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September. Receipts 304, of which Antony Janssen paid in 158:15. Expenses 322:5. Laval was paid 150y. for 39J ells linen, and 11 ells of cosyntics were bought at 18^. per ell. This was a kind of stuff for children's night caps, which were made with capes to them, requiring about half an ell each. A blanket worth 36</- was given to Pieter Claessen, a sailor in the employ of Gerrit Wisbeecken Hendrick, who had been imprisoned in England. •

October. Receipts 337:15, a part of which was three beavers bought of Tryn Claes at 26g. each in seawant. The unusual sum of 105:7 was received at the Sunday collections on the 3d. Expenses 177:4.

November. Receipts 142:14, on four Sundays. Among the expenses are 13 ells of white baize bought of Mr. Laval with the three beaver skins had of Tryn Claes, 78^. A German named Dirck Onval, who had been imprisoned by the English, had a blanket, 38^. Total expenses 235:12.

December. Receipts 273:11. Expenses 678:3. Adryan de Vries was given three ells red baize (roode baey) 2\g. Hendrik Cuyler was paid 40</. for making up clothes for the children of Frans Coninck, among which was een aperock (monkey-jacket ?) and een borstrockyen. Uldrick Klein had 2 pairs of shoes 20g. Poulis Turcksen 7 ells red baize @ 7 gilders per ell.

The total receipts of the year were 3081:6; the expanses 2765:7. There was 256:3 cash in the treasury, and 3299g. was invested. The annual audit of the account was signed by Gideon Schaets, pastor loci; Philip Pietersen Schuyler, Jan Verbeek, elders; J. Provoost, Jan Vinhaegen, deacons.


The accounts for this year were kept by Jan Provoost, and are the best specimen of writing in the book. He writes, Sondagh hide kerck versamclt, which is an improved orthography. His predecessor turned over to him individual obligations to the amount of 3299 gilders, and 256$r. 3st. in want ; quite a respectable poor fund for that day, or this.

January. The receipts were 2b6g. 3st. Herman of Schenectady paid bg. for the small pall. The expenses were 192</, 18s*. ip. The recipients of alms were Johannes Dyckman, Ulderick Kleyn, Zacharias Sickels, Isbrant, Baesie Pieters, Adrian de Vries and Weelden's child. Two pounds of butter sold for 3g. 6st.

February. Receipts l9ig. 97st.; of which log. was for the use of the pall at the burial of Uncle John (Jan Oom). Expenses 164:1J. The recipients of charity were Jan Claessen, Weyntie wife of Poulyn, Isbrant, Carsten do Norman's children, and Claes Vandenberg.

March. Receipts l7ig. l3st. Expenses 303^. 9st. The names of Baesjen Pieters, Frans Koningh, and Jan Machielsen, appear in this month as receivers of alms. Guert Hendricksen's wife and Claes Vylspiegel received each 6ig. for two months' subsistence of Carsten de Noorman's two children.

April. Receipts 312^. 7st. Easter occurred on the 10th, when 114g>. lost. was collected in the church. Cornelius Segersen paid 10g. for the use of the pall at the burial of his wife. Expenses Mug. Dr. Van Dyck is again paid for curing Uldrick Kleyn, 80^. Tys Servaes's wife had 2Sg. with which to purchase seed peas.

May. Receipts 233</. 9st. Expenses 446^. lost. A loaf of bread cost

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lg. bit. and a skepel of wheat 7g. l0st. Baestie Pietera and John de Brouster were paid 27g. for cleaning the church, at ig. l0st. per day. A bro'jm cost 12 stivers. Dr. Van Dyck was paid 200g. for a year's salary and dressing the wounds of the poor.

June. Receipts lS9g. On the 8th at the celebration of the king's coronation Sg. l0st. were collected. Expenses 166</. list. Peter Claerbout's .wife was paid l0g. for scouring the chandelier in the church.

July. Receipts 22bg. lSst. On sacrament day, 128</. was collected. Expenses 230^. Gerret Slechtenhorst sold the deacons 10 schepels of wheat for 70g.

August. Receipts 154^. list. Expenses 117g. 8st. Jan Michaelsen is represented as being disabled (gebreckelyck), and therefore a subject for alms.

September. Receipts VJlg. 9st. Expenses 56^. Jan Lavatie was paid 12</. for eight days maintenance of Jan Michaelsen, he being sick.

October. Receipts 240^. 12st. Juffrou de Haes contributed 6g. Expenses 284^. Johannis Dyckman was paid bg. l0st. for two pounds of butter and two loaves of bread. The bread being 1:5, would leave 1:10 per lb. for butter. The name of Claes Jaussen Stavast is mentioned.

November. Receipts 202g. Of this 50^. was paid in by Sheriff Swart as an atonement (bmten). The widow of Harmen de Metselaer paid 10</. for the use of the great pall. Expenses 98</. 'Sst. Peter Bout was paid 26g. l0st. for 10 loads of wood for the use of Hans Carelsen.

December. Receipts 279g. l6st. On Christmas 127</. was collected. Expenses i3Sg. 9st. Certain Frenchmen had been supplied with bread by Dom. Schaets, amounting to hr, which was paid out of the treasury. Jan Jansen Bleecker was paid 17g. for 4 cans French wine for the sacrament Harman Rutgers was paid 17g. l0st. for beer furnished to Hans de Noorman.

The total receipts were 2710</. 8st. Total expenses 2Sllg. 18Js£.

The customary certificate is signed by Gideon Schaets, pastor; Jan Verbeek, Gosen GeiTetsen, past elders; Jan Vinhagen, Jeremias Van Rensselaer, deacons.

The inventory of utensils for sacrament and other purposes were: 2 table cloths, 7 napkins, 1 silver cup, 3 earthen cans, 1 pewter can, 2 pewter basins, 2 pails (a large and a small one), 1 rug.


Jan Vinhaegen commences his entries with "Laus Deo in Albany, Reekeninge der Dyakonye gelwUden aan myn J. Vinhaegen." They are made in a fair character, but quite different from the others. His orthography is much like that of Jan Provoost.

January. The receipts of the month by collections in the church were 267g. 6s*. and 4 pieces of silver money, amount not stated. The expenses were 211</. 12st. The names of the poor who received charity were Frans Koning, Hans Caerels and Jerse's wife.

February. The receipts of the month by collections in the church were 27bg. 101st., of which 70:7 were received on Wednesday the 8th, which was a day of thanksgiving for the peace. Barent Mynderse paid in I0O'/. for 50 boards; total 375</. l0ist. The whole amount of disbursements was 2b2g. ist. 2 pairs of children's shoes were W., and a pair of men's shoes 17</.

March. Collected in the church 194^. 3s*.; from Eldert Gerbers, which he had promised to the poor (hy hadde een tyt geleeden beloft aen den armen) W. 2{st.; from the widow of Jan van Eeken for the large pall log. ; Hendrick Macsen for the small pall bg.; Kornelus Kornelussen Verwy for the large pall at the burial of his wife l(ig.; in all 232^. 5ist. The expenditures were 23ig.

April. Collected in the church 332</., of which 135</, list. was ree'd on paesdag, April 1; Ulg. was as a fine (boeten van Immeken); and lg. 9st. was taken from the poor box in the council chamber. Also a III lantse dubbelde stuyver was taken up in the church, but as usual counts nothing in the footing, going probably to another fund, total, Hig. 9st. The expediturcs were b02g. lSst. The old names of Jan Machielsen, Hans de Noorman, and Ysbrant again appear in this month's items.

May. Collected in the church 212<7. 13s*., of which 9:5 was taken at the anniversary of the coronation of the king (Charles II), 3d May (op Donderdagh synde die gedachtenisse van die krooningh van scyn koonincklyke maiestey t van cngcUant); Wyntie Adams paid l0g. for the use of tho great pall at the burial of her husband; and the same amount was received for the same at the burial of Karsten Klaesen: total 232g. l3st. The expenditures were 2b'2g. ist. Among the items for church cleaning is 12g. to Pieter Klaerbout's wife for cleaning the chandelier (van die lcroon schoon te maken).

June. Received by collections in the church 160^. lost. ; from the poor box 5:11; from different sources 69:16J; from the king's birth day collection (8th) 5:15; from Korneelus Woutersen 2bg. which he acknowledged to be indebted to the poor for it long time. Total 260v/. l~l\st. The expenses were 3i0g. 2st.: Korneelus van Dyck has a half year's pay (meesterloon) for medical services at the poor house, 12bg.; Hclmer Gotten had b2g. for 2 bevers. The names of Baerent Pietersen, Volkert Pietersen, and Klaes Vandenbergh are mentioned.

July. Collected in the church 309</. 1st.; of which 130</. list. was taken on sacrament Sunday 15th, as well in the plates as in the sacks (soo in die kommen ah hct sackien); and on the day following there seems to have been a collection made about town in bever skins, &C. (en becuers soo Iieelen en haluen en lapjien, 36 stuekie met en otter) amounting to 133g. 6st. Storm Elbers paid ig. list. for the small pall; total U7g. bst. The disbursements were 291</. Sst.

August. Collections in the church 132</. 5s*.; from Wynant Gerretsen 30>/.; from Jan Bruyn for the great pall 10g.; total 172g. bst. Expenditures 228//, Is*. , of which 40:15 were for the burial of Willem Brouwer, and bg. to his widow; nearly all the other expenses were for Hans and Karsten de Noorman.

September. Collections in the church 180</.; from Jan Rinekhout for the large and small pall lbg.; and taken from the box at Teunes the bierdrager's* 2g. 7st.; total for the month, 197 g. 1st. Expenditures 129</- list.; of which 96</, were to Gerret Jansen Stavast and Guert Hendricksen for the maintenance of Karsten de Noorman's children, and the remainder to Hans de Noorman.

• A bierdraper is a person authorized by appointment to deliver beer in barrels to the purchasers, from the brewery.

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