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prudent or expedient to constitute any other Night Watoh than the one already established.

May 20. Resolved by this Board that the Treasurer pay the following accounts and that the Clerk draw orders on him for the same: John Hansen and other £1; James Green 2s. 6d.; Sander Lansing 10s. 6d.; John J« Abbot £4:12:6.

May 22. A Letter was this day shewn to the Board by Mr. Mayor from Col. Guy Johnson directed to the Corporation of the City of Albany and the Majistrates and Committee of the Township of Schenectady as also a Speech of one of the Mohawk Chiefs.

Resolved by this Board that Messrs. Peter W. Yates, Guy' G. Marselis, Jeremiah Van Renselaer and Leonard Gansevoort be a Committee to draw an Answer to said Letter as also to said Speech.

June 17. Resolved by this Board that the Mayor execute a Lease and Release to Robert McClallen for a Lot in the third ward at the river side. Also that he execute a Lease to Abraham Eights and another to Jacob Van Schaick each for a Lot in the third ward at the river side and that the Chamberlain affix the City Seal to the above Deed and Leases.

Resolved that the Board accept an assignment of a Lease of Robert Henry to Gerrit Van Sante for the sum of six shillings ^9 annum in lieu of the annual rent which should be given for the lot sold Robert McClallen.

Resolved that the Clerk draw an order on the Treasurer to pay Thomas Skidmore the sum of £4, for lighting the Lamps three months and providing necessaries for that purpose.

June 24. Resolved by this Board that the Mayor sign a Lease to Abraham Eights for a Lot of ground at the river side, in behalf of this Board and that the City Seal be thereunto affixed.

Resolved that the last payment due on the Dock built by Mr. Fish be paid to said Fish or order by the Treasurer.

Resolved by this Board that the Treasurer pay to Stephen De Lancey or order the sum of £127 for attending this Board as Clerk from the first day of June 1769 to the 1st of June 1775, at £16 'i? year, providing Books, Paper, &c. for this Board at 50s. ^ year and drawing several Leases.

Resolved that Advertisements be put up and that the Cryer give publick notice to the Inhabitants of this City that any of them may be supplyed with any quantity of wheat not exceeding six Skipples at 4s. 6d, by applying to the Chamberlain before the first day of July next.

Resolved also that the Treasurer supply John Ostrander and John Radliff each with three Skipples of wheat and charge the same to their accounts.

Resolved likewise that Nicholas Marselis, Harmanus Wendell and Peter Lansingh appear before this Board at their next meeting to render account of their proceedings as Overseers of the Roads for the City of Albany.

Resolved by this Board that Treasurer pay the City watch all the wages due to them, they rendering an account upon Oath of the time they have respectively served as watchmen in the employ of the Corporation

Resolved that the members of the second ward be a Committee to have the Bridge over the Foxes Creek in said ward repaired as soon as possible.

Resolved also that Messrs. Robert Yates, Guy' G. Marselis, Gerrit Van Sante and Thomas Hun be a Committee to report to this Board the scituation of the Bridge near Marselis's Pasture, with respect to the south west Bounds of this City.

June 26. Resolved by this Board that Messrs. Robert Yates, Gerrit Van Sante, Thomas Hun and Jerh V. Renselaer be a Committee to wait on the Grand Jury and represent to them the situation of the Bridge near Marselises Pasture with respect to the Bounds of this City.

September 4. Resolved by this Board that the Mayor sign a Deed to John Williamson in behalf of this Board for a Lot of ground lying at the river side and that the City Seal be thereunto affixed.

Resolved that the Treasurer pay to John Ostrander and several other Constables (as mentioned in an account delivered to this Board) their respective wages for Sunday service, the whole amounting to £3:1$.

Resolved by this Board that the Mayor write to his Excellency the Govr Tryon in behalf of the Corporation praying him to pardon the Negro Slave named Tom of the Widow Hoghan now under sentence of Death.

September 13. Resolved by this Board that the Clerk draw orders on the Treasurer to pay the following accounts: Johannis Flansburgh Jun. £4; Jacob Bogardus £29:14:6; Tho" Skidmore for lighting the Lamps &c. £4:2:4.

Resolved that the Treasurer pay to Thomas Hun Esq. £5 immediately, to be applyed to particular uses by him in behalf of this Board.

September 28. Resolved by this Board that the Treasurer pay to Michael Wagoner the sum of £6 which is allowed to him for repairs done to the house he formerly lived in. As also account of Dirck Hun £3:5:6; Lukas and AbTM Hooghkerk £10:8:10.

Resolved also that one additional Constable be chosen at the ensuing Election for each ward.

At a Common Council held at the City Hall of the City of Albany on Fry-
day the 29th of Sept*, 1775—Present, the Mayor, John H. Ten Eyck,
Esq., Recorder, Guysbert G. Marselis, Robert Yates, Peter W. Yates,
Thomas Hun, John Ten Broeck, Henry Van Veghten, Jacob Roseboom,
Corn' Van Schelluyne, Leonard Gansevoort, Abraham Ten Eyck.
This day being appointed by Charter for the election of Aldermen, As-
sistants, and Constables for this City, the following were returned duly
elected for the ensuing year:

First Ward.
Aldermen. Assistants. Constables.

Peter W. Yates Jacob Roseboom James Green

Gerrit Van Sante Arie Legrange Jacob Kidney.

Second Ward. Guysbert G. Marselis Corn" Van Schelluyne John Ostrander

John Jacob Beeckman Jereh Van Renselaer Isachar Child.

Third Ward, Thomas Hun Abraham Schuyler Isaac A. Fonda

John Ten Broeck Abraham Ten Eyck William Adams.

This Board have appointed Henry Bleecker Esq. Treasurer, and John Ostrander Marshal for the ensuing year.

October 14. This day being appointed by the Charter to qualify the Officers of this City, the following took the Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance, subscribed the Test, and were sworn to the due execution of their respective offices:

Peter W. Yates, Gerrit Van Santo Aldermen for first ward.

Guysbert G. Marselis, John Jacob Beeckman, Aldermen for second ward; Cornelius Van Schelluyne, Assistant. .

Thomas Hun, Alderman for third ward; Abraham Schuyler, Abraham Ten Eyck, Assistants. John Ostrander, Marshell.

Resolved that with all convenient speed a Constable be elected in the 2d ward instead of Isacher Child.

October 24. Resolved by this Board that the Treasurer pay the Constables for Sunday service £1:4.

Aldermen Marselis and Beeckman return a Poll by which it appears that Samuel Stephenson is elected Constable for the second ward, instead of Isacher Child, who was rejected by the Board the last meeting.

November 6. The following persons were this day qualified as members of this Board and took their seats accordingly:

John Ten Broeck, Alderman; Arie Legrange, Jacob Roseboom Asses.

This Board have appointed the following persons Fire Masters for the ensuing year: Hendrick Hogan and Ephraim Van Veghten for the first Ward; Abraham Bogart and Peter W. Douw for the second ward; Teunis T. Van Veghten and Abraham A. Lansing for the third ward.

Robert Lansing delivered in an ace' against the Corp" of £5:10, for keeping the fire Engines in repair. Ordered that the Treasurer pay the same.

December 13. Resolved that the Mayor sign two Deeds to Ebenezer Jessup in behalf of this Board for two pieces or Tracts of Land lying near the German Church west of the City heretofore agreed to be sold to him, and that the City Seal be thereto affixed.

Resolved that an account of Alderman Van Sante be allowed and that the Clerk draw a special order on the Treasurer to pay the same immediately, the amount of which is £84:7:8.

Resolved that the Treasurer pay John Radliff the Bellringer his last years Salery, £5.

Resolved that the Clerk draw orders on the Treasurer to pay the following accounts, viz: William Van Wie £1:13:3 ; Tefta Stensel £2:10:3 John Ostrander and Jacob Kidney £1:16; Gerrit T. Visscher 15s. 8d John Gansevoort £2:4; Benjamin Howey SIM; John Barclay £5 Peter Van Deusen £3:14; Gerrit Hallenbeck £2:8; Arent Van Deusen £3:18; Henry Van Wie £1:9:9; Abraham Bogart £2:5:3; Walter Angus and William Brooks AB.

Frederick Clute appeared before this Board and desired them to make an abatement of the rents claimed by them from him for Lands at Tionnonderoga, by reason of his having been repeatedly interrupted by the Mohawk Indians in the possession and cultivation of those Lands, and as this Board is well convinced of the truth of such representation and justness of such request, it is Resolved that an abatement be made of £20.


At a Common Council held at the City Hall of the City of Albany on Tuesday the 6th day of February, 1776.

Resolved that the Clerk draw orders on the Treasurer to pay the following ace11 : John Hall 12s; Patrick Ryan 12s.

Likewise to pay John Flansburgh £10, which sum he has advanced for the service of the Corporation. Also an order for three Schipples wheat for J. Radliff.

February 12. Resolved that the Clerk draw orders to pay the following accounts: Thomas Hun Esq. £3:18; Gerrit Whitbeck 12s.; Thomas Hilton £1:4:6.

Whereas this Board had intended this day to have exposed to sale at public Vendue the Docks and Wharfs for the ensuing year, but on the application of some of the Skippers and by reason of the publick Confusion and the unhappy state of the Country at this time, this Board have Resolved to postpone such sale to a future day.

It is Resolved that the following Ordinances be renewed and revised. Name as at page 261.]

March 2. Resolved by this Board that the Clerk draw orders on the Treasurer to pay the following accounts: John Roff £1:16; John Hall and Phil. Elsworth 16s.; Frederick Gerritse 16s; William Mackintosh 8s.

Resolved that the assise of Bread for the next ensuing three months be as follows: Flour at 16s. per hundred a Loaf of Bread at four Coppers to weigh lib. 13oz., and that Barent Staats Jun. be the inspector or viewer of Bread for the ensuing year.

As Mr. Jacob Van Schaick in behalf of Nicholas Brewer informs this Board that he is willing to decline the Deeds for the two Lots in this City agreed to be conveyed to said Brewer, in consideration whereof the said Brewer is willing to pay this Board £6:8. It is resolved that such proposal be accepted of. And as Mr. Stewart Dean now applys for Deeds of the same two Lots of ground on the consideration whereon the same were to be conveyed to said Brewer, it is resolved that the Clerk draw Deeds accordingly and present them to the Board at the next meeting of Com: Council in order that the same may be executed.

Resolved that the Treasurer of this Board call on Mr. Jacob Van Schaick for the above sum of £6:8 and give his receipt for the same.

March 23. Resolved that the Clerk draw orders on the Treasurer to pay the following acei": Jacob Bleecker £2:11; John J. Bleecker £5:2; John Hood 8s.

This Board received a request from the Committee of this City which is in the following words:

Albany Committee Chamber 9th March, 1776.

This Committee last Summer from a just sense of the necessity of preserving the tranquility of this City did establish a Night Watch, by reason whereof the Corporation were eased of the Expence of maintaining the slender Guard then existing, consequently part of the money raised by Tax on the Inhabitants of this City for the professed purpose of a Watch remains in their hands undisposed of.

As this Committe have necessarily incurred an expense in repairing a Watch House and furnishing it with wood and candles, therefore Resolved that the account of such expence hitherto accrued he laid before the Corporation and that they be requested to discharge the same out of the money raised as aforesaid.

Extract from the Minutes.

Mat Visscher, Secy.

Whereupon it is resolved by this Board that the Aldermen of each respective ward do as soon as possible take the sence or opinion of the Citizens on the Subject in writing and that they make report at the next Common Council, and if in case it shall then appear that a Majority of the Citizens do consent and agree to such request of said Committee then this Board will give comply with said request and grant an order on the Treasurer for that purpose.

Resolved by this Board that the Treasurer sell the wheat belonging to the Corporation at 4s. "$ Skipple, reserving only 200 Skipple; that every person to whom this Board is indebted may have nine Skipples of wheat at the above price towards their Debt out of the said 200 Skipples.

At a Common Council held at the City Hall of the City of Albany on Monday 25 March, 1776—Present, the Mayor, Recorder, Guy' G. Marsells, Peter W. Yates, Thomas Hun, Abraham Ten Eyck, Abraham Schuyler, Arie Lcgrange.

This Board have agreed with Mr. Abraham J. Yates that he is to be Dock Master for the ensuing year and that he collect the Dock money agreeable to the Ordinance in that case made and provided, and that he have for said service £15, and that he give Bonds in the sum of £100 for the faithful performance.

This Board have appointed Joseph Yates inspector of Bread for the ensuing year instead of Barent Staats who declined and do allow him £b for his trouble.

[There is a hiatus here in the Minutes, by which it would seem that the meetings of the Common Council were suspended two years. On the 17th February, 1778, the legislature passed "An act to remove doubts concerning the corporation of the city of Albany," which recites that, whereas the inhabitants did not at the proper period, owing to the confusion of the times occasioned by the calamities of the war, elect their aldermen in strict conformity with the charter, nor appoint their officers; and on account of the establishment of independent and the change of government in this state in consequence thereof, the members of the said corporation could not take the usual oaths, by reason whereof doubts might arise, as well to the prejudice of the estates, rights, &c. of the inhabitants, as concerning the validity of the election, and the authority of the magistrates; "for the removal whereof, and to the end that all and singular the said estates, &c. may remain as good, valid and unimpeached in the law as the same were at and immediately before the 19th day of April, 1775, and that the said magistrates and other members, may exercise their several offices and functions without any legal or other let, hindrance or impediment whatsoever," the charter and all the rights of the corporation which they held on the 19th of April, 1775, were confirmed, notwithstanding nonuseror misuser between the 18th April, 1775, and the 1st March, 1778; and all the magistrates and members of the corporation were declared able to exercise their several offices, and to appoint such officers as ought to have been appointed on the anniversary day prescribed in the charter, notwithstanding the want of conformity in the election or appointments. The mayor and other officers were required as soon as possible to meet at the City Hall, or some other convenient place in the city, to qualify by taking the oaths, before entry on the exercise of their offices. It is presumed that the committee of safety exercised the functions of the common council in the mean time.]

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