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8. The expense of establishing factory manner, the union of the and repairing the dikes shall be Netherlands with Holland, under supplied by the districts which the dominion of the House of are most directly interested in Orange; the said sum to be furthat part of the public service, re- nished by Great Britain as its serving the obligation of the na- quota, not being to exceed three tion in general to furnish assist- million pounds sterling. ance in case of extraordinary disasters. The tax is to be rais- Convention between Great Britain, ed in the same mode as is now

the Netherlands, and Russia, used in Holland.

signed at London, the 9th of These eight Articles have been

May 1815, relating to the Exguaranteed by Prussia, Austria,

penses incurred by the Allies in Russia, and England.

carrying on the War against

France. Additional Article to the Conven

1. His Majesty, the King of tion between His Britannic Majesty and the United Provinces

the Netherlands, engages to take of the Netherlands, dated upon himself the payment of a London, Aug. 1, 1814.

part of the capital, and the inter

est which shall be due on the 1st In order to provide more effectually for the defence of the loan made in Holland, through

of January, 1816, on the Russian State formed by the union of the the agency of the house of Hope & Belgic Provinces with Holland, Co., to the amount of 23,000,000 his Britannic Majesty takes upon of forins of Dutch currency. himself, and engages to defray The annual interest of this sum, the following expenses :

together with the annual payment 1. The payment of one million for the extinction of the debt pounds sterling to Sweden, as a which it created, shall be defraycompensation for rights yielded ed by his Majesty, and shall beby that country to Holland. come a charge of the Kingdom of

2. A sum of $2,000,000 to the Netherlands. be employed in concert with the His Britannic Majesty engages Prince Sovereign of the Nether- on his part to recommend to his lands, and in aid of an equal Parliament to place him in a consum to be furnished by that Prince, dition to take upon himself an upon the augmentation and for- equal share of the capital of the tification of a line of defences for above-named loan, payable in the the Netherlands.

same manner. To support conjointly, and in

2. The said payments on the equal portions with Holland, such part of their Majesties, the King ulterior expenses as shall be mu- of the Netherlands and the King tually regulated and agreed upon of Great Britain, shall cease, in by the above-named high con- case the possession and sovetracting parties and their allies, reignty, which God forbid, of the for the purpose of consolidating Belgic Provinces should pass or and establishing finally, in a satis- be separated a day from the do

minion of His Majesty the King 1. A part of the pecuniary inof the Netherlands before the demnity paid by France, being perfect liquidation of that debt. intended to strengthen the line of

The interest to be paid every defence of the States which limit year by each of these Powers is France, the King of the Nether1,250,000 forins. The sinking lands shall receive for that object fund is 250,000 forins more. 60,000,000 of francs.

2. He undertakes to employ Treaty between the Netherlands that sum on the works necessary

and the Allies, (Great Britain, for the defence of the frontiers of Austria, Prussia, and Russia) bis States, conformably to the dated

system adopted by the Allied

Vienna, May 31, 1815.

3. He renounces his quota of 3. The ancient Duchy of Lux- the general indemnity, and gives embourg is ceded to the King of it up to Austria and Prussia. the Netherlands, to be possessed 4. Owing to the intervention in perpetuity and in full sovereign- of England, he cedes to the King ty. This great Duchy shall form of Prussia the right of naming the one of the States of the Germanic Governor and Commandant of Confederation, of which the King Luxembourg, and consents to it of the Netherlands shall also be a so long as the general garrison, member.

which each party furnishes, shall The town of Luxembourg shall be composed of three fourths of be considered, in a military point Prussian troops, and one fourth of of view, as a fortress of the Ger- Belgic troops, without that cession manic Confederation. The King impairing in any respect his right of the Low Countries shall, how- of sovereignty over the town and ever, have the right to name the fortress of Luxembourg. Governor and Military Command- 5. The administration of jusant of that Province, liable to the tice, the collection of taxes and approval of the Executive power contribution of every description, of the Confederation, and to such as well as every other branch of other conditions as it shall be the civil administration of Luxemjudged necessary to establish, in bourg, remain exclusively in the conformity with the future Con- hands of His Majesty, the King stitution of the said Confedera- of the Netherlands. tion.

By another convention, the By another Treaty of the 12th force of the garrison of Luxemof March, 1817, of the same bourg are to amount to 6000 men. King, with the same Courts, the The Guard Bourgeoise is unfollowing modifications were in- der the authority of the King of troduced :

the Netherlands.


Greek Protocol, Feb. 3, 1830.

Official copy of the Conference held tatives of the Powers — parties to

at London, in the Foreign Office. the treaty aforesaid, to subscribe Present, the Plenipotentiaries of France, entirely to all the determinations Great Britain, and Russia.

which the conference at London Ar the opening of the confer- may decide

on relative to its exence, the Plenipotentiaries of his ecution.' The reading of this Britannic Majesty, and of his most document caused a unanimous Christian Majesty, expressed to recognition of the obligation which the Plenipotentiary of his Impe- the Alliance was under, to prorial Majesty, their wish to be in- ceed, in the first place, to the formed in what point of view he immediate establishment of an considered the tenth article of armistice by land and sea, between the treaty recently signed at the Turks and Greeks. It is Adrianople, between Russia and resolved, in consequence, that the Ottoman Einpire — an article the Plenipotentiaries of the three which has respect to the affairs of Courts at Constantinople, their Greece. The Plenipotentiary of Residents in Greece, and the Adhis Imperial Majesty declared that mirals in the Archipelago, shall the tenth article of the treaty in receive, without delay, an order question did not invalidate the to demand and obtain from the rights of the Allies of the Empe- contending parties, a prompt and ror, shackle the deliberations of entire cessation of hostilities. the Ministers assembled in con- To this effect, instructions were ference at London, nor place any agreed upon, and issued to the obstacles in the way of the ar- aforesaid Plenipotentiaries and rangements which the three Courts Residents, and also to the three should by common consent ad- Admirals, for the re-establishment judge to be most useful, and best of peace between Russia and the

, adapted to circumstances. After Porte, permitting the Russian this declaration, the Plenipotentia- Admiral to take part in the operary of his Britannic Majesty pro- tions of his colleagues of England duced to the conference a joint de- and France. The first resoluspatch, in which the Ambassadors tions being agreed upon, the Memof Great Britain and France at bers of the Conference, finding Constantinople transmitted a de-' that the Ottoman declarations claration of the Porte, dated 9th placed them in the position of of September, announcing that concerting such measures as to the Porte, having already adhered them should appear preferable to to the Treaty of London, now adopt in the actual state of affairs, promises and engages, in addition, and being desirous of adding to in the presence of the Represen- the anterior dispositions of the

Alliance such ameliorations as Third. The Government of might be most conducive to the Greece shall be monarchical and assuring new pledges for the sta- hereditary, by order of primogenbility of the peace about which iture; it shall be confided to a they were employed, have, by Prince who shall not be selected common consent, issued the fol- from the reigning families of the lowing clauses :

States subscribing to the Treaty First. Greece shall form an of the 6th July, 1827, and who independent state, and shall enjoy shall bear the title of Sovereign all the rights, political, administra- Prince of Greece. The choice tive, and commercial, attached to of this Prince shall be the subject complete independence.

of ulterior communications and Second. In consideration of stipulations. these advantages granted to the Fourth. As soon as the clauses new State, and in deference to of the present Protocol shall have the wish expressed by the Porte been communicated to the parties to obtain a reduction of the fron- interested, peace between the Ottiers fixed by the Protocol of the toman Empire and Greece shall 220 March, the line of demarca- be considered as ipso facto estabtion of the Grecian boundaries, lished; and the subjects of the commencing at the mouth of the two states shall be reciprocally River Aspropotamos, shall run up treated, as respects the rights of that river as high as the Lake commerce and navigation, as those d'Anghelo Castro, crossing which, of other States at peace with the as well as those of Vrachori and Ottoman Empire and with Greece. Saurovitza, it shall abut to Mount Fifth. Acts of Amnesty, full Artolina, whence it shall follow and entire, shall be immediately the crest of Mount Olta, as far as published by the Ottoman Porte the Gulf of Zeitoun, whence it and the Greek Government. reaches the mouth of the Sperchio. The Act of Amnesty of the All the lands and territories situate Porte shall 'proclaim that no to the south of this line which Greek in the whole extent of its the conference has specially in- dominions shall be deprived of dicated, shall belong to Greece; bis property, or disturbed in conand all the lands and territories to sequence of any part he may have the north of the same line shall taken in the Greek insurrection. continue to form part of the Ot- The Act of Amnesty of the toman empire. The whole island Greek Government shall proclaim of Negropont and the isles Du the same principle in favor of all Diable shall equally belong to Mussulmans or Christians who Greece, together with the island shall have taken part against its of Skyro and those anciently cause; and it shall be, moreover, comprised under the name of the understood and published, that all Cyclades, situate between 36 and Mussulmans who shall wish to con39 degrees of north latitude, and tinue to inhabit the territories and 26 and 29 degrees of longitude islands assigned to Greece, shall, from the meridian of Greenwich. together with their families, enjoy

invariably the most perfect secu- Ninth. In order to avoid the rity.

collisions which can hardly fail, Sixth. The Ottoman Porte under existing circumstances, to shall grant to such of its Greek arise from a contact between the subjects as shall desire to quit the Commissioners for the Greek deTurkish territory the delay of a marcation, when they shall be year, for the purpose of disposing engaged in tracing out the Greof their property, and free egress cian frontiers, it is agreed that from the country:

The Greek this task shall be confided to BritGovernment shall afford the same ish, French, and Russian Comliberty to the inhabitants of Greece missioners, and that each of the who shall wish to transport them- three Courts shall nominate one. selves into the Turkish territories. These Commissioners, furnished

Seventh. . All the Grecian with similar instructions, shall forces, both by land and sea, shall trace out the above-mentioned evacuate the territories, places frontier, following with all possible and islands which they may occu- accuracy the line indicated in the py beyond the line assigned as second article; they shall mark the limits of Greece in the 2d this line by boundary posts, and Article, and shall retire within shall draw up two papers, signed the same line with the least possi- by themselves, one of which shall ble delay. All the Turkish troops, be transmitted to the Ottoman by land and sea, which occupy government, the other to that of territories, places or islands com- Greece. They shall be directed prised within the limits above- to complete their labors within mentioned, shall evacuate those the space of six months. In case islands, places and territories, and of any difference of opinion beretire within the limits aforesaid, tween the Commissioners, the and equally with the least possible majority of votes shall decide. delay.

Tenth. The provisions of the Eighth. Each of the three present Protocol shall be immediCourts shall retain the power as- ately transmitted to the Ottoman sured to it by the 6th Article of government by the Plenipotentiathe Treaty of 6th July, 1827, of ries of the three Courts, who guarantying, in concert, the pre-. shall be furnished with common ceding clauses. The execution and joint instructions to this effect. of carrying into effect of these The Residents in Greece belongdifferent acts shall become, pur- ing to the three Courts reserve to suant to the aforesaid Article, the themselves the power of inserting subject of ulterior stipulations the present stipulations in a formal between the high contracting par- treaty, to be signed at London, ties. No troops belonging to to be considered as carrying into either of the high contracting execution that of the 6th July, parties shall enter the territory of 1827, and to be communicated to the new State without the consent the European Courts, with an inof the other two subscribers to vitation to them to accede to it, if the Treaty.

they shall think proper.

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