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October. Collected in the church 268^. Sst., of which 60:10 was taken on a day of prayer in the church, 2d Oct., and 98:8 on the 7th, sacrament Sunday. Jeremias Van Rensselaer, who was one of the deacons this year, gave 30^. lbst.; total income of the month 299^. 'Ast. The expenses were 168</. %st. Some of the old names reappear, Zacharias Sickels, Uldrick Kleyn, Aryaen de Vries, and Willem Brouwer's widow. Clothing forms a considerable portion of the expenses of the month.

November. Collected in the church 142^. 7st. Expended 286^. &st.; of which 120^. was paid to Jochem Wessells, baker, for bread delivered to Hans de Noorman and Dyckman.

December. Collected in the church 168</. 18; and for a small beaver sold 25;* total 193^. 18s*. Expenses 158,/. 10s*.

January, 1669. The receipts on Christmas day are given under this date, and the whole amount is 233^. list. The expenditures are 500;/. list., the last date being the 8th, and embrace 160^. paid Dr. Van Dyck, and 50^. paid Dr. Jtecop voor het mcester loon van Steyntie Klacs.

This was done to adjust the computation of time under the English dynasty, which was changed from the new to the old style, the 11th of January being reckoned the 1st.

The income of the year 1668 was 3653^. 12ls*. The expenditures 3555^. 19j**. Scawant in the treasury 97^. 17s*. Also in Holland specie 14^. 6st., and 8 i ells of Pennestoy.

The customary certificate is signed by

Gideon Schaets, pastor in Nieuw Albauie.
Jan Thomassen, ) alt

Teunis Cornclissen, j ouderlingen
Jeremias Van Rensselaer, Dieacken.
J. Dehinsle, do


The senior or distributing deacon for the year 1669, was Jeremias Van Rensselaer, who began his account thus:

Eere sy Godt jn Albanie en Colonic Rensselaers Wyck vervolge vande Ontfanck en Vitgeft der Diaconie vant 1669, gehouden door Jeremias Van Rensselaer. That is:

Honor be to God. Albany and Rensselaerwyck. Continuation of the Receipts and Expenditures of the Deacons for the year 1669; kept by Jeremias Van Rensselaer.

His phraseology differs somewhat from that of his predecessor. For instance, he says:

Sondagh voor en naer de middagh versamelt jn de kerck. Woensdagh s'avons jude kerck versamelt.

January. The receipts for the month were 378^. lbst., including 97^. 13s*. in strung and loose seawant received from his predecessor; 21^. 10s. from Jan Pieter Loockermans, which was found in the poor box, being a piece of silver money; from Jan Kloet and Hendrick Coster as a fine 11^. list.; and 2 skipples of wheat (10^.) from the widow of Pieter Bronck for the pall; leaving 256//. lbst. as the monthly collection in the church. The expenditures were 173</. list.

* Beaver skins aro said to have been vained at about S3, at this time. If a gilder in seawant was 12,4,' cents, this will be in accordance with the current rate.

February. The receipts were 212^. 17s?., including 2 skipples of wheat at 10 gilders from Jan Janssen Flodden for the use of the pall at the burial of his wife. The disbursements were to the same persons as in the previous year, and amounted in this month to 227</. 8s*. Candles for the use of the church cost 2 gilders a pound, and a half pint of brandywine for Claes Vanden Bergh cost 2 gilders.

March. Receipts 257^. 5s*.; among which was 26^. 16s*. for letters (Bollants brieuen) brought over by Pieter Van Alen. Capt. Backer paid bg. for the small pall. Expenses 328^. 17s*. Andries Feljer was paid 100^. in seawant in place of 4 bevers.

April. Receipts 278^. 1st. On the 11th, at Easter, 127^. 5s*. was collected in the church. Jan Poutie, the sail maker, paid a fine of 12^. A piece of money, 3 stivers, was taken, and 1:15 was found in the poor box. 172^. 18s*. was paid out. Lambert van Valkenburgh and Sacharyas Sickels received each 2J gilders a day for work upon the almshouse fence, and Pieter Loockermans Jr., carpenter, 9 gilders a day, for the same. 15 lbs. of nails cost 22$ gilders. 20 gilders were paid for 4 cans of sack for the sacrament.

May. Receipts 277^. 7s*. The widow of Jan Davet Sale (?) paid 9g. lis*, for the use of the large pall. On the 29th was held the king's corenation and birthday. Expenses 32^.

June. Receipts 174^. 2s*. Expenses 273. Jan Van Acken was paid 130//. for Spanish wine for the sacrament.

July. Receipts 275//. 16s*. On the 18th, being sacrament Sunday, 126^. was taken up. Expenses 117^. 18s*. For cleaning the church, to Baes Pieters for 5 days, Tiet Everts 6 days, Catryn Meesen 6 days, total 17 days @ ii gilders, 76^. lost. Other expenses for cleaning the church' amount to 13^. lest., of which 4:1 was paid to Pieter Loockermans for beer furnished to the cleaners.

August. Receipts 211^. 13s*. The widow of Jan Davet Sal' paid 10//. for the pall again. Expenses 123^. Dr. Cornelis Van Dyck was paid 75^. for 3 months' salary as almshouse physician.

September. Receipts 139^. 7s*. Expenses 19//.

October. Receipts 229</. Expenses 27^. lost.

November. Receipts 145^. Int. Collections were taken on three Sundays only, and none on other days. Expenses 24^. lOs/.

December. Robbert Sanders paid 9^. 16s*. for the pall at the burial of his mother; for Pieter Adriaenssen's mother 10^. was paid; also 10^. paid by Casper And» Berys for [an untraceable name]. Expenses 456^. 18s. Paid Theunis Spitsenbergh for boards and timber for the house of Domine Schaets; Claes Van Rotterdam for 8 J days work on the house @ 8^. a day, 68^.; Margriet Fredricks Meyt for 23 lbs. nails @ lg. 10s. per lb. 34^. lost. ; Jan de Kuyper for 200 shingles for do. 8//.; Stoffel Janst for nails, 3^. 12**.; Pieter Quackenbos for 25 tiles for do. 3:15. Dr. C. Van Dyck was paid 150^. for half a year's salary as the deacon's surgeon. Paid Marretie Dreepers for stringing seawant 16 days, 32^. Total receipts 2999^. 12s*. Disbursements 1986^. 12s*.

He delivered over to his successor Jacob Dehinssle 1013^. in seawant, and the utensils and papers belonging to the church. His accounts are certified to by Dom. Schaets, pastor; Jan Thomassen, Teunis Cornelisseu, and Gerrit van Slechteuhorst, elders; J. Dehinssle and Macrten Gertsen [Van Bergen], deacons,


Deacon Dehinssle, commences his entries in the book thus:

Eere sy Godt in Niew Albany. Vervolgt vande Ontfanghts ende Vyt gift der Diacoriy van t per onse Salichmacker Jesus Christus geboorte 1670: gehouden door Mester Jacobus Dehinssle. That is:

Honor be to God in New Albany. Continuation of the Receipts and Expenditures of the Deacons for the year of our Saviour Jesus Christ 1670; kept by Mr. Jacobus Dehinssle. Mr. Dchinssle's orthography runs thus: Op Niewe yaer dach versamelt in de kerck. Sondach versamelt voor en naer middach in de kerck.

His characters are very plain, and are English.

January. Collections were taken up in the church on 11 days during the month, amounting to 244</. 12s/. Expenses 20r/.

February. Receipts 218</. Joffrow Rynselaer bestowed i7g. lis/, upon the poor.* Expenses 44^.

March. Receipts 181^. 3s/. A trade was made with Philip Schuyler of seawant for beaver skins. Expenses My. 12.s*. They paid with a quantity of posts their share of the expenses of the burial of the tar burner.

April. Receipts 321^. 15s*. Paaschdag produced 149:19. Dowe paid for the use of the pall; and Jan de Goyer paid a fine of 10</. Expenses 122</. lost. Hendrik Rooseboom, voorlezer, received 32^. for setting the table, &c., during the year.

May. Receipts 2bbg. 16s/. Sunday, 29th, was the king's birthday. Expenses 98^. Tort.

June. Receipts 164^. 14s/. Expenses 42:10.

July. Receipts 346^.18s/. The collection on Sacrament Sunday, July 18, was 137</- ^st- An English shilling and a J piece of 8 (50 cts.) were taken in specie. Expenses 92g. 2s/.

August. Receipts l7Sg. 14s/., on four Sundays. Expenses 37</.; of which 7g. was paid for rent of the blockhouse for Eletic Bronck and Clacs Melt.

September. Receipts 137:7:14; of which 19:15:14 was from Lambert Bos. Expenses U6g. Dr. Van Dyck drew 7bg., half a year's salary as surgeon. The old set of paupers nearly all disappear this year; Johannes Dyckman and Hans Carle being all that appear for months.

October. Receipts 165^. 16s/. on 5 Sundays. Expenses lib.

November. Receipts 222g. lost. ; Jan Bronck gave 23:9J to the poor. An English shilling and a sixpence were received. Expenses 131</. 17s/. Among the names that occur this month are Tys Barentsen, Jan Briker, Stephanus van Cortland, Stoffel Jansen Abel, flendryc Coster. Mention is made of the old grave yard and new grave yard.

December. Receipts 296^. Is/. 57:2 was taken from the poor boxes by Goose Gerretsen, Storm Albertsen, Jorian Tuenisse, Lendert Philips, and Pitre Lokermans. Expenses 255</. 8s*. An anker of small beer was

• Her maiden name in Maria Van Cortlandt; born at Amsterdam, 1MS; married Jcremias Van

Uonwolacr 1WS2; died 1689.

purchased of Haerman Gansevoort at 2g. lost. for Timothee Salicker. The names of Philip Schuyler, Jan Verbeek, Paulus Jorghsen, Wye Benne, are mentioned. Receipts of the year, 3,746:7:6. Expenditures, 1,107</, Loaned to the commissaries, 661:13; 13 beavers bought of Philip Schuyler, 342:10; advanced to Tys. Barrentsen, 210g.; delivered over to his successor, 1,435:4:6; total, 3,746:7:6.

The account is certified to by the pastor, Gideon Schaets, Teunis Cornelisz, Gerrit Van Slichtenhorst, Stoffel Jans. Abeel, Maerten Gertsen, Cornells Van Dyck, chirurgyn.

The articles delivered up to his successor. Marten Gerretsen Van Bergen, were as follows: In specie, estimated in Holland currency, 19g.; an anker of Spanish wine; a silver becker. [This becker is still preserved in the church, and has the date of 1660 engraved upon it) ; three pairs; two table cloths and seven napkins; two pewter basins; a large pewter can; an earthen can with a silver lid; two earthen eans; 1 ell of pinneston; certain obligations and accounts as stated in the book; two gold rings, and a pair neck ties [stricken] with pearl, valued at 160</. seawant, advanced upon an obligation given by William Jansen alias Neefie.


Deacon Martin Gerretsen Van Bergen * begins his entries with the following:

Ere scy Godt in Nieu Albany veruolgt vande ontfanghts ende vijt gift der dieaconij vant yaer onser hcren ende saleigmacker iesus christus 1671, gehouden dor Marten Gertse van Barge.

Brother Van Bergen's hand write is not after the best copperplate samples. His phraseology and orthography differ somewhat from his predecessors, thus: Jan. 1. Noij iar des Sondaghs vor en nade meidag ende kerclcevergadert. Des Wounsdages s'auons inde kerc/ce ver geadert.

January. Receipts 370:5 on ten Sundays and Wednesdays. Expenditures 140</. Robes Jansen was paid for boarding Teis Barensen. Bassei de neger at Poulein's for board. Hendrick Weillemsen f for wood furnished Yahanes Deickman. ian brounck for house hire of Hans Karelsen.

February. Receipts 175:13 "in de mant veberwarei." Expenditures 201:4. A considerable portion of this was expended upon the burial of Bassie. Polein was paid 7&g. for maintenance of Basse [Basghen]; 14^. for the shroud (bus,sack); 12^. to Klas Van Rotterdam for making the coffin

idot keist); 1:16 to Stoffel Jansen for a pound of nails; 4:10 to Barent e Molenar for boards; 6:8 to KlasTreipsen for brandewein; Vlg. to Rensselaer for a half vat of beer; in all 125:14, which at 40 cts. to the guilder is 850.28; but as these accounts are in the depreciated currency of seawant, at 12 J cts. to the guilder, the amount would be 615.73.

March. Receipts 211:2, of which 3:10 was from Schout Schwart. Expenses 195:10.

April. Receipts 302:11, at 9 collections, that of paasdag being 117:9. Expenses 209^.

• He won probably a Frleslander. A descendant of the flame name was it noted skipper of the last century, and was often addressed by his correspondents aa Marti Garrison and Captain Bargain.

t He was the carman.

May. Receipts 166:10, at 5 collections. Expenditures 125.

June. Receipts 277:5. Two beavers were received from Foules Iurcksen, 48^. in seawant. Expenditures 263:10.

July. Receipts 340:3. Expenses 117:10.

August. Receipts 125:15 at 4 collections. Expenses 113^.

September. Collections 154:18 on 5 Sundays. Expenditures 130^.

October. Receipts 271:16. On the 3d (Wednesday) at the wedding of Stephen Kortlant 13:6 was collected in the church for the poor. On the 4th at the wedding party 15:19 was collected. On Thursday, the 11th, at the wedding of Marten Kregier 11g. was collected. On the 12th at the marriage feast (breuUoft) l3g. Expenses 93</.

November. Collected in the church on four Sondages 112:12. Expended iQg. for Johannes Deickmaen, one month's board, and 40</. to Susanna the husvrou of Mart. Hendereicksen (sic), for a month's board of the child of Karsten. de Noorman, probably in all S0g.

December. Receipts 466:4. An exchange was made with the commissaries (j/eheren kommeisaresen) for 21 beavers at 22 guilders each in seawant. Roseboom paid in 119</. for the use of the palls, on settlement of account with him.

Expenses 363:14. Dr. Van Dyck was paid a half year's salary 75^. Wouter * de Backer was paid 14</- for baking the sacramental bread four times, and Roseboom received 24<7. for spreading the tables (Jafel te deckeii) 3 times; 5 beavers were paid for an anker of Spanish wine for the sacrament.

The receipts of the year were 2,974:14; the disbursements 2,031:8. Deacon Van Bergen delivered over to his successor, Dr. Van Dyck, 1,533:6 in seawant, and other effects to tbe amount of 845:4:8 (8 penningen). Also 28:17:8 in specie, which is never footed up with the other items.

The accounts were audited on the 2d of Jan. 1672, by the pastor, Gideon Schaets, Stoffel Janssen Abeel, Jacob Schermerhorn, Cornelius Van Dyck, and Pieter Bogardus.


Dr. Van Dyck opens his account thus:

Eer sy godt In Albany vervolght vande ontfanck endeuijt gift der diakonie vant jaer onser Heere 1672 door Mr. Cornelius Van Dyck.

This book is written in a plain and handsome character, and the orthography uncommonly uniform and accurate. This is a specimen of his phraseology:

Op Sondage voor ende nademiddach in de kerck versamelt. Woensdagh savons in de kerck vergadert. Op dinsdagh synde gedachtenis houdinge van de onge lUckige doot van syn majestyt versamelt voorde middagh in de kerck 12:14.

January. Receipts 165:1. On Tuesday, 30th, a forenoon service was held in the church in memory of the king, Charles II, and a collection taken up of 12:14. Expenses for the month, 96//.

February. Receipts on four Sundays and four Wednesdays 149:3. Expenses 108:10. Jan Gouw was paid \6g. for 4 loads of wood.

March. Receipts on 5 Sundays and 4 Wednesdays 187:19. Expenses

• Woutcr AlberWen.

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