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Under the blessing of Divine Details on all the subjects will Providence, the distress which be laid before you, for your inforwas so severely felt at this time mation; and you will probably be last year, is no longer experience of opinion, that the acts passed in ed, and the scarcity which then the last Session for the encourprevailed, has fortunately excited agement of Elementary Educaamong the inhabitants of the coun- tion,' and for erecting Light try, a spirit of active industry Houses in the St Lawrence,' rein their agricultural occupations quire revision. which cannot fail to be attended

Gentlemen of the House of Assembly : with the happiest effects. Commerce has been carried

The accounts of the Provincial on more extensively than usual, Revenue and Expenditure for the during the past year, and with last year will be laid before you more activity and enterprise.

soon as possible, and every The Provincial Revenue has information afforded you respectalso increased : and arrangements ing them, which you may rehave been made for the security quire. of the Public Moneys, in the Gentlemen of the Legislative Council, hands of the Receiver General, Gentlemen of the House of Assembly : conformably to the communication It will be my duty to convey made to you in the last Session. to you, by message, a communi

It will be gratifying to you also cation, which I have received His to learn, that elementary Schools Majesty's commands to make to have been very generally estab- you, upon the subject of the Filished throughout the Province. nancial Question, which has given That great progress has been rise to so much controversy in made in the improvement of in- the Province; and I will now ternal communications - and that submit to your consideration such facilities have been afforded to all matters of public interest as I elasses of His Majesty's subjects, conceive will be conducive to the to settle on the Waste Lands of general welfare of the people of the Crown.

this loyal Colony. Measures have also been taken I would also suggest the expefor the erection of new Light diency of passing a law for the Houses and for promoting the va- qualification of the Justices of the rious objects of public improve- Peace, adapted to the situation ment, for which provision was so and circumstances of the Colony. liberally made in the last Session. The qualification being moderate,

It has been my earnest endea- and either in real estates or in vor to see that the bounty of the personal income. Provincial Parliament was not The erection of Court Houses misapplied, and I have, with that and Gaols in some of the most view, established such regulations populous counties in the Province, as appear to be necessary for (when desired by the inhabitants) guarding against abuses, and for is another measure which I would insuring a faithful and judicious recommend to your consideration; expenditure of the public money. but I will communicate to you by message my wishes on this sub- has been frequently brought unject.

der your consideration; and I Evils having been experienced trust that the Session will not by introduction of contagious dis- close, without provision being eases into the Province, it may made, either for the erection of a be expedient to guard against ca- new Gaol, or for a Penitentiary lamities of this kind by some where criminals may be kept at suitable enactment.

hard labor, apart from prisoners The state of currency is a sub- who are confined previous to their ject which demands your atten- trial. tion; the adoption of some mea- I suggested to you, by His Masure appearing to be necessary to jesty's command, in the last Sesprevent the circulation of pista- sion, the expediency of levying a reens, and other small silver coins, small tax upon such fracts of land, at a nominal value greatly exceed- as remain in a 'waste and uniming their intrinsic worth. It is proved condition; and, also of also most desirable that Legisla- establishing officers for the registive Provision be made to insure tration of deeds; and to these the circulation of British silver subjects it is my duty again to call money within the Province at its your attention. real value. His Majesty's Gov- The pressure of business last ernment having sent out a consid- Session prevented your maturely erable quantity of such money, considering several matters of imwith a view of its circulation and portance that came under your to its ultimately becoming the cir- consideration ; and you may rely culating medium of the Country : upon my cordial concurrence I recommend the subject to your in all matters which have for their serious consideration.

object the general welfare of the The unfitness of the Gaol at Province, and the happiness of Montreal, as a place of confine- His Majesty's Canadian subment for so populous a District, jects.


King's Speech to the National Chambers, March 2, 1830. GENTLEMEN : It is always with and the good understanding esconfidence that I see assembled tablished between my allies and around my throne the Peers of myself, for the happiness of the my kingdom and the Deputies of people. War is extinguished in the departments. Since your last the East. The moderation of Session, important events have the conqueror and the amicable consolidated the peace of Europe, intervention of other powers, in preserving the Ottoman empire stocks, which may, we hope, confrom the dangers which menaced ciliate the expectations of the tax it, has maintained the equilibrium payers, with the justice due to and confirmed the ancient relations those who have invested property of States. Under the protection in the public funds. The meaof the Powers which signed the sures which you will have to contreaty of 6th of July, independent sider are intended to satisfy all Greece will rise from her ruins : these interests. They may furthe choice of the Prince called to vish the means of meeting withreign over her, sufficiently pro- out new sacrifices, and in the claims the disinterested and pa- course of a few years, the expencific views of the Sovereigns. I ses imperiously required, as well am engaged now in concert with for the protection of the kingdom, my allies, in negotiations, of which as for the prosperity of the comthe object is to bring about be- merce and agriculture, by the tween the Princes of the House works on the fortifications, and of Braganza a reconciliation, ne- those of various harbors, the recessary to the repose of the Pe- pair of roads and the coinpletion ninsula. Amidst the grave events of canals. You will also have to with which Europe was occupied, occupy yourselves with various I was fain to suspend the effect of laws relative to the judiciary ormy resentment against a Barbari- der; to several projects of puban power; but I cannot longer lic administration, and to mealeave unavenged the insults to my sures for improving the condition flag. The reparation I mean to of retired soldiers. I have been take, will, with the aid of the afflicted by the sufferings of my Most High, in satisfying the honor people caused by a long and rigof France, redound to the profit orous winter ; but public benenof Christianity.

cence has been prodigal of aid, The accounts of Receipts and and it is with lively satisfaction I Expenditures will be submitted have witnessed the generous to you — together with the esti- zeal evinced for the relief of inmate of ways and means for digence in every part of my king1831. I have the satisfaction to dom, and particularly in my good perceive, that, notwithstanding city of Paris. the diminution in the revenue of Gentlemen — The first want 1829, compared with that of the of my heart is to see France preceding year, it exceeded the happy and respected, developing estimate of the budget. A recent all the riches of her soil and ber operation has shown at what rate industry, and enjoying in peace of interest loans may be obtained, the institutions of which I have and the possibility thereby of re- the firm purpose 10 consolidate lieving the burdens of the State. the blessings. The charter bas A law relative to a sinking fund placed the public liberties under will be submitted to you. the safeguard of the rights of my

It will be connected with a plan crown: these rights are sacred : for redeeming or exchanging my duty towards my people is to transmit them intact to my suc- dissensions. Unity, inseparable cessors.

from monarchy, will give her Peers of France, Deputies of strength. the Departments - I do not doubt The success of the negotiations of your co-operation in the good I which your Majesty has undertadesire to do ; you will repel with ken in concert with your allies, to contempt the perfidious insinua- effect a reconciliation between the tions which malevolence is busy Princes of the House of Braganin propagating: if culpable ma- za, would insure the repose of the neuvres should excite against my Peninsula, put an end to divisions Government obstacles which I which are fatal to the commerce cannot and will not anticipate, I of the Two Worlds, and what is should find force to overcome no less desirable, would strengththem in my resolution to preserve en the principle of legitimate sucthe public peace, in the just con- cession to the Throne. fidence I have in the French, and An enlightened dispenser of in the love which they have al- the treasure of France, and sparways evinced for their Kings. ing of the blood of her sons, your

Majesty has hesitated to avenge Address of the French Chamber of the insult which a Barbarian

Peers to the King. Prince has dared to cast upon the SIRE, Your faithful subjects, flag of your kingdom : feeling the Peers of France, have heard that impunity can no longer be with respect and gratitude the extended, you meditate to renwords proceeding from the der profitable to the interests of Throne.

France and of Christendom, the They rejoice at the harmony satisfaction which you will obtain. which is established between your Christian nations will applaud so Majesty and your allies, and which generous a design, and we await your Majesty believes will confirm with confidence the communicathe peace of Europe.

tions which your Majesty may The war in the east is happily think desirable to make on this at an end; the moderation of the important subject. victor has corresponded with the The diminution of the Revewishes of Europe, the Ottoman nue of 1829, although it has surEmpire will be preserved, and passed the anticipations of those the balance of power remain un- who prepared the budget, calls impaired.

for economy and new resources. Greece will emerge from her These may result in a great deruins, -- thanks to the assisting gree from the law relating to the hand which you have outstretch- payment of the National Debt, ed to her. She will become inde- and from the proposed plan of pendent under the protection of reimbursement which your Majesthe Powers who signed the treaty ty is pleased to announce. The of the 6th of July. The scep- time has arrived for alleviating tre of the Prince who has been the public burdens, by reconciling called to the Throne will heal her the triple interest of the people,

of capitalists, and of the State, that which the poor can never forwithout detracting in that respect get — that your Majesty and your from the rights of each, and the august family were the first to show principles of justice, which have a brilliant example in that great established the credit of France, work of benevolence. and which have raised it so high The first wish of your Majesin modern times. By these mea- ty's paternal heart is to contemsures skilfully combined, your plate France, in the peaceable Majesty will create the means of enjoyment of her institutions, bapspeedily meeting, without addi- py and respected. Sire, she will tional sacrifices, the expenses be so. Of what avail would mawhich are required for the pros- levolent insinuations be against perity of agriculture and of com- the expressed declaration of your merce, for the public works, the Majesty's will, to maintain and completion of our sea-ports, the consolidate these

these institutions ? repairs of roads, and the construc- The monarchy is their basis; the tion of canals. We shall give to rights of your crown will remain all these objects that serious at- immovable; they are no less tention which is imposed upon us dear to the nation than its liberby that which is our duty, the se- ties; placed under your protecconding of the views of your Ma- tion, they strengthen the ties jesty, and concurrence in those which bind the people to your great and useful operations. throne and dynasty. France is

We shall pay equal attention to no less averse from anarchy than the examination of the laws rela- is her king from despotism. tive to the judicial department, to If guilty manœuvres should the public administration, and for raise obstacles against your Govbettering the condition of retired ernment, they would be speedily soldiers, which your Majesty de- surmounted, not merely by the signs to lay before the Chambers. Peers who are the hereditary deThe measures which your Ma- fenders of the Throne and Charjesty has in contemplation for the ter, but that of an immense mapurpose of soothing the declining jority of the nation. For it is the years of men who have passed wish and interest of all that the their lives in defending their King sacred rights of the Crown should and their Country, will excite the remain inviolate, and that in union gratitude of the army and of all with the public liberties, they the citizens.

should be transmitted to the sucWhen your Majesty expresses cessors of your Majesty, and 10 the lively satisfaction you feel at our latest posterity, who are the the generous interposition of the heirs of our confidence and of our humane, in behalf of the indi- love. gent in all parts of the kingdom, and especially in your good city The King answered this adof Paris, during a long and severe dress, which was presented to winter, we are gratified in being him by the Chancellor, in the folable to remind your Majesty of lowing words :

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