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possessions in the West Indies, on Lord one thousand eight hundred the continent of South Americà, and thirty, and the fiftyfifth of the Bahama islands, the Caicos, the Independence of the United and the Bermuda or Somer islands, States. to the vessels of the United States,

ANDREW JACKSON. and their cargoes, upon the terms, By the President : and according to the requisitions,

M. VAN BUREN, of the aforesaid act of Congress :

Secretary of State. Now, therefore, I, Andrew Jackson, President of the United Circular to the Collectors of CusStates of America, do hereby declare and proclaim that such evi

Treasury Department, dence has been received by me ;


October 6, 1830. and that, by the operation of the Sır: You will perceive by the act of Congress passed on the proclamation of the President, twentyninth day of May, one herewith transmitted, that, from thousand eight hundred and thirty, and after the date thereof, the the ports of the United States are, act, entitled · An act concerning from the date of this proclama- navigation,' passed on the 18th of tion, open to British vessels com- April, 1818, an act supplementary ing froin the said British posses- thereio, passed the 15th of May, sions, and their cargoes, upon the 1820, and an act, entitled 'An terms set forth in the said act; act to regulate the commercial the act entitled 'An act concern- intercourse between the United ing navigation,' passed on the States and certain British ports,' eighteenth day of April, one thou- passed on the 1st of March, 1823, sand eight hundred and eighteen, are absolutely repealed; and the the act supplementary thereto, ports of the United States are passed the fifteenth day of May, opened to British vessels and one thousand eight hundred and their cargoes, coming from the twenty, and the act, entitled ' An British colonial possessions in the act to regulate the commercial West Indies, on the continent of intercourse between the United South America, the Bahama islStates and certain British ports,' ands, the Caicos, and the Berpassed the first day of March, muda or Somer islands; also one thousand eight hundred and from the islands, provinces, or twentythree, are absolutely re- colonies of Great Britain on or pealed; and British vessels and near the North American contitheir cargoes are admitted to an nent, and north or east of the entry in the ports of the United United States. By virtue of the States, from the islands, provinces authority of this proclamation, and and colonies of Great Britain, on in conformity with the arrangeor near the North American con- ment made between the United tinent, and north or east of the States and Great Britain, and unUnited States.

der the sanction of the President, Given under my hand, at the you are instructed to admit to city of Washington, the fifih day entry such vessels, being laden of October, in the year of our with the productions of Great Britain or her said colonies, sub- transmit herewith his answer thereject to the same duties of tonnage to, and an order of the King in and impost, and other charges, Council, completing the proposed as are levied on the vessels of the arrangement on the part of Great United States, or their cargoes, Britain, and folly closing the nearriving from the said British gotiation upon this important part colonies. You will, also, grant of our relations. clearances to British vessels for This arrangement has already the several ports of the aforesaid produced, and will continue to colonial possessions of Great produce, considerable dissatisfacBritain, such vessels being laden tion in the British northern provinwith such articles as may be ex- ces, and with those interests which ported from the United States: have been incidentally fostered by in vessels of the United States the omission of our Government and British vessels, coming from to comply with the terms of the the said British colonial posses- act of 5th July, 1825, and the sions, may also be cleared for British order in Council of July, foreign ports and places other 1826. It may be expected, therethan those in the said British fore, as I have already stated in colonial possessions, being laden my former despatches, that some with such articles as may be ex- attempt will be immediately made ported from the United States in to reconcile those interests to the vessels of the United States. restoration of the direct inter

I am, Sir, very respectfully, course. Some of the duties in your obedient servant,

favor of the northern productions S. D. INGHAM,

will, doubtless, be increased, but Secretary of the Treasury. others will be reduced. I cannot, [Here follows a copy of the however, at this moment, speak above proclamation by the Presi- fully or with entire certainty of dent.]

the intentions of this Government

in that respect. Extract of a letter from Mr Mc


for me to inLane to Mr Van Buren, dated form you, that, by the act of Par

London, Nov. 6, 1830. liament of the 2d of July, 1827, I received on the 2d instant, entitled “An act to amend the your despatch, number 22, of the laws relating to the customs, the 5th October, transmitting the pro- importation of salted beef and clamation of the President, and pork is admitted into Newfoundinstructions from the Treasury land free of duty, and into all the Department to the collectors of other British ports at a duty of customs, executing, on the part of twelve shillings sterling the bunour Government, the proposed ar- dred weight. Under the present rangement with this, for the resto- arrangement, by which the coloration of the direct intercourse nial ports are now opened to our with the British West Indies. I vessels, we shall be entitled to communicated these documents to the benefit of this act, and in that the Earl of Aberdeen on the 3d way acquire a valuable branch of instant, and have the honor to trade, which we could not have

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It may

enjoyed by the famous act of 5th same terms; and that the alien July, 1825.

duties, in the ports of the United

States, on British vessels and their Mr McLane to Lord Aberdeen.

cargoes, and also the restrictions 9, Chandos St., Portland Place,

in the act of the Congress of the November 3, 1830.

United States of 1823 to the diThe undersigned, Envoy Ex- rect intercourse between the Unittraordinary and Minister Plenipo- ed States and the British West tentiary from the United Staies, India colonies, are abolished. has the honor to transmit herewith The undersigned has the honor to the Earl of Aberdeen, His to state further, that these acts Majesty's principal Secretary of have been performed by the PreState for Foreign Affairs, a pro- sident in conformity with the letclamation issued by the President ter of the Earl of Aberdeen of of the United States on the fifth the 17th of August last, and that, of October last, and, also, a letter by accepting the assurance of the of instructions from the Secretary British Government, with the acof the Treasury, in conformity companying explanation, as a comthereto, to the several collectors pliance with the requisitions of the of the United States, removing act of Congress of the 29th May, the restrictions on the trade in 1830, and doing all that was necesBritish vessels with the ports of sary on the part of the United States the United States and the colonial to effect the proposed arrangepossessions of Great Britain. And ment, he has adopted, without ihe undersigned takes leave to reserve, the construction put upon add, that, although these papers the act of Congress both by the appear to be sufficiently clear and Earl of Aberdeen and the underexplicit, he will take much plea- signed. sure in making any futher per- In communicating these docusonal explanation of their import ments to the Earl of Aberdeen, that may be considered desira- the undersigned is instructed to ble.

inform him that the President has It will be perceived, however, derived great satisfaction from the that, by virtue of the forego- candor manifested by his Majesing proclamation, and the oper- ty's Ministers in the course of the ation of the act of Congress of the negotiation; and that, having thus 29th May, 1830, the restrictive given effect to the arrangement acts of the United States are ab- on the part of the United States, solutely repealed; that the ports' he does not doubt that Great Britof the United States are open to ain, acting in the spirit and terms the admission and entry of British of the proposition submitted by vessels coming from any of the the undersigned, and accepted in British ports mentioned in both the letter of Lord Aberdeen of sections of the said act, with the the 17th of August last, will as same kind of British colonial pro- promptly comply with those terms, duce as may be imported in on her part, and remove the exAmerican vessels, and upon the isting obstructions to the renewal of the intercourse between the on the trade in British vessels ports of the United States and with the ports of the United States the British colonial possessions. and the colonial possessions of

In conclusion, the undersigned Great Britain. takes leave lo state, that, from the Mr McLane observes, that by date of the proclamation of the virtue of the proclamation in President, the vessels of Great question, and the operation of the Britain have been and are actually act of Congress of the 29th May, in the enjoyment of all the ad- 1830, the restrictive acts of the vantages of the proposed arrange- United States are absolutely rement, while the vessels of the pealed; that the ports of the United States are and must re- United States are opened to the main excluded from the same admission and entry of British until the requisite measures shall vessels coming from any of the be adopted by this Government. British ports mentioned in both The undersigned has the honor sections of the said act, with the to ask, therefore, that the Earl same kind of British colonial proof Aberdeen will enable him to duce as may be imported in communicate the adoption of those American vessels, and upon the measures to his Government, by same terms; that the alien duties the opportunity which will offer in the ports of the United States for that purpose on the 6th instant. on British vessels and their car

The undersigned avails himself goes, and also the restrictions in of this occasion to renew to the the act of Congress of the UnitEarl of Aberdeen the assurance ed States of 1823, to the direct of his highest consideration. intercourse between the United

Louis McLANE. States and the British West In-
To the Right Hon. the Earl of ABER- dia colonies, are abolished.
DEEN, &c, &c, &c.

Mr McLane adds, that, in perLord Aberdeen to Mr McLane. of the United States has adopted,

forming these acts, the President Foreign Office, Nov. 5, 1830.

without reserve,

the construction and The undersigned, his Majesty's put upon the act of Congress of principal Secretary of State for the 29th of May, 1830, by himForeign Affairs, has the honor to self, and by the undersigned in acknowledge the receipt of the his note of the 17th of August note of Mr McLane, Envoy Ex- last. traordinary and Minister Plenipo- The undersigned having stated tentiary from the United States at to Mr McLane, in his above-menthis court, of the 3d instant, in tioned note, that, under such cirwhich he incloses a proclamation cumstances, all difficulty on the issued by the President of the part of Great Britain, in the way United States on the 5th ultimo, of the renewal of the intercourse and also a letter of instructions between the United States and the from the Secretary of the Treas- West Indies, according to the proury, in conformity thereto, to the position made by Mr McLane, several collectors of the United would be removed, he has now States, removing the restrictions the honor to transmit to Mr Mc

Lane the accompanying copy of such permission should be subject an order issued by His Majesty to certain conditions, it is therein council this day, for regulating fore enacted, that the privileges the commercial intercourse be- thereby granted to foreign ships 'tween the United States and His shall be limited to the ships of Majesty's possessions abroad. those countries which, having co

The undersigned cannot omit lonial possessions, shall grant the this opportunity of expressing to like privilege of trading with those Mr McLane the satisfaction of possessions to British ships, or His Majesty's Government at the which, not having colonial possespromptitude and frankness with sions, shall place the commerce which the President of the Unit- and navigation of this country and ed States has concurred in the of its possessions abroad upon the view taken by them of this ques- footing of the most favored nation, tion; and at the consequent ex- unless his Majesty, by his order in tension of that commercial inter- Council, shall in any case deem it course which it is so much the in- expedient to grant the whole or terest of both countries to main- any of such privileges to the ships tain, and which His Majesty will of any foreign country, although alway be found sincerely desirous the conditions aforesaid shall not to promote by all the means in his in all respects be fulfilled by such power.

foreign country :' And whereas, The undersigned avails himself by a certain order of his said late of this occasion to renew to Mr Majesty in Council, bearing date McLane the assurances of his the 27th day of July, 1826, after highest consideration.

reciting that the conditions menABERDEEN. tioned and referred to in the said Louis McLane, Esq., &c, &c, &c. act of Parliament had not in all

At the Court at St James', respects been fulfilled by the
November 5,

Government of the United States Present: The King's Most Excellent of America, and that, therefore, Majesty in Council.

the privileges so granted as aforeWhereas, by a certain act of said by the law of navigation to Parliament, passed in the 6th year foreign ships could not lawfully be of the reign of his late Majesty exercised or enjoyed by the ships King George the fourth, entitled of the United States aforesaid, • An act to regulate the trade of unless His Majesty, by his order the British possessions abroad,' in Council, should grant the whole after reciting that, by the law of or any of such privileges to the navigation, foreign ships are per- ships of the United States aforemitted to import into any of the said, his said late Majesty did, in British possessions abroad, from pursuance of the powers in him the countries to which they be- vested by the said act, grant the long, goods the produce of those privileges aforesaid to the ships countries, and to export goods of the said United States, but did from such possessions to be car- thereby provide and declare that ried to any foreign country what- such privileges should absolutely ever, and that it is expedient that cease and determine in His Ma


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