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thy Venezuelians who are return- uader other names and regulations ing to the bosom of their families. -as tonnage, anchorage and Liberty has appeared as the sun; other port duties.] and its powers have awakened the Art 2. For the future the patriotism of the most heroic peo- differences admitted by previous ple of the new world. Unfortu- laws in the places of origin of nate are those who oppose it, and foreign merchandize, shall cease more unfortunate are those who and uniform and the same duties attempt to extinguish its light; shall be collected, according to they will only meet with death. the provisions of this decree, on

Jose ANTONIO Paez. all, whether they proceed from Head }


Europe, the colonies of European 29th January, 1830.

nations, the United States of

North America, the Asiatic posNew Colombian Tariff. sessions, or the new American Simon Bolivar, Liberator, President of States. - [This is not at all to the Republic, &c.

infringe any existing treaties.] Considering that the expenses Art. 3. (This divides all merof the Republic have been in- chandize and effects into six creased, by the necessity of pre- elasses.) serving it in a defensible condition 1st. Sheet iron, paper, mediwith regard to Spain, who still re- cines, cordage, cables, pitch, tar, mains obstinate in her pretensions precious stones, laces, cambrics, of domination, and of arming to re- (battiste and fine), handkerchiefs, pel the unjust aggressions of Peru ; and tools of all sorts. These im

That the discrimination be- ported in Colombian vessels, pay tween different ports from which 154 per cent and in foreign vesmerchandize proceeds, adopted sels 18). by the laws of the State, for the 2d. Cloths or fabrics of cotton, collection of great and small wool, linen, hemp, or worsted, duties, if it was useful when es- (except those comprehended in tablished, has since become in- other classes), 184 per cent in jurious to commercial nations; national vessels, and 224 in foreign.

Finally, that it is absolutely 3d. Hats, of beaver, wool, necessary to insure the greatest cotton, silk, or straw, umbrellas, possible revenue from import spermaceti, manufactured or not, duties -- the council of the State olives, watches, of gold, silver, having been consulted — or other metals, galloon, delft

I decree - Art. 1. On imposts ware, and all sorts of fine and no other duty shall be collected coarse glass ---204 per cent in in the ports than those known by national vessels, and 254 in forthat name to the laws of the Re- eign. public: all shall be consolidated 4th. Silks and all silk fabrics, into one, which were formerly mock jewels, curried skins, ordaknown by various denominations. mental plumes and fans - 22 - [This article does not exclude in national, and 274 in foreigo. those that have been collected 5th. Furniture and utensils, of

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gold, platinum, silver, bronze, minestras, &c, 16r. do.; biscuits, copper, tin, lead and sheet iron, 40r. do.; four, 8r. per arr.; dried fruits, &c, all sorts of foreign corn, barley and oatmeal, 4r. per

. tanned leather and bread stuffs, do.; hams, 40r. per q: ; lard, except those paying a specific 50r. do.; Indian corn, Br. per duty — 254 per cent in national, fanega ; playing cards, fr. per and 304 in foreign.

pack; oreganun, 50r. per q: ; 6th. Glass' chandeliers, Gre- dry salt fish, 25r. per q.; do. in ciau lamps, mirrors, carriages, pickle, 4r. per lb. ; snuff, fine, shoes, boots and other leathern 4r. per lb. ; all sorts of powder, articles, house furniture, made 100r. per q:; rapee, 48r. per garments, perfumes, essences; bot. ; salt, Br. per q.; tallow, scented waters, &c, men's and 16r. per q.; do. manufactured, women's ridiog saddles - 304 40r. per do.; vinegar, 12r. doz. per cent in national, and 354 in bot. or 8r. per arr. ; Champ. and foreign vessels.

Madeira wine, 24r. doz. or 18r. All other kinds of goods, wares per arr.; all red wines, 9r. per and merchandize, not included doz. or 6 per arr. ; other wines, above, and not subject to specific 18r. per doz. or 12 per arr. duties, imported in national ves- Art. 12. The above duties are sels shall pay 253, and in foreign for imports in national vessels ; 5 303 on the arancel prices, or the per ct. to be added when importvaluation made in presence of the ed in foreign. factors.

Art. 13. The importation of The following articles shall pay rum and its compounds to be perthe specified duties annexed to mitted hereafter only in theports them.

between Angostura and MaraManufactured steel, 40 reals caibo, inclusive. per quintal, Cana, brandy, or its Art. 14. This decree shall go mixtures, common proof, 30r. pr. into sull effect in all the custom doz; boules do. in other condi- houses of the Republic, from the tion, 25r. pr. arroba; wine, or first day of July of the present other brandy, common proof, 36r. year. pr. doz. ; do. in other condition, Art. 15. Previous regulations, 30r. per arr.; Garlic, 30r. per q.; contrary to this decree are re Aniseed, 64r. per do.; rice, 16r. pealed. do.; smoked or salted beef, 16r. Art. 16. The minister Secredo. do. do.; pork, 24 do.; beer, tary of State in the Depart12r. per doz.; do. other condi- ment of the Treasury is charged tion, 8 per arr.; cider 12r. per with its execution and punctual doz. or 8 per arr.; copper, in fulfilment. pigs, 32r. per q: ; do. in sheets, Given at head quarters at Quito, 36r. do.; cummin, 50r. do.; May 8th, 1829 - 19. pastes, 25r. do. ; unwrought iron,

SIMON BOLIVAR. or iron machinery or agricultural For his Excellency the Liberator. instruments, 16r. do. do.; manu

Jose B. ESPINER, factured in other forms, 32r. ;

Secretary Genera.


Speech of the Emperor of Brazil, on the opening of the General

Assembly, 3d of May, 1830.

Most august and most worthy Represen- States of both hemispheres. tatives of the Nation :

Treaties of commerce and naviWith the greatest pleasure I gation with the King of the Nethnow open the first session of the erlanıls and with the United States second Legislature of this Em- bave been ratified, and copies of pire, and am much gratified in them already presented to you by being able to announce to the my Minister of the proper deGeneral Legislative Assembly my partment, on the expiration of the union with the Most Serene Prin- last session of the Legislature. cess Donna Amelia Augusta Eu- I congratulate myself and you genia de Leuchtenbourg, the on the tranquillity which prevails present Empress, my most be in all the provinces of the Empire. loved and esteemed wife.

My Minister and Secretary of With the desired arrival of my State for the Judiciary Departaugust bride, the young Queen of ment, according to the provisions Portugal and Algarves, my belov- of the Constitution, will inform ed and dear daughter, returned, you of the causes which constrainwho (not abandoning her cause) ed the Government to suspend for is now under my protection and some time the individual guaranguardianship ; and although in tees in the province of Ceara. the character of father and guar- Vigilant, and desiring to keep dian, it is my duty to defend the good order, it is my most impericause of that sovereign; however, ous duty to remind you of the I shall be faithful to my pledge necessity of restraining, by legal to the Assembly, that the in- means, the continued abuse of the terest and tranquillity of Brazil liberty of the press in the whole should not suffer in consequence Empire, which threatens great of the affairs of Portugal.' To evils; and it is the duty of the your care and philanthropy I re- Assembly to put a stop to them. commend the Portuguese emi- The affairs of the Treasury grants, who, having preserved and and Judiciary, so often recomeven accompanied the legitimate mended by me, ought to deserve Queen, are now at this Court in all the zeal and care with which need of assistance.

the nation expects its RepresenIt is very flattering to me to be tatives to receive it. The reform able to coinmunicate to the Gen- of those important branches of eral Assembly the firm continua- the public administration is of vition of an intercourse of harmo- tal interest to the prosperity of the ny and friendship between my- Empire. sell and the other Sovereigns and The Army and Navy cannot but attract your attention ; the been constantly the object of my first requiring a rigorous and reg- Imperial care, requires all your ular organization, while in the attention. It is necessary that second some reforms are abso- the principles of the Apostolical lutely necessary. The geograph-Catholic Religion professed by ical situation of the Empire ren- us, as well as its precepts and ders the maintenance of land and Christian morals, be carefully sea forces a necessary and pru- taught and practised in the eledent measure.

mentary schools of the Empire. The slave trade has ceased, I leave to the consideration of and the Government is decided this Assembly the above-mentionin employing all those measures ed recommendations. I feel conwhich honor and humanity dic- fident in the wisdom and patriottate to prevent its continuance ism that will preside over the under any pretence whatever ; proceedings of this session, which therefore, I think it absolutely will bring upon the legislators the necessary to suggest that it is blessings of a thankful country. advisable to facilitate the emigration of useful persons to this Most worthy Representatives, &c. country. Laws determining the I rely upon your co-operation distribution of uncultivated lands, as Brazilians, who only have in and securing the fulfilment of any view the general interests of their agreement made with the colo- country, and the consolidation of nists, will be of manifest utility, the Monarchical, Constitutional, and of great advantage in prornot- Representative system, and the ing industry generally.

splendor of my Imperial Throne. Public education, which has The Session is opened.

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Department of the Treasury, 2. A duty of five per cent
Montevideo, June 20, 1829.

shall be paid on silk, raw or spun; The General Constituent and silk fabrics; embroidered gold Legislative Assembly has sanc- and silver lace; watches; trinktioned the following law :

ets of gold and silver; saltpetre; Duties on Imports and Exports. plaster of paris; sione coal ;

IMPORTA- bows and arrows of wood.

3. A duty of ten per cent shall 1. Machines, agricultural im- be paid on powder, iar, rosin and plements, instruments of science naval stores. and arts, books, prints and maps, 4. A duty of fifteen per cent are free of duty.

shall be paid on all articles, natu






ral and manufactured, not before duce of this State, not compreprovided for in this law.

hended in the above, shall pay an 5. A duty of twenty per cent ad valorem duty of four per cent shall be paid on sugar, mate herb, upon current prices. coffee, tea, cocoa, cinnamon, spi- 16. Except grain, small stores, ces, drugs, eatables in general. flour, salt beef, wool on the skin,

6. A duty of twentyfive per leather and all kinds of manufaccent shall be paid on furniture, tures; also all foreign merchanlooking glasses, coaches, volantes, dize which has paid the import and mountings, saddles and trap- duty, shall be free of export pings for horses, ready made charge. clothes, shoes, liquors, brandies, 17. Four per cent shall be wine, vinegar, beer, cider, and paid on gold and silver, coined or tobacco.

in bullion. 7. Salt shall pay a duty of two 18. Merchandize in deposit rials per fanega.

shall pay two per cent on expor8. No duty shall be paid on tation. raw hides of all kinds, hair, horns, CHAPTER 3. MANNER OF COLLECTING rough tallow, gold and silver, stamped and in bars.

19. The duties shall be assess9. One rial per package shall ed upon the wholesale prices of. be paid on all articles or effects, the place, to be determined by which enter on deposit, unless the "Vista and two merchants, they remain longer than thirty when the articles are despatched days, when two rials per month by the Custom House. will be exacted for the time they 20. The merchants spoken remain in deposit over the first of in the preceding article, shall thirty days.

be comprehended in a list of 10. The ports of entry and twelve, which shall be made out discharge in this Territory are each month by the Consulado. Montevideo, Maldonado, Colonia, Four shall be designated each Soriano, and Sandu.

month by the collector general, 11. The ports of the Uraguay, who shall act alternately. are included in the preceding ar- 21. In case the interested particles, only until a general deposit iy shall claim deductions, and the shall be established for the whole Vista objects, in a difference exriver.

ceeding one per cent, a final 12. Goods are only permitted decision shall be made by the to be entered on deposit at Mon- collector general and two mertevideo.

chants drawn by lot from the list.

22. The arbitrators shall not 13. Raw ox, cow, and calf separate without having decided bides shall pay a duty of two rials -- which decision shall be posieach.

tive. 14. Horse hides shall pay a 23. The operations of the exduty of one rial each,

aminations and assessment shall 15. All other articles the pro- be public, and the causes of their




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