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The Message of President Guerrero to the Congress of Merico.


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MEXICANS : Today the Cham- been taken which I have just anbers of the Union have assembled, nounced. to continue their constitutional Mericans !- Everything has march, which had been suspended been done by the General Govby their own authority. – Also, ernment which could be done, for the General Government has re- the preservation of tranquillity. linquished the extraordinary pow- It is presumed that the same will ers with which it was invested. be the case with the States; and the increase of which was never that through the good sense and pleasant - which were admitted subordination of the citizens, each only by imperious necessity, and one will lend his aid to this obwhich it is believed, have been ject, in which the general good, productive of good.

as well as that of individuals, is so Consequently, the motives deeply interested. which influenced the division of Soldiers ! - You know what is reserve in making their declara- the rigor of military subordination, have totally vanished. If tion; you know how far it is from they are true men, and not pre- your duty, to dictate laws to the tenders, they ought to renounce sovereign nation, unauthorized by every revolutionary movement, — that nation; and how strange in which can produce no other ef- the ear of the laws, is the danger fects to the nation, than a succes-, of arms. Pause and reflect on sion of incalculable evils. You the solemn responsibility which already have had too much expe- you incur before the nation, in rerience what revolutions are, and spect to the evils which may hapwhat effects they produce, not to pen if you renounce the path in have your attention turned with which you ought to go. Do not anxiety to those who create them. deceive yourselves with false The government is deeply pene- hopes of bettering your conditrated with this important truth; tion, through the promptness and and in order to consult, without punctuality with which relief will delay, the public peace and tran- be furnished. No: the nation quillity, which is paramount to all will be ruined by civil war, and a other considerations, the step has new revolution will reduce to nothing the resources which are decree may have its full and ennegotiating for your benefit, and tire execution, I order it to be which prove that your necessities printed, published and circulated will receive attention, provided to all those whose obligation is to the public order is sustained. have it fulfilled.

Sovereign States of the Meri- Given in the federal palace of can Federation! The preserva- · Mexico, on the 15th of Seption of the systems demand your tember, 1829. full co-operation. VICENTE GUERRERO.

VICENTE GUERRERO. Mexico, Dec. 11, 1829.

LAURENZO DE ZAVALA. Abolition of Slavery.

Decree of the General Congress of The President of the Mexican

the 6th of April, 1830. United States to the inhabitants of ART. 1. The importation into the Republic, greeting : the ports of the Republic of col

Desiring to signalize in the year ton goods is prohibited by the 1829 the anniversary of our inde- law of May 22d, of the past year, pendence by an act of national till the 1st of January, 1831, and justice and beneficence that may by the southern ports till the end turn to the advancement and sup- of June of that year. port of so important a result ;

2. The duties on such articles that may consolidate more and shall be appropriated to support more public tranquillity; that may the integrity of the Mexican terco-operate to the aggrandizement ritory, to form the reserve fund of the Republic, and return to an to serve in case of a Spanish inunfortunate portion of its inhabit- vasion, and to foment the national ants, those rights which they hold industry in cotton manufacture. from nature, and that the people

3. The Government shall have protect by wise and equitable power to appoint one or more laws, in conformity with the 30th commissioners, to visit the coloArticle of the constitutional act. nies in the frontier States, and

Making use of the extraordi- contract with their Legislatures, nary faculties which have been purchase in favor of the Federagranted to the Executive, I thus tion such lands as they may condecree :

sider proper and sufficient to es1. Slavery is forever abolished tablish colonies of Mexican and in the Republic.

other nations, to make such ar2. Consequently all those indi- rangements with the colonies alviduals who until this day looked ready established as they may upon themselves as slaves, are consider proper for the security free.

of the Republic, to watch over When the financial situation of the entrance of new colonists, and the Republic admits, the proprie- the exact fulfilment of their contors of slaves shall be indemni- tracts, and examine how far those fied, and the indemnification reg- already formed have been exeulated by law.

cuted. And in order that the present

4. The Executive shall have

power to take the lands he may the particular State Government consider proper for fortifications shall take care, under the strictest or arsenals, and for new colonies, responsibility, that the Colonizaindemnifying the States for their tion Laws be obeyed, and that no value on account of their debts to more slaves be introduced. the Federation.

11. In vse of the power re5. The Government may trans- served by the General Congress port such persons as they may in the seventh article of the law consider useful to the colonies, of August 18th, 1824, it is proout of the garrisons destined for hibited to peighboring nations to Vera Cruz and other places, pay- settle in those States and Terriing the expenses of the families tories of the Federation which which may wish to accompany border on their nations. Consethem.

quently contracts which have not 6. The garrisons shall be em- been executed, and are opposed ployed in the construction of the to that law, shall be superseded. fortifications, towns and roads 12. The coasting trade shall be which the commissioners shall free to foreigners for the space of consider necessary; and when four years, for the purpose of inthe appointed time shall have ex- troducing articles for the colonies pired, if they shall wish to remain to Metamoros, Tampico, and Vera as colonists, lands and instru- Cruz. ments of industry shall be given 13. The free importation of to them, provisions being allowed wooden houses and all sorts of for the first year.

foreign provisions is permitted 7. Mexican families which without duty at the ports of Gamay wish to colonize, shall be velston and Matagorda, for the aided on their journey, maintain- term of two years. ed for a year, and receive land 14. The Government is auand other things necessary for thorized to expend to the amount labor.

of $500,000 for the construction 8. Individuals referred to in of fortifications and towns on the the preceding articles, shall sub- frontiers, the transportation of mit to the Colonization Laws of garrisons and Mexican families to the Federation and the respec- them, their support for a year, tive States.

articles useful in labor, charges 9. On the northern frontier for commission, the marching of the entrance of foreigners shall be troops, premiums to agriculturists, prohibited, under all pretexts who may distinguish themselves whatever, unless they be furnish- amongst the colonists, and all ed with passports signed by the other means of encouragement agents of the Republic at the and security intended in the preplaces whence they proceed. ceding sections.

10. There shall be no variation 15. In order to a prompt diswith regard to the colonies already tribution of the above sum, the established; nor with regard to Government may negotiate, on the slaves that may be in them; the duties on common cotton but the General Government or goods, a loan at a premium of a

third per cent per month, payable 17. Three hundred thousand on maturity of the periods fixed dollars of the product of the by the Tariffs.

aforesaid duties shall also be ap16. The twentieth part of the plied to the formation of a fund above-mentioned duties shall be to be deposited in the treasury, employed in encouraging the under the strictest responsibility manufacture of cotton, purchasing of the Government, which shall machines and looms, assigning be authorized to apply it only in small sums for their preparation, case of a Spanish invasion. and for all other objects which 18. The Government shall arthe Government may consider

range the plan of the new coloconvenient; and the Government nies, and present to the Chamshall divide these sums in the bers, within one year, an account State where manufacture is car- of the receipts and expenditures ried on, placing them at the dispo- under this law, and shall report sition of the minister of relations, the increase and conditions of the to apply them to the important new towns on the frontiers. objects.


The Liberator to the Colombians.

COLOMBIANS ! This day I cease public on the basis of its happiness, to command you. I have served I have thrown myself from the you in quality of a soldier and a lofty magistracy, to which your magistrate. In that long period bounty has raised me. Colomwe have re-conquered the coun- bians! I have been the victim of try, liberated three Republics, and ignominious suspicions, without suppressed many civil wars; and having the power to defend the four times I have restored to the purity of my principles. The people their omnipotence, by same persons who have aspired spontaneously assembling four to the supreme command, have Constituent Congresses. These endeavored to tear me from your services were due to your valor hearts, by attributing their own and patriotism — the glory_of sentiments to me, by making me having directed them to me. The appear the author of projects they Constituent Congress which has have conceived, and by representbeen this day installed, finds itself ing me as aspiring at a crown intrusted by Providence with giv- which they have offered me more ing to the nation the institutions it than once, and which I have redesires, by following the course jected with the indignation of the of circumstances and the nature proudest republican. Never, neof things.

ver, I swear to you, has my mind Fearing I might be considered been stained by ambition for a as an obstacle in placing the Re- kingdom, which my enemies have


artfully forged to destroy me in Arduous and great is the work your opinions.

of organizing a people which has Undeceive yourselves, Colom- escaped from oppression by means bians! My only wish bas been to of anarchy and civil war, without contribute to your liberty, and the being previously prepared to represervation of your repose; if ceive the salutary reform to which for this I have been blame-worthy, they aspire. But the teachings I more than any one else merit of history, the examples of the your indignation. Do not listen, Old World and the New, the exI beseech you, to the vile calum- perience of twenty years of revony, and the base covetousness for lution, will serve as so many lights which discord is excited on every placed in the darkness of the fuside. Will you allow yourselves ture ; and I flatter myself that to be blinded by the imposture of your good sense will be able to my detractors? You are not so overrule the passions of some and senseless !

the ignorance of others, -duly Colombians! Approach the consulting the enlightened reason Constituent Congress. It is the of judicious men, whose opinions national wisdom, the legitimate are a valuable aid in solving queshope of the people, and the last tions of political wisdom. Morepoint of meeting for patriots. over, you will derive important On its sovereign decrees depend counsels from the very nature of our lives, the happiness of the our country, which embraces the Republic, and the glory of Colom- lofty regions of the Andes, and bia. If you are fatally torn away the burning shores of the Oronoco. and abandon it, there is no other Examine it in all its extent and safety for the country, and you you will learn from it wbat the will sink in the ocean of anarchy, Congress ought to ordain, in order leaving, as an inheritance to your to promote the happiness of the children, crime, blood and death. Colombians. Our own history

Countrymen! Hear my last will tell you much ; our necessities words, on terminating my politi- much; but most persuasive of all cal career in the name of will be our lamentations for the Colombia, I beg you, I beseech absence of domestic quiet and you to continue united, lest you established freedom. should become the assassins of Happy Congress, if it shall sethe country, and your executioners. cure to Colombia the enjoyment

BOLIVAR. of these inestimable blessings, by Bogota, Jan. 2, 1830.

which it will merit the purest be

nedictions. Message of the Liberator, to the

Congress being convoked to Constituent Congress.

form a fundamental Code for the Fellow Citizens : Permit regulation of the Republic, and me to congratulate you on the to appoint the high functionaries meeting of Congress, which in who are to administer it, the Govthe name of the Nation, is to dis- ernment will inform you concerncharge the sublime duties of le- ing the present state of the Regislation.

public, so far as the different

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