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1666 Op den 7 sten January heeft syn rekeningen
gedaen Stoffel Jansen van het verleden Jaer
161 een blyft aen obligatien . . 161

en aen quadt zeewant ... 61

aen goet zeewant . . .1

aen silver gelt .... 6

ji Zey be dancken Heere Stoffel Jansen wy on

dersch Kerchenraden van Nieuw Albanien
van zyne goeden dienst
Noog aen silvegelt Gideon Schaets

1 st. 16 pen. Predikant van Nieuw Albanie

Noog 64 gulder Abram Staus

aen verschooten Philip Pietersen Schuyler

gelt t ontfangen Jacob Schermerhoeren

11666 On this 1st of January Stoffel Jansen [Abeel] has nndered his a'ou. for the past year, 166*

11 showing that there remains in obligations 161
and in bad seawant . . .61
in good seawant . . .1

1 in specie . . . .6
We the undersigned consistory of the church of

in New Albany render thanks to Mr. Stoffel
Jansen [Abeel] for his good service.

Gideon Schaets,

Pastor in N. Albany.
Abraham Staats,
Philip Pietersen Schuyler,
Jacob Schermerhorn.

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Since the foregoing pages were printed, the following errors has been discovered:

Page 2, lines 12 and 22 from top. for 1056 read 1B53.

{"age 5, line 3, should read To small beer at Uncle Peter's.

1 age 5, line 8, Arend I find In Weruinck's Dictionary translated Arnold. Occurs

Page 5, lines 11, and lfi, Basse Pietcrs (not Petersen) may have been a superintend-
ent in the almshouse, or something higher in social position I linn his fellow
inmates, and therefore called Baas, our boss, or master. It occurs often

Page 5, line 13, for Pelupen read PhUippus.

Page 10, line 6, for read from.

Pago 10, line 17, for Hendersen read Hendricksen.

1 age 13, line 5, from bottom, for Stundam. read Steendam.

I age 14, line 2, for coarse read unbleached. This occurs elsewhere.

Page 14, line 6, for to read from Rlnckliout,

Page 14, line 12, omit to.

Page 14, line 25, read To Karsten Smit for a hingepin.

Page 14, 2d line from bottom, for the shroud, read one.

Pago 17, line 13, read Lcnne Roberts took the child of Karsten Norman to nurse for one year at 35o. a month; If the child die she shall have, &c.

Page 18, line 1, for Receipts read Disbursement*.

Page 18, line 8, for DereCqtuere Dirksen.

Page 18, line 0, for Ethers read Alberfsen.

Page 18, line 10, for 8M. read Hell, for Kinder mand, read baby bankets.

Page 18, Hue IB, read 1 petty coat which stood in pawu for 2 schcpcls of corn.

Page 18, line 20, read 1 gown which stood in pawn, &c.

Page 21, line 5, a sliver— the value is unknown.

Page 21, line 19, road boy of Karsten Norman living with Jan Toms.

Page 22, lino fi. for Jlobersen read Roberto.

Page 22, line 18, Paid Teuuis Steboe as auctioneer at the sale of Karsten Norman's
wife's petticoat.

Page 22, line 20, for cup read copy.

Page 24, line 13, read These are exclusive of the bonds taken this year.

Page 24, line 28. read Anthony Jansen debet for a petticoat and gown of Karsten
Jsorman's wife of blessed memory.

Page 21, line 24, for Frans read Frances.

Page 24, line 25, for he read she.

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The Records were kept this year by Jacob Schermerhooren. His orthography is somewhat different from that of his predecessor. He writes Sondaegh, or Woensdacgh in de kerck versanielt.

January. The receipts were 340 gilders, 17 stivers. Collections were taken up on five Sundays. The names of Symen do Backer and Pieter Bronck are mentioned. The disbursements were 188^. list. A barrel of venison cost 60 gilders, and a pound of cotton 35 stivers.

February. Receipts 146:11. Jan Pruyn had the small pall. Expenses 164:15. Gerret Banker was paid 34</. for a blanket, which was loaned to Zacharias for a year. Hans Dreper was paid 9:6 for 1J ells blue linen for children's aprons (schorteldoeckyes). Lowys 1:4 for a bag (sytasy) for Swcer. 10</. for a bunch of hooks and eyes (rist haaken en oogen) for children's jackets (borsrockyes) a sort of under vest not worn now. Hendrick Cuyler (Kuiler) lbg. for making children's clothes.

March. Receipts 203:10. Wynant Gerritsen had the small pall. Tunis Jacobsen paid 3g. rent for the attic of the church (hner van de solder van de kerck). 5:12 was received from the Captain's corporalship (capteins corperaih schap). Expenses 101:19. 20g. was paid Cornelis Cornelisen for drawing 4 loads of firewood for Jan Hargas. Some wounded Frenchmen were twice served with venison.

April. Receipts 272:7. From Jan Timmer llg., and from Martin Hees, laborer (schoefters), 10g. for the large pall. Expenses 88:15. Peter Bogardus was paid 8:15 for 25 panes of glass for the almshouse. Baesye Pieters, Huisbert Jansen and Weelden's child Frans were recipients of wheat and corn.

May. Collections in the church on five Sundays 196:19, and a small silver coin. Expenses 108:10. Claes Van Rotterdam was paid ig. for 27 tiles for the poor house, and Jochem the baker 3g. for bread used at the sacrament.

June. Receipts 268:4. On ascension day (hemel vaerts dagli) 15:6; from the sheriff for the fine of Cobus the runner (looper) 33:7; from Long Mary for the large pall 10g., and from Jacob Plodder for the small pall bg. Expenses 141:10. A French prisoner received a coat and blanket, 36g. Pieter the chorister received 12g. for inviting to the funeral and digging the grave of Hubert Jansen's child.

July. Receipts 380:1. Heman Bogardus and Andries de Noorman each paid for the large pall. Peter Jacobsen paid 31</. postage on letters received from Holland. Daniel Passer paid lOO^r. towards the expenses incurred for him during his sickness, and mortgaged his house at Schenectady for the remainder. Expenses 472:10. Dr. Cornelius Van Dyck was paid 100^. for a year's salary as physician to the almshouse, and 120</. for curing (genesen) Uldrick. An anker of Spanish wine for the communion cost 10Sg.

.August. Receipts on five Sundays 172:6. Expenses 85:7. Margery Deckers was paid 15</. for 3} ells blue linen fjr aprons and wrappers {schorteldoeckyes en Iuyers) for Karsten de Norman's children. These were neither pinning blankets, nor diapers, nor clouts, but a sort of swaddling clothes not now in use in this country. They were usually made of flannel.



Fioai the Dutch Church oflG56.

Copied from the original in the possession of the Family.

Vert a falcon m'A hooded, breasted, beaked and membered or, perched upon the dexter hand of the falconer, issuing from the sinister side of the shield.—The arm clothed or.— Surmounted by a helmet of steel standing in profile open-faced, and agardevisure of five bars or. bordered and flowered of the same, and ornamented with its lambrequins or lined vert.—Crest a falcon of the shield on a mount vert.

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