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SIR-The sentiments

you put an end to the war in the communicate in the name of the East. Peers of France, are so much the May the unhappy people whom more grateful to me as they prove your generous succor has snatched that the Chamber has perfectly from apparently inevitable destrucunderstood and felt the tenor tion, ultimately find that the proof my speech. I rely up- tection which your Majesty reon you, gentlemen, as you also serves for them, will secure their ought to rely on my immovable independence, their strength and resolution, and I doubt not, in their liberty. conformity with your assurances, We earnestly pray, Sire, for the that the two Chambers will com- success of the measures which you bine with me to give security and are taking, in concert, with your permanence to the happiness of allies, to effect the reconciliation my people.

of the Princes of the House of

Braganza. "It is an object worthy Address of the Chamber of Depu- of your Majesty's solicitude, to ties.

put an end to the evils by which The address was prepared in Portugal is afflicted, without ina Select Committee on the 12th fringing the sacred principles of and 13th of March, and on the legitimacy, which should be pre15th and 16th it was discussed in served inviolable for kings no less the Chamber with great warmth. than for their people. The Address was carried,

Your Majesty had suspended Ayes 222, Noes 180. Majority, the effects of your resentment 42.

against a Barbary Power ; but

you have not deemed it expedient SIRE, — It is with lively grati- longer to delay requiring signal tude that your faithful subjects, reparation for the insult offered to the Deputies of the Departments, your Majesty's flag. We shall assembled round your Throne, respectfully await the communihave heard from your august cation which your Majesty will mouth the gratifying expressions of doubtless cause to be laid before the confidence you place in them. us on a subject of such high imHappy in being able to inspire portance. your Majesty with this sentiment, Sire, whenever it shall become they will render themselves worthy necessary to defend the dignity of of it by the inviolable fidelity of your Crown and to protect the which they here renew the re- commerce of France, you may spectful homage, and which they rely on the support and devotedwill further deserve by the loyal ness of your people. performance of their duties.

The Chamber will readily conWe rejoice with you, Sire, at cur in any measures which your the events which have consolida- Majesty shall purpose, for improvted the peace of Europe, strength- ing

the condition of superannuated ened the concord already estab- soldiers. Such laws as may be lished between your Majesty and laid before the Chamber relative your Allies,

and which have to the judicial department, and the internal policy of the kingdom ing virtues. Sire, this people will be considered with the most cherish and respect your authority. careful attention.

Fifteen years of peace and liberty The diminution in the revenue, which they owe to your august to which your Majesty has reser- brother and yourself, have prored, is a fact, the importance of foundly rooted in their hearts the which we duly feel. Our utmost sentiment of gratitude by which endeavors will be employed in they are actuated towards your investigating the cause of the pub- family. Their reason, matured lic distress, of which it is a symp- by experience and by freedom of tom.

discussion, teaches, that in matters Your Majesty bạs commanded of regal authority, antiquity of a a w project to be presented to possession is the most sacred of the Chamber, relative to the Pub- all titles; and that it is no less for lic Debt and Sinking Fund. Such their happiness than your glory, projects will call forth our utmost that remote ages have placed solicitude ; both on account of the your throne in a region inaccessiimportant questions which they ble to storms. Their conviction involve, and of the necessity of is in accordance with their duty maintaining a due balance between when they consider the sacred the different interests which are rights of your Crown as the surest concerned therein. An equitable guarantee of public liberty, and and judicious organization of public the integrity of your prerogatives credit will be a powerful means of as necessary for its preservation. prosperity for France, and will Nevertheless, Sire, in the midst afford your Majesty a new claim of those unanimous sentiments of to the gratitude of your subjects. respect and affection entertained

But for the accomplishment of by the French people for your this intended benefit a condition Majesty's person, there exists a is required without which, it strong feeling of disquiet, disturbwould remain unproductive. This ing the security which France had condition is freedom from unea- began to enjoy, tainting the source siness with respect to the future, of her prosperity, and which, if which is the most solid basis of prolonged, might become fatal to credit and the first want of indus- her peace. Obeying the dictates try.

of conscience and honor, and We, the Deputies of the De- bound by the oath of allegiance partments, collected here, in obe- which we have taken, and are redience to your call, from all parts solved to maintain, we feel it inof your kingdom, lay before your cumbent on us to disclose the Majesty the universal homage of cause of this general uneasiness. a faithful people, still filled with Sire, the Charter which we owe emotion at having beheld in you to the wisdom of your august prethe most beneficent of all, in the decessor, and whose benefits your midst of universal benevolence, Majesty has the firm resolution to and revering in you the accom- consolidate, consecrates as a right, plished model of ihe most affect- the intervention of the people in


deliberations on public interests. harmony which is a first and ne- This intervention ought to be, cessary condition for the strength as it is in fact, mediate, wisely of the Throne and the greatness tempered and circumscribed with of France. in limits accurately defined, which we will never suffer to be

To this Address bis Majesty transgressed. But this right of

But this right of was pleased to make the following intervention is positive in its object, inasmuch as it renders the concur- Gentlemen, I have beard the rence of the views of your Gov- Address which you have just read ernment with the wishes of your to me, on the part of the Chamber people, an indispensable condition of Deputies. I should have relied for the regular course of public on the concurrence of the two affairs. Sire, our loyalty, our Chambers, for effecting the good devotedness to your Majesty, which I had contemplated, in orcompel us to state that this con- der to consolidate the happiness currence does not exist.

of iny people. I am grieved to An unfounded distrust of the hear from the Deputies that this sentiments, and of the judgment concurrence does not exist. of your people, is the prevailing In my speech on the opening of thought of your Majesty's Govern- the Chambers, I made known my ment. This fact is a cause of resolutions; they are unalterable. affliction and offence to your peo- The interests of my people forbids ple. They are uneasy because me to depart from them. My their liberties are menaced. Ministers shall make you acquaintThis distrust cannot reside in ed with


will. your noble heart : No, Sire, France is not more desirous of prorogued the Chambers to the

Only three days after, the King anarchy than is your Majesty of despotism. She deserves that you shall believe in her loyalty, as, on the other hand, she has Royal Proclamation. faith in your promises.

CHARLES by the Grace of God, May the exalted wisdom of &c. your Majesty pronounce between Frenchmen!- The last Chamthose who are wholly unacquaint- ber of Deputies misconstrued my ed with public sentiment, and intentions. I had a right to reckon those who, with a thorough know- upon their concurrence with me ledge and deep conviction of that in accomplishing the good I had sentiment, lay at the feet of your in contemplation - they refused Majesty the aggrieved feelings of it to me! As the Father of my a people jealous of the esteem people, my heart was afflicted ; and of the confidence of their as a King, I felt myself insulted. King. The royal prerogative bas I pronounced the Dissolution of placed in the hands of your Ma- that Chamber. jesty the means of maintaining, Frenchmen!-- Your prosperity between the different branches of is my glory- your welfare is the legislature, that constitutional mine. At the moment when the

ist Sept.


Electorial Colleges are about to be interests, shall not be compromisopened at every point of my king- ed, any more than your liberties. dom, you will listen to the voice I watch with equal vigilance over of your king.

the one and the other. To maintain the Constitutional Electors, hasten to your ColCharter, and the institutions it has leges. Let no reprehensible negfounded, has been, and ever shall ligence deprive them of your prebe, the object of my endeavors. sence! Let one sentiment animate

But to obtain this end, I ought you all - let one standard be to exercise freely, and cause re- your rallying point! spect to be shown to those sacred It is your King who demands rights that are the appanage of this of you; it is a Father who my crown.

calls upon you. In them exists the guarantee


duties I will take for the public tranquillity and for care to fulfil mine. your liberties. The nature of the Given at our Palace of the TuillerGovernment would be impaired ies, June 13, A. D. 1830, and (alteree) if culpable attacks were in the 6th year of our reigo. to weaken my prerogatives : and

CHARLES. I should betray my trust, were I to submit to it.

Report to the King. Under the protection of this

Paris, July 26, 1830. Government, France has become SIRE: Your ministers would be flourishing and free. She is in- unworthy the confidence with debted to it for her franchises, her which your Majesty had honored credit, and her industry. There them if they longer delayed placing is nothing which France need before you a concise statement of envy in other States, and she has our internal situation, and to indinothing to aspire to but the pre- cate to your Highness the dangers servation of the advantages which arising from the periodical press. she enjoys.

At no period during the last Rely upon

the maintenance of fifteen years has this situation preyour rights. They are identified sented itself under a more serious with my own, and I will protect and afflicting aspect. Notwiththem both with equal solicitude. standing a prosperity unexampled

Do not suffer yourselves to be in the annals of our history, sigas misled by the language of insid- of disorganization and symptoms ious men, who are enemies to of anarchy are manifested upon your repose. Repel all unworthy almost every point of the kingsuspicions and unfounded fears, dom. wbich would shake public confi- The successive causes which dence, and might excite serious have conduced to weaken the disorders. The designs of those springs of the monarchical gorwho propagate these alarms, what- ernment, operate to day to alter ever they may be, will miscarry and change its nature-deprived before my firm and unchangeable of its moral force, the civil authority resolution. Your security, your within the capital and in the provinces, maintain but an unequal be increased without great peril, contest against factions. Perni- are almost exclusively produced cious and subversive doctrines and excited by the liberty allowed openly professed are spread and to the press. A law of elections propagated among all classes of not less prolific in disorders, has our population - disquietudes too without doubt' concurred and asgenerally accredited, agitate the sisted to maintain them; but we public mind and torment society, must deny the evidence of our From all quarters a guarantee is senses not to see in the periodidemanded for future safety. cals the principal focus of a cor

A maliciousness, active, ardent, ruption, the progress of which beindefatigable, is at work to over- comes daily more sensible as the turn the foundations of order and origin of the calamities which to deprive France of the happiness threaten the kingdom. which she enjoyed under the Experience, Sire, speaks loudsceptre of her kings. Active in er than theory, enlightened men working discontent and stirring up even without doubt, whose pathatred - it foments among the riotism cannot be suspected, carpeople a spirit of defiance and ried away by the example of a hostility against government, and neighboring people, have believed seeks everywhere to sow the seeds that the advantages of the periodof discord and of civil war. ical press would balance the dis

And, Sire, recent events have advantages, and that ils excesses already proved that political feel- would be neutralized by contrary ings confined heretofore to the excesses. It is not so — the proof higher ranks of society, are be- is decisive and the question is now ginning to be more generally felt, determined. and to excite the popular mass. At all epochs the periodical They have proved also that this press has only been, and from its mass is not always agitated with- nature must ever be, an instruout danger to those even who ment of disorder and sedition. strive to secure its repose.

How numerous and irrefutable A multitude of facts collected are the proofs that may be brought during the course of the late elec- to support this truth. It is by the torial operations, confirm these violent and uninterrupted action statements and afford a too cer- of the press that we are to attritain presage of new commotions, bute those too sudden and too did not your Majesty possess a frequent changes in our internal power of remedying the evil. policy. It has not permitted a

To an attentive observer, there regular and stable system of goveverywhere exists a necessity for ernment to be established in order, force and permanency, and France, nor that continued and the disturbances which appear the strenuous efforts should be made most opposed to such necessity, to introduce into the various are in reality but the expression branches of public administration and testimony of it.

those ameliorations of which they These agitations, which cannot are susceptible. Every ministry

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