenses 101:10. The names of Gabriel Thomassen, Luykas Gerrits de Backer and Susanne Bierkocker appear.

October. Receipts 130:16,'on Sundays only. Expenses 31:5.

November. Receipt* 163:1. Expenses 44:10.

December. Receipts 253:6. . Expenses 259:3. Total receipts in black wampum, 1,068:17; white do. 1,048:9; total, 2,117,6. Expenses, black wampum 606:16; white do. 501:10; total 1,108:6.

Deacon Bogardus delivered over to his successor 2,031:18 in black seawant, which seems now to have been kept in boxes instead of sacks. The whole sum transferred to Barent Reyndersen was3,228:6in seawant; and 43</. in specie, Holland currency, besides the securities taken by his predecessors, and sundry articles taken in pawn.

The integrity of his accounts are certified to by the pastor Gideon Schaets, Jacob Schermerhorn, Jeremias Van Rensselaer, Johannes Provoost, Barent Rydersen, and Dirk Wessels.


The accounts of Deacon Reyersen, as he signs his name, are written in a fairer character than his signature would seem to promise. He dates at WyUem Stat, a name which first appears in this book in the handwriting of Dom. Schaets this year. He uses u for v, and if for y. Otherwise his orthography is as good as that of his brethren. He writes: Op Sondagh uor en na mifddach ijn de kerck uersamelt.

Jan. 23. Op difnsdach dat de Kommadur getrout ijs ijn de kerck ,uersamelt en op de broljt 9:2. This item establishes the fact that the commander or general of the fort (?) was married on Tuesday, 23d Jan, 1674, in the church, and that at the wedding and nuptial feast, 9 gilders and 2 stivers were collected for the poor.

It is notorious that men did not always write their own names correctly at this time and place; it is therefore doubtful whether the writer's name was Reyersen or Reynderssen.

January. Receipts 203:18, collected on new year, on pray day (bedagk) on 4 Sundays, on 4 Wednesdays, and from the widow of Peter Van Allen, for the use of the great pall. Expenses 244:7. Hans de Backer seems to have died this month, from an item for a doot Met given to his vrouw, and in the next she is mentioned as his widow, and there is an anker of good beer bestowed, an indispensable item at the funeral of a pauper.

February. Receipts 182:15. There was another biddag in this month, on Wednesday the 7th. Expenses 102^.

March. Receipts 253:1. Wednesday the 7th, was another day of prayer. Expenses 272:5. The pauper Vries, who in the previous month was indulged with a half vat of beer, is here termed the foolish (mat) Vries.

April. Receipts 185:3. Another day of prayer on the 4th. Expenses lllg. Hubert and Lysbet Jans appear as the recipients of the deacon's bounty, but it does not appear whether as charity for themselves or for others.

May. Receipts 196:9. Pray day on the 1st. Expenses 192:12.

June. Receipts 258:14. Wednesday the 6th, biddag. Expenses 162:10. The Old Fox (oude vos) receives monthly 25^. for board—may have been an Indian.

July. Receipts 229:2, and some specie. The 4th was another day of prayer. In all these days, service was held twice a day. Expenses Ma.

August. Receipts 163:2. On Sunday the 28th, there was service only in the morning, when Myssel was married [getrout ijs]. A good deal more silver than usual was received this month. Expenses 276g.

September. Receipts 263:11 on 5 Sundays. Expenses 138:10.

October. Receipts 125:1 on 4 Sabbaths. Expenses 342:6. One of Dea. Reyersou's peculiarities is to write en seppel tarf for een schepel tarwe (a bushel of wheat.)

November. Receipts 216:12; 11:4 came from the sale of Peter Van Allen's farm; and 60^. was received from Roseboom for the use of the pall, in the shape of a fat pig, which was divided between Susanna and Lysbet Jans. Four deers were also purchased and divided between them and Poulyn. Expenses 186:10.

December. Receipts 382:10. Besides services on 5 Sundays, there were two services on Friday, Christmas day (kersdagh), and two on Saturday, second Christmas day (twe kersdagh); the collections on these two days and on the following Sunday, which was sacrament day, were 200//. Expenses 432:18; principally bestowed upon Susanna and Lysbet.

Receipts for the year 2,660:04; expenses 2,545:18. Dea. Reyersen paid over to his successor, Dirck Wessels, 3,342:12 in seawant, and 68:8 in specie.

The customary certificate is written and signed by the dominie in a very much improved hand:

Gideon Schauts [sic], Pastor in Nieuw Albanie; Johannes Provoost,

ouderlingh; Dierck Wessels, diackony; Marten Gertsen, ouderlingh; Davijdt Schuyler, diackonen.


Mr. Dirck Wessels gives us a change in the wording of his introduction, as follows:

Prima jannuwari. Geft godt al1en de eer In albani. Vervoght vande ent/anck ende uyt gift der diakonie Jint Jaer enser heeren en Salicfc maecker Jesu Cristi door Dierick Weasels. Anno 1675.

That is: January first. Give God alone the glory! In Albany. Continuation of the income and expenditures of the Deaconry in the year of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, by Dirck Wessels, Anno 1675.

This is a specimen of his formula, differing somewhat from that of his predecessors: Vp Sondach voor ende na de midach voor samelt in de kerck.

January. Receipts 231:17. Services were held in the church on the king's birthday, 30th. Expenses 193:12. Lisbet Jansen and Susanna Martense (?) and Pouweleyn, are the recipients of abundant alms this month.

February. Receipts 182:18}. Jacob Abrahamsen paid for the small pall bg. Expenses 135:17:3.

March. Receipts 177:13:3. Expenses 125:8. Marten Hinricksz and Jan de Brouwer are mentioned.

April. Receipts 303:16:2. Expenses 178:15. A half book of paper cost 1:15.

May. Receipts 314:7. Expenses 251:17. The names of Jacob Aersen, Swarte Merten, Janitje Brouwer, &C., appear.

June. Receipts 264:10:2. Expenses 346:11. The names of Margaret Deckers, Jan de Brouwer, Marten Krygier, Urscl wife of Kerscn Wouters, the Frenchmen that lie in the watch house, Goosen Gerretsen de Grau, Pieter Mesen, are among the names enumerated. Two books of paper were procured at ig. for the use of the church council for consistory books. No such books exist, except these Deacon's accounts, previous to 1683, when Dom. Dellius began a record of baptisms and marriages.

July. Receipts 278:12. Expenses 305:15.

August. Receipts 237:8. Expenses 229:10. Daniel Schulaer is mentioned, Griet Jansen.

September. Receipts 233:0:2. Expenses 110:7.

October. Receipts 177:8. Expenses 403:16.

November. Receipts205:ll. Expenses 206:14. Susanna Mertensen, Powelyn, Lisbet Jansen, Merten Uinrickseu, and Broder's wife are the recipients.

December. Receipts 432:11. MeindertFredericksen paid 10g. for the great pall, and Roseboom paid in i7g. which he had received during the year. Expenses 456:4.

Total receipts 3,040:3:1; expenses 2,953:6:3; scawant remaining on 1 and 3,342:12, and 4 beavers valued at 98y.

The annual certificate given at the examination of the year's account is signed by: Gideon Schaets, Pastor in Nieuw Albany; Nicolaus Van Rensselaer, Pastor Loci; Johannes Provoost, ouderling; Marten Gertsen, do.; Cornells Van Dyck, do.; Davidt Schuiler, diaken; A. Teller.


Primo Jannmcarij. Ere sy Godt In Albanij. Voor volgJit van den ontfancks cnde uyt gieft deen diackonilj. In den Jare timers Keren ende talig maecker Jijtsu Clirizti gchouden door Dauit Schulaer.

Judging from Mr. Sehuiler's signature on the previous page, and the spelling of the name above, as well as the character in which it is written, some one was employed to engross the accounts of this year. It appears to he in the same hand as that of the preceding year. The orthography is the same, as well as some other peculiarities—especially vp for op.

January. Receipts 200:12. Expenses 98:10.

February. Receipts 181:7. Expenses 217:16.

March. Receipts 396:16. Expenses 235:14. Hinr;ck Marselus (sometimes written Hinderick) is mentioned.

April. Receipts 251:19. Expenses 403:19. Herman Vedder is mentioned as having sold 14 schepelsof wheat at Ig. perschepel. The burial of Ariaen de Fissers is alluded to; Jacob de Brewer. Maria is a new recipient of alms.

May. Receipts 240:13. King's day was held on the 29th. Expenses 275:3. Philip Schuyler was paid 3bg. for 5 cans of brandawyn used at the burial of Arriyan de Fissers; 50^. were paid for cleaning the church, besides 10</. to Gerrit Banker for articles required therefor.

June. Receipts 295:11. Expenses 135:8. Mister Pers received 57^. for eandles used in the church.

July. Receipts 246:19, on 5 Sundays and 4 Wednesdays. Expenses 208:12. De Fransen, Lisbet, Kleyn de Goyer, Poweleyn, Susanna received assistance. Marten Gerretseu was paid 50^. for a ton of beer and a shirt for the burial of Arryan de Fisser; and 26</. was paid for his coffin.

August. Receipts 201:6 on 5 Wednesdays and 4 Sundays. Expenses 211l/.

September. Receipts 158:13 on 4 Sundays and 4 Wednesdays. Expenses«127:15.

October. Receipts 299:11. Expenses 356:4; 10 lbs. cotton cost 12g.

November. Receipts 159:15 on 4 Sundays and 5 Wednesdays. Expenses 262:10; 22 J ells of Pennesten was purchased of Mister Grifly at 5 guilders, 112:10.

December. Receijts 522:5. Expenses 487:12. Goods were purchased of Wm. Neffyn. Capt. Salesberrij was paid i'2g, for the 2 girls restored by the Indians. Hendrick Roseboom paid in HOg. received by him during the year for the use of the palls, among which was loo. received at the burial of Broeder Cornclis; and for at that of Juffrou Correlaers; and log. at that of Jan Andrissen's mother.

Among the names enumerated are William Parker, Cornelis Lysberts, Jacob Tysseu. Cornelis Vanderhoeven, Gabriel Tomassen, Jan Becker, Wynant Gerritsen, Andries Teller.

Total receipts 3,161:07. Total expenses 3,010:7.

Peacon Schuyler delivered over to his successor 3,510:9 in seawant, black and white, loose and strung; also 20 ells of penneston at 5 gilders loop. ; and 17 schepels of wheat (w, 6g. per schepel l02g.

The customary voucher was signed by Gideon Schaets, Pastor in Nieuw

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