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antees necessary to liberty, strong On returning to the city of Paand durable. The re-establish- ris, I wore with pride those gloriment of the National Guard, with ous colors which you have resumthe intervention of the National ed, and which I myself long wore. Guards in the choice of the offi- The Chambers are going to cers. The intervention of the assemble; they will consider of citizens in the formation of the the means of securing the reign departmental and municipal ad- of the laws and the maintenance ministrations. The jury for the of the rights of the nation. transgressions of the press : the The Charter will henceforward legally authorized responsibility of be a truth. the ministers, and the secondary

Louis PHILLIPE D'ORLEANS. agents of the administration. The situation of the military legally Ordinances of the Lieutenant secured. The re-election of General of the Kingdom. Deputies appointed to public of

Paris, August 1. fices we shall give at length to our

Art. 1. The French nation reinstitutions, in concert with the sumes its colors. No other cockhead of the State, the develop- ade shall hereafter be worn than ment of which they have need. the tri-colored.

Frenchmen! The Duke of Or- 2. The Commissioners chargleans himself has already spoken, ed principally with the several and bis language is that which is Departments of the Ministry, suitable to a free country. The shall provide each, as far as he is Chambers,' says he, are going concerned, for the execution of to assemble; they will consider the present Ordinance. of means to insure the reign of

Louis PHILLIPE D'ORLEANS. the laws, and the maintenance of the rights of the nation. The Ordinances of the Lieutenant Charter will henceforward be a

General of the Kingdom. truth.'

Paris, August 2.

Art. 1. The condemnations anParis, July 31, (Noon.)

nounced for political offences of Inhabitants of Paris ! The the press remaio without effect. Deputies of France, at this mo- 2. The persons confined for 'ment assembled at Paris, have such offences are to be immediexpressed to me the desire that I ately set at liberty. They are should repair to this capital, to also relieved from fines and other exercise the functions of Lieuten- expenses, with the single excepant General of the Kingdom.

tion of the duty. I have not hesitated to come The proceedings instituted up and share your dangers, to place to the present day are to cease myself in the midst of your hero- immediately. ic population, and to exert all my

Louis PHILLIPE D'ORLEANS. efforts 10 preserve you from the The Provisional Commissary calamities of civil war and of an- of the Department of Justice, arcby.

DUPONT (de l'Eure.)

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Proclamation of the King.

We William, by the Grace of firmed to us the assurance that

God, King of the Netherlands, even when it is the most agitated, Prince of Orange, Nassau, it will preserve and proclaim its Grand Duke of Luxembourg, attachment to our dynasty, and to &c, to all whom these presents the national independence; and shall come, greeting :

however our hearts may be, afDivine Providence, which has flicted by the circumstances which deigned to accord to this King- have come to our knowledge, we dom fifteen years of peace with do not abandon the hope, that,

, the whole of Europe, internal with the assistance of Divine tranquillity and increasing pros- Providence (whose succor we inperity, has just visited the two voke upon this important and provinces with numberless calam- lamentable occasion) and the coities, and the quiet of many ad- operation of every well-disposed joining provinces has been either man, and the good citizens, in the troubled or menaced. At the different parts of the kingdom, first news of these disasters we we shall succeed in restoring orhasten to convoke an extraor- der, and re-establishing the agendinary meeting of the States cy of the legal powers and the General, which, according to the dominion of the laws. terms of the fundamental law, With this view, we calculate represents the whole people of upon the assistance of the States Belgium, in order to concert with General. We invite them to exthe Nobles the measures which amine whether the evils of which the state of the nation and the the country so loudly complains, present circumstances require. arise from any defect in the na

At the same time, our two be- tional institutions; and if it is loved sons, the Prince of Orange, possible to modify them, and parand Prince Frederick of the ticularly if the relations established Netherlands, were charged by by Treaties, and the fundamental us to proceed to those provinces, law between the two grand divisas well to protect, by the forces ions of the kingdom, should, with placed at their disposition, persons a view to the common interest, and property, as to assure them- be changed or modified. selves of the real state of things,

We desire that these important and to propose to use the mea- questions should be examined sures the be calculated to calm with care and perfect freedom ; the public mind. This mission, and we shall think no sacrifice executed with a humanity and a too great, when we have in view generosity of sentiment which the the fulfilment of the desires, and nation will appreciate, has con- to insure the happiness of the people, whose welfare has been their cause from that of the agitathe constant and assiduous object tors, and let their generous efforts of our care.

for the re-establishment of the But, disposed to concur with public tranquillity in those places frankness and fidelity, and, by the where it is still menaced, at last most comprehensive and decisive put a period tò evils so great, so measures, we are, nevertheless, that every trace of them may

be resolved to maintain with firmness effaced. the legitimate rights of all the The present shall be generally parts of the Kingdom, without published and posted up in the distinction, and only to proceed usual way, and inserted in the by regular methods, and conform- official journal. ably with the oaths which we have Done at the Hague, the 5th taken and received.

of September, of the year Belgians! Inhabitants of the 1830, and 17th of our reign. different divisions of this beautiful

WILLIAM country - more than once res- By the King : cued by Divine favor, and the

J. G. DE MEY DE STREEFKERK. union of the citizens, from the calamities to which it was deliv- The Speech delivered by the King ered up - wait with calmness and

of the Netherlands on opening confidence for the solution of the

the Extraordinary Session of important questions which circuin

the States General. stances have raised - second the The extraordinary meeting of efforts of legal authority, to main- your High Mightinesses, wbich I tain internal tranquillity, and the this day open, is, by the pressure execution of the laws where they of afflicting events, become an imhave not been disturbed, and to perative necessity. re-establish them where they have In peace and friendship with all suffered any obstruction – lend the nations of Europe, the Neyour aid to the law, so that in therlands saw also the war in the turn the law may protect your Colonial Possessions bappily endproperty, your industry, and your ed.


Peacefully it flourishedpersonal safety. Let differences by order, commerce, and indusof opinion vanish before the grow- try. I employed myself with the ing dangers of the anarchy, which, care of lightening the burthens in several districts, presents itself of the people, and in the home under the most hideous forms, department gradually in bringing and which, if it be not prevented, into action the improvements which or repressed by the means which experience had pointed out the fundamental law places at the when suddenly Brussels, and foldisposal of the Government, joined lowing her example, several other to those furnished by the zeal of places of the Kingdom, burst into the citizens, will strike irreparable rebellion, marked by scenes of blows at individual welfare and conflagration and plunder, of which the national prosperity. Let the the description to this assembly good citizens everywhere separate would be too afflicting for my

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heart, for the national feeling, and This question, nevertheless, canfor humanity.

not be resolved, except in the In expectation of the co-opera- forms prescribed by the same tion of your High Mightinesses, fundamental law, which we have whose assembling was my first solemnly sworn to observe. thought, without delay every mea- It will be the principal object sure dependent on me was taken of the deliberation of your High 10 stop the course of the evil, to Mightinesses. I desire that your protect the good intentioned from opinions may be formed, and that the bad, and to save the Nether- they may also be manifested with lands from civil war.

that calmness and perfect freedom To enter into the nature and which a question of so much impororigin of that which has taken tance requires. For my part, anplace --- to examine with your imated above all other sentiments, High Mightinesses its true charac- by a desire to insure the happiter, its tendency, and probable ness of the Belgiaus whom Proviconsequences - are less the inter- dence has confided to my care, I est of our country at this moment, am ready to concur with this Asthan to find the means by which sembly in any measures likely to the peace and order of the Gov- lead to it. ernment and laws may not only This meeting has also for its be temporarily renewed, but much object to acquaint you that cirmore durably fixed.

cumstances imperiously require But in the midst of the conflict that the Militia should remain of opinions, the excitation of embodied beyond the time during passion, and the different views which, by the terms of the fundaand interests which arise, it is a mental law, it ought to be annualvery difficult task, high and mighty ly exercised in arms. lords, to reconcile my wishes for The means of providing for the the happiness of all my subjects expenses which will result from with the obligation of oaths. I this measure, and many others invoke then all your wisdom - arising out of these fatal troubles, all your deliberation - all your will be found for the present in firmness - in order that, being the credit already opened. Its strengthened by the consent of the regulation shall be submitted to representatives of the nation, I your deliberations in the next Ormay take, in concert with them, dinary Session. the measures which the safety of Noble and Mighty Lords I the country requires.

rely upon your fidelity and patriIn more than one quarter an otism. opinion has been manifested that, Exposed before today to the to attain this object, it would be tempest of revolution, I shall neidesirable to proceed to a revision ther forget the courage, the atof the fundamental law, and even tachment, and the fidelity, which to a separation of the Provinces threw off the foreign yoke, rewhich Treaties and the Constitu- established the national existence, tion have united,

and placed the sceptre in my

minion of His Majesty the King 1. A part of the pecuniary inof the Netherlands before the demnity paid by France, being perfect liquidation of that debt. intended to strengthen the line of

The interest to be paid every defence of the States which limit year by each of these Powers is France, the King of the Nether1,250,000 florins. The sinking lands shall receive for that object fund is 250,000 florins more. 60,000,000 of francs.

2. He undertakes to employ Treaty between the Netherlands that sum on the works necessary

and the Allies, (Great Britain, for the defence of the frontiers of Austria, Prussia, and Russia) his States, conformably to the dated

system adopted by the Allied

Vienna, May 31, 1815.

3. He renounces his quota of
3. The ancient Duchy of Lux- the general indemnity, and gives
embourg is ceded to the King of it up to Austria and Prussia.
the Netherlands, to be possessed 4. Owing to the intervention
in perpetuity and in full sovereign- of England, he cedes to the King
ty. This great Duchy shall form of Prussia the right of naming the
one of the States of the Germanic Governor and Commandant of
Confederation, of which the King Luxembourg, and consents to it
of the Netherlands shall also be a so long as the general garrison,

which each party furnishes, shall The town of Luxembourg shall be composed of three fourths of be considered, in a military point Prussian troops, and one fourth of of view, as a fortress of the Ger- Belgic troops, without that cession manic Confederation. The King impairing in any respect his right of the Low Countries shall, how- of sovereignty over the town and ever, have the right to name the fortress of Luxembourg. Governor and Military Command- 5. The administration of jusant of that Province, liable to the tice, the collection of taxes and approval of the Executive power contribution of every description, of the Confederation, and to such as well as every other branch of other conditions as it shall be the civil administration of Luxemjudged necessary to establish, in bourg, remain exclusively in the conformity with the future Con- hands of His Majesty, the King stitution of the said Confedera- of the Netherlands. tion.

By another convention, the By another Treaty of the 12th force of the garrison of Luxemof March, 1817, of the same bourg are to amount to 6000 men. King, with the same Courts, the The Guard Bourgeoise is unfollowing modifications were in- der the authority of the King of troduced :

the Netherlands.


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