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Art. 1. Agreeable to the 15th, made proportionably to the num36th, and 30th articles of the ber of sections and to the total Constitution, the Chamber of De- number of electors of the college, puties will be composed only of having regard as much as possible Deputies of Departments. to the convenience of localities

2. The income necessary to and neighborhoods. constitute an elector and the 10. The sections of the electoincome necessary to constitute ral college of arrondissement may eligibility, shall be exclusively be assembled in different places. confined to sums for which the 11. Each section of the electelector and the eligible shall be oral college of arrondissement will personally enregistered in the rolls elect a candidate and proceed for imposition of direct and per- separately. sonal taxes in quality of proprietor

12. The Presidents of the secor tenant.

tion of the electoral college of 4. The Deputies will be elect- arrondissement will be named by ed and the Chamber will be re- the Prefects from among the opened in the form and for the electors of the arrondissement. time fixed by the 37th article of 13. The college of department the Constitution.

will elect the deputies. Half the 5. The electoral colleges will deputies of department must be be divided into colleges of ar- chosen from the general list of rondissements and colleges of de- candidates proposed by the colpartments, always excepting the leges of arrondissement; neverelectoral colleges of departments theless, if the number of deputies to which only one deputy is as- of department is odd, the division signed.

shall be made without reduction 6. The electoral colleges of of the right reserved to the colarrondissements will be composed lege of department. of all the electors who have their 14. In case, either in consepolitical domicile established in the quence of omissions of double arrondissement. The electoral nominations, or of nominations colleges of departments will be made void, the list of candidates, composed of one fourth of the proposed by the colleges of arronelectors paying the highest tax in dissement shall be incomplete if the department.

this list is thus reduced below the 7. The present limits of the half of the requisite number, the electoral colleges of arrondisse- college of department may elect ment are maintained.

one more deputy without reference 8. Each electoral college of to the list; if the list is reduced arrondissement will elect a num- below one fourth, the college of ber of candidates equal to the num- department may elect the whole ber of deputies of departments. number of the deputies of depart

9. The college of arrondisse- ment without reference to the lists. ment will be divided into as many 15. The Prefects, sub-prefects sections as it has a right to elect and general officers commanding candidates. This division will be the military divisions and the de

partments, are not eligible in the commanders will be held subject departments where they exercise to his request. their functions.

22. The elections in the col16. The list of electors will leges and sections of colleges will be determined by the prefect in be decided by an absolute majority council of prefature - it shall be of the whole numberof votes given. published five days before the Nevertheless, if the elections are meeting of the colleges.

not terminated after twice ballot17. Claims to the right of suf- ing, the bureau will determine the frage, not acknowledged by the list of those persons who shall have prefects, shall be determined by obtained the greatest number of the Chamber of Deputies at the suffrages at the second balloting. same time that they shall deter- It shall contain double the number mine upon the validity of the of names that there remain elecoperations of the colleges. tions to be made. At the third

18. In the electoral colleges of balloting the suffrages can only department the two eldest electors be given to the persons inscribed and the two electors paying the upon the list and the nomination highest taxes, shall perform the will be made by the relative mafunctions of scrutators the same jority rules will be observed in the sec- 23. The electors will vote by tions of the college of arrondisse- tickets, [bulletins deliste) each ment composed of more than fifty ticket will contain as many names electors. In the other sections of as there are elections to be made. the college, the functions of scru- 24. The electors will write tator will be exercised by the old- their vote at the bureau or they est and highest taxed of the elect- will cause it to be there written by ors. The secretary will be nam- the scrutators. ed in the college of the sections 25. The name, the qualificaof colleges, by the president and tions, and the residence of each scrutators.

elector, that deposits his ticket 19. No one will be admitted in or vote, shall be inscribed by the the college or section of college secretary upon a list destined to if he is not enrolled on the list of verify the number of voters. electors for said section. This 26. Each balloting shall be list will be given to the president, continued during six bours, and and will remain posted in the the votes shall be counted during chamber of sessions of said college the sessions. during its operations.

27. A statement of the result 20. All discussion or delibera- of each session shall be drafted. tion whatever in the electoral col- This statement shall be signed by leges is forbidden.

all the members of the bureau. 21. The police of the college 28. Conformably to the 46th is invested in the president. No article of the constitution, no armed force can, without his de- amendment can be made to a law mand, be placed in the vicinity of in the Chamber if it has been prothe place of sessions. Military posed or consented to by us, and

if it has not been returned to or 3. Our Minister of the Interior discussed in committee.

is charged with the execution of 29. All regulations opposed to the present ordinance. the present ordinance are annul- Given at our Palace of St led.

Cloud, the 25th of July, in 30. Our ministers are charged the year of our Lord 1830, with the execution of the present

and the sixth of our reign. ordinance.

CHARLES. Given at St Cloud, the 25th of By the King. July, in the year of our Lord The Minister of the Interior,

COUNT DE PEYRONNET. 1830, and the sixth of our reign.

CHARLES. Liberty of the Press Abolished. By the King :

Charles, by the grace of God, The President of the Council of Min- King of France and Navarre. isters,

Prince de Polignac. To all those to whom these presMinister of Justice,

ents may come, greeting : Upon CHANTELAUZE. Minister of the Marine,

the report of our Counsel of MinisBARON D'HZUSSEZ. ters, we have ordained and ordain Minister of the Interior,

as follows: COUNT DE PEYRONNET. Minister of the Finances,

Art. 1. The liberty of the press MONTBEL. The Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs is suspended. and of Public Instruction.

2. The regulations of the first, Count De Geurcon Ranville. second and ninth articles of the The Minister of Public Works,


1st section of the law of 21st

October, 1814, are in force : conCharles — By the Grace of sequently no journal

, periodical, God, King of France and Na- or semi-periodical publication, es

To all those to whom tablished, or to be established, these presents may come, greet- without regard to the matters ing: In accordance with the royal treated of, can appear either in ordinance, bearing date of this Paris, or in the departments, but day, relative to the organization of in virtue of authorization, obtainthe Electoral Colleges, upon the ed separately by the author and report of our Minister of the Inte- publisher. The authorization rior. We have ordained and or- must be renewed every three dain as follows:

months. It may be revoked. Art. 1. The Elector Colleges

3. This authorization may be shall assemble, namely, the elec- provisionally granted, withheld or toral colleges ofarrondissement, the withdrawn from the journals, pesixth of September next, and the riodical and semi-periodical works, electoral colleges of Department, now published, or which may the 18th of the same month. hereaster be published in the de

2. The Chamber of Peers and partments, by the Prefects. the Chamber of Deputies of De- 4. Journals and other writings, partment are convoked for the published in contravention of the 28th of the month of Sept. next. 2d article, will be immediately


seized. The presses and types, Dissolution of the Chamber of which served for their impression,

Deputies. will be placed under seal in a Charles, by the grace of God, public depot, or placed hors de King of France and Navarre. service.

To all those to whom these pres 5. No writing, under twenty ents may come, greeting : In sheets of impression can appear virtue of the fiftieth article of the in Paris, without authorization ob- Constitution, having been informtained from our Minister of the ed of the manæuvres practised in Interior and of the Prefects in many parts of our kingdom to the Departments. Writings pub- deceive and mislead the electors lished without authorization will during the last operations of the be immediately seized. The electoral colleges, our Council bepresses and types, which have ing heard, we have ordained and served for the impression will be do ordain : placed under seal in a public depot, or placed hors de service. Art. 1. The Chamber of Depu

6. The reports of trials and ties is dissolved. the memorials of literary and

2. Our Minister of the Interior scientific societies, if they treat is charged with the execution of entirely or in part of political this present ordinance. . matters, are subjected to the above-mentioned authorization, a

Given at St Cloud, the 25th case in wbich the articles pre

day of July, in the year of

our Lord 1830, and the scribed by article 5th, will be ap

sixth of our reign. plicable.

CHARLES. 7. All regulations opposed to

By the King : the present are declared null. 8. The present ordinance will

CH. DE PEYRONNET, be enforced in conformity to the

Minister of the Interior. 4th article of the ordinance of the 27th of November, 1815, and of

The Protest of the Deputies. that prescribed by the ordinance The undersigned regularly of the 18th of January, 1817. elected Deputies by the Colleges

9. Our Ministers are charged of Arrondissements, by virtue of with the execution of these pres- the Royal Ordinance of the ents.

and conformably to the ConstituGiven at our Palace of St tional Charter, and to the Laws

Cloud, this 25th of July, in relative to Electors of the — the year of our Lord eigh- and who are now at Paris, conteen hundred and thirty, and sider themselves as absolutely of our Sovereignty the sixth, obliged, by their duties and their

CHARLES. honor, to protest against the meaBy the King :

sures which the advisers of the PRINCE DE POLIGNAC,

Crown have lately caused to be President of the Council of Ministers. proclaimed for the overthrow of A power which

the legal system of the election Many Deputies are expected and the ruin of the liberty of the at Paris tomorrow or the day after. press. The same measures con- [Here follows a list of the names tained in the Ordinance of the of sixtyfour Deputies.]

-, are, in the opinion of the undersigned, directly contrary to Proclamation of the French Deputhe Constitutional rights of the

ties. Chainber of Peers, to the public Frenchmen! France is free! rights of the French, to the attri- Absolute power has raised its butes and to the decrees of the standard ; the heroic population tribunals, and calculated to throw of Paris has overthrown it. the State into confusion, which ris, attacked, has made the saequally endangers the peace of cred cause triumph by arms the present moment and the se- which had triumphed in vain in curity of the future.

the elections. In consequence, the under- usurped our rights and disturbed sigved, inviolably faithful to their our repose, threatened at once oath, protest, in concert, not only liberty and order. We return to against the said measures, but the possession of order and liberagainst all the acts which may ty. There is no more fear for result from them.

acquired rights, no more barrier And considering, on the one between us and the rights which hand, that the Chamber of Depu- we still want. A Government ties, not having been constituted, which may without dismay secure could not be legally dissolved; on to us these advantages, is now the other, that the attempt to form the first want of our country. a new Chamber of Deputies in a Frenchmen! Those of your novel and arbitrary manner, is di- Deputies who are already at Parectly opposed to the Constitu- ris have assembled, and, till the tional Charter, and to the acquir-Chambers can regularly intered rights of the electors, the un- vene, they have invited a Frenchdersigned declare that they still man, who has never fought but consider themselves as legally for France, the Duke of Orleans, elected to the Deputation by the to exercise the functions of LieuColleges of the Arrondissements tenant General of the Kingdom. and Departments, whose suffrages This is, in their opinion, the they have obtained, and as inca- surest means promptly to accompable of being replaced, except plish by peace the success of the by virtue of elections made ac- most legitimate defence. The cording to the principles and Duke of Orleans is devoted to forms prescribed by the laws. the national and constitutional And if the undersigned do not cause. He has always defended effectively exercise the rights, nor its interests and professed its prinperform all duties which they de- ciples. He will respect our rive from their legal election, it rights, for he will derive his own is because they are hindered by from us.

We shall secure to absolute violence.

ourselves, by laws, all the guar

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