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necessary to a choice 81. The anti-ad- the Netherlands, with a copy of " a map ministration candidates were all elected of the territory contained between the by an average majority of about 10 votes. lines respectively contended for by the

On the ensuing day, Mr Hunton was United States and Great Britain,as being qualified as governor, and transmitted a the northeastern boundary of the U.S., message to both branches of the legisla- in conformity to the treaty of peace of ture.

1783.” The copies of the commissions The following are the principal topics were obtained by the general governrecommended to their attention.

ment in 1828, and are the first copies in • The affairs of the State Prison at ertenso of these documents which have Thomaston, are said to demand of the ever existed in the United States. In legislature the most careful attention. the description of the boundaries of the Since the 13th of April, 1823, more than Provinces adjoining this State, the same $70,000 have been drawn from the lines now claimed by us as the limits of treasury of the state on account of this our territory, are particularly laid down establishment: to which sum must be in these commissions, and none other. added the earnings of the convicts, to • We cannot rationally suppose that a make an estimate of the total expense.' claim so unjust and sophistical in its

The Public Lands of the State are character, as that raised by the British next mentioned as making one of the Government, to hold nearly a third part most important subjects of consideration of the territory of Maine, as described that can be presented. There appear to by the treaty of 1783, can be supported, have been inaccuracies and deficiencies when the merits are fully understood, by in the surveys heretofore made on the any intelligent and impartial tribunal.' part of the Government, which affect The Governor expresses his confi. the sales and prices of the lands, and dence in the mediation to which the disproduce other unfavorable consequen- pute is referred; but as the decision ces, and some legislative remedy is call. inay not be definitely known for a year, ed for. Original surveys should never care is advised that no waste of valuable be partial and imperfect, por be farmed timber be meantime permitted on the out by the job to the lowest bidder; in- territory in dispute, nor aggressions on creased care and expense in the begin. the citizens of the State allowed. ning is in the end the greatest economy. * Early in the last year the agent of In the public lands the present genera- the Penobscot Indians, was directed by tion is intrusled with a fund of great the Governor and Council, to procure value, and care must be taken that we some man to assist and instruct the tribe do not leave to posterity little else but in agriculture, agreeably with their relawsuits to settle the boundaries of their quest and the condition of the treaty farms, instead of those accumulated ben. which has been made with them, inefits which might be reasonably expect- stead of hiring persons by the day, to ed from so rich a patrimony.' "The ex- furnish their ploughing and other ox isting state of the very important ques- labor. A man has been employed to tion relating to our northeastern boun- render such assistance and instruction dary, furnishes an urgent motive for as the treaty seemed to require. Al. placing in the archives of every State in though one year is not sufficient to test the Union, a correct map of the territory the utility of this method of managing of this State, as designated by the treaty the agricultural concerns of the tribe, yet of 1783.' Adverting more fully to this nothing has appeared to discourage the question the Governor adds— Since the undertaking. last session of the Legislature, copies of • Under the authority of the Resolve the commissions of the several Governors of the 7th of February last, a gentleman of the provinces of Quebec, Nova Scotia was appointed to negotiate with the and New Brunswick from the year 1763 Indians for two townships of land at the to 1786 inclusive, have been deposited in mouth of the Mattawamkeag river. The the Secretary's office by the Minister negotiation has proved unsuccessful, and Plenipotentiary and Envoy Extraordina- the report of the agent is communicated ry for the United States to the Court of herewith.'



Od. 1829. A coal mine has been monoosuck, and but a few miles from recently discovered in Bath, in this the Connecticut river. Its product restate, near the banks of the great Am- sembles the Lehigh coal.

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March, 1830. Matthew Harvey was an increase from the last year's return of elected governor-votes for

two hundred and fortynine. M. Harvey, (Jackson)

23,214 LEGISLATIVE BOUNTJES.-By the Timothy Úpham, (anti-Jackson) 19,040 accounts of the Treasurer, it appears

June 2d. "The Legislature met at Con- that in the year ending June 12, $2331, cord on the 2d inst. In the Senate, 60 were paid as bounties for the destrucJoseph M. Harper was chosen Presi- tion of wolves, bears, wild-cats, and dent; and Samuel Dinsmore, jun. Clerk. crows. In the House of Representatives, James In 138 towns which made returns to B. Thornton (lately appointed Second the Legislature, there were 1679 paupers Comptroller of the United States Treas- supported at an annual expense of ury, in the place of Mr Hill) was chosen $44,083, being an average of $26 25 Speaker,receiving 132 votes and Ichabod cents each. The expense of litigation Bartlett (anti-Jackson) 86 votes. on questions relating to the settlement of

Mr Isaac Hill was elected a senator paupers, amounted to $1172. of the United States for six years from The expenses of the state of New the fourth March next, in place of Mr Hampshire, for its last financial year Woodbury who retired For Mr Hill, were $47,807. in the house of representatives 117, scat- The number of convicts in the state tering 103—in the senate 9, scatter- prison at Concord on the 31st of May, ing 3.

1830, was 54. The income of their laThe militia returns for the year end- bor the past year after deducting the ing June, 1830, showed a force of cost of stock and tools, was, in the stone Cavalry

1.588 shop $3.2998; smiths' shop $1,344 ; shoe Artillery

1,588 shop $1,222; coopers' shop $95 ; tailors Infantry, Light Infantry and

and weavers' shop $46; and received Grenadiers

24.970 from visiters $190. Total $6,195. The Riflemen

1,003 expenditure for provisions, clothing, furamounting in the whole to twentynine niture, fuei, &c, &c, amounted to $4,037 thouzandone hundred and fortynine, and leaving a net profit of $2,158.


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Oct. 1829. THE GOVERNSENT.- deposits in Boston and New York, The elections resulted in the re-appoint- $428,820. ment of the Hon. Samuel C. Cratis as The Legislature terminated its session Governor; Henry Olin, Lt. Governor ; on the 30th of October. Little business and Benjamin Swan, Treasurer. was done out of the ordinary routine.The following are the returns. The following are enumerated as the For Gorernor.

measures of inost importance : Samuel C. Crafts (anti-Jackson) 14.325 A charter was granted to a company Heman Allen (anti-masonic) 7,346 for constructing a canal throngh the val. Joel Doolittle (Jackson)

3,973 ley of Connecticut river, from the southScattering

50 ern line of the state to lake MemphreLieutenant Governor.

magog, which is in continuation of one Henry Olin (anti-Jackson) 19,740 already begun from the tide waters of Lyman Fitch (Jackson)

4,481 Long Island Sound. A company was Scattering

76 also incorporated by the name of The The Hon. D. A. A. Buck was chosen Connecticut River Steam Boat Compa. Speaker, and Timothy Merrill, Clerk. ny.' Several bills were before the AsNorinan Williams was appointed Secre- sembly for further relief of poor debtors, tary of State.

which were generally unsuccessful. Samuel Prentiss was appointed Chief The new act relative to the militia, Justice of the Supreme Court of the provides for but one annual training in State.

each year, for the inspection of arms, &c. The school fund of the Slate, on loan, and that musters and all other trainings amounts to $73,763 32; it having been and drills, are to be dispensed with; increased $8,060 during the past year. general, field and all other officers are to

Banks. It appears from the report be retained as heretofore. of a Committee of the Legislature that The whole expenditure of the State, the amount of paper in circulation by including the salaries of the Governor the several banks of the State, is $689, and Judges, the pay of the Legislature, 381. Specie and bills of other banks, and and the expense for schools and prisons, &c., is said to be under fifty two thou. District schools, (about) 2,400 sand dollars ; of which forty thousand Acres of taxable land, 1,083,593 dollars are raised by taxes.

Mills, stores, and distilleries 3,397 In the council of Vermont this session, Number of oxen,

48,313 there were 5 attorneys, 3 merchants, 1 Cows and other cattle, 3 yrs old, 121,400 manufacturer, and 3 farmers.

Cattle of 2 years old,

54,892 In the house of representatives, 17 Whole number of sheep, 725,965 merchants, 7 manufacturers, 2 mechan- COPPERAS.- On Mill river, in the ics, 1 mail contractor, 20 attorneys, 5 township of Shrewsbury, is an entensive clergymen, 6 physicians, and 164 far- mine of the sulphuret of iron, from which mers.

is obtained the first quality of copperas. THE CONNECTICUT RIVER. -- A The bed is situated upon the southern steam-boat bearing the name of the state, side of a very high and abrupt mountain, Vermont, arrived at Winsor, October,5, on solid ledges of rocks, and was discovo and the event was celebrated by ringing ered by a Mr Robinson, a few years since, the bells and a salute of artillery. who sold it the last season to the Ver

April, 1830. A branch of the bank of mont mineral factory company, for the the United States was established at sum of five thousand dollars. This comBurlington and Heman Allen chosen pany, residing principally in Boston, have President

been engaged in the manufacture of copBanks.--There are eight Banks in peras for twentyfive years past, at Strafthis State. The following is a statement ford. They commenced the manufacture of their condition.

of a small quantity of it here in the fall Whole amount of Stock paid

of 1828, but lately were making a ton in

$393,000 00 and a half per day, which was calculated Deposits and dividends due, 107,000 00 to be extended to the manufacturing of Bills in circulation, 751,000 00 three tons in the same length of time.

Funds and Property on Hanıl. The buildings and utensils prepared for Notes discounted.

793,000 00 the manufacture and the process of obSpecie, bills of other banks,

taining it, are of the following descripand deposits out of state, 506,202 05 tion: the factory edifice is one hundred Real estate,

26,205 97 and forty feet in length and seventytwo STATISTICS.--Number of gentlemen in width; which together with a house who have officiated as governors, 10 and other buildings, compose the entire Whole number of the militia, 25,500 establishment. The ore is covered with Number of militia returned as

a reddish soil intermixed with stones of equipped,

16,170 from one to three feet in depth. Below Population of the state in 1830, 200,679 this covering of earth appears the bed of Population in 1820,

235,749 sulphuret of iron; it is very compact and Aliens in the state in 1830, 3,420 diversified in its appearance, with variFree colored persons,

885 ous colors, and is raised by blasting, the Deaf and dumb,

151 large masses of which have to be poundBlind,

49 ed to pieces with hammers, when it is Colleges,

2 thrown together in large piles of several Acadeinies and High Schools, 35 feet in height.


Sept. 1829. Lowell is the greatest in constant operation. The buildings manufacturing village in the U.S. It is are fifty feet distant from each other, and situated at the confluence of the Concord to prevent the communication of fire, and Merrimac rivers. The soil is sandy, they have now resorted to sheet iron unfit for cultivation, but the water privi. window blinds, so that no wood work is leges have rendered the spot admirably exposed to the contact of fames or heat. adapted to the establishment of factories. The printing works are most admirable There are four companies, viz. Merri- for their ingenuity and rapid execution: mac, Hamilton, Appleton, and Lowell. block printing is laid aside except in some The Merrimac company is the most indispensable cases. The process is now wealthy and extensive. It consists of by means of beautifully polished brass four splendid brick 6 and 5 story build- cylinders which have upon them the ings, besides dying, printing and several stamp which is to be transferred to the other necessary establishments. There cloth. A manufactory of carpets is now are upwards of twenty thousand spindles put into effect, though its origin is very


recent. Kidderminster and Brussels, tent, as better to enforce the obligations have already been woven. Three men to its personal performance in the Train are required to pertorm the weaving; Bands, by those of whom it is required; about three yards only can be worked in to extend conditional exemption to mia day.

nors and enrolled persons above the age About five thousand persons are em of thirty ; and to repeal, altogether, the ployed in all these factories, of every age provision for the payment of nioney as and sex. The females are paid in pro- part of the condition of exemption.' portion to their industry. The average He also states, that the affairs of the wages are $1 75 per week besides board, State Prison have reached a promising which costs $1 25. The men mostly point of improvement. The new prison receive $1 per diem ; monthly payments building was completed in Oct. and the are made to every individual.

convicts were immediately removed 1830. The city debt of Boston amount- thither. A more steady and strict discied at the commencement of the year to pline was introduced, and the experiment $883,631. Bonds and securities due the has commenced of the effect of entire city, $257,241.

solitude in confinement by night, and The legislature held its prorogued sen- silent and constant inspection at labor by sion on the 6th of January, and Governor day;

and there is reason to expect, that Lincoln transmitted his message the the Prison, after the expenses already same day to both houses.

incurred, will cease to be a tax upon the The following are the chief topics of Treasury. The annual statement of acinterest alluded to.

counts made up to the first of October, Respecting the militia system, he ob- exhibits a balance of expenses in the serves, 'the period seems to have arrived, support and government of the convicts, when the claims of more than fifty thou- beyond their earnings of $8,396 43; less sand of our fellow-citizens to be relieved by almost four thousand dollars than the from unequal and onerous burdens, un preceding year. der the present Militia Laws of the Com- "The interest of the Commonwealth in monwealth, will not admit of further the public lands in Maine, continues to postponement. A militia system, how. be satisfactorily and advantageously manever, of a modified and improved charac- aged by the Agent of the Government. ter, better adapted to the feelings of the The sales of land and timber the last year people, and conformed to the original have amounted to $21,129 29, for which design of the institution, can never, with the agent has accounted with the Treas. safely, it is believed, be dispensed with. ury.' In all neriods of the world, and under Soine measures are recommended for every form of government, an organized the preservation of the Lumber trade of physical force, of some description, has the state, which has been affected by been found necessary, for the mainte- the changes growing out of the separanance of internal quiet, and for protec- tion of Maine from Massachusetts. tion from external danger.

By far the greater part of the boards, * A proposition, which sometimes has plank, joist and building timber, used in been made, to dispense by Law, with all our commercial towns, and nearly all ex. military parade, instead of amending the ported thence to foreign countries, is system, would utterly destroy the insti- first obtained from the state of Maine. tution. Besides, the paramount laws of • The annual accounts of the State the United States, on this subject, would Treasury, made up to the first inst. prebe violated, or evaded, in all their pro- sent a result, similar to that of several visions, by the effects of such state legis. preceding years, in a deficit of the or. lation. The arrangement of the militia, dinary revenue to nieet the expenditures required by these statues, into divisions of the Government The debt of the and distinctions of minor corps, would Commonwealth to the Banks, is $107, soon be destroyed, and the obligations of 300, and to prevent its accumulation, an enrolment and equipment, instruction in annual tax of moderate amount will be tactics, inspections, and returns, cease required. to be performed.

The expenditures of the last five years • The essential alterations in accordance for the State House, amounting to $30,with the laws of the United States, which 000, and for the new prison at Charleslave occurred to me, as promising to town, to $80,000, form together an ag. equalize in the most satisfactory manner, gregate exceeding the present debt of the the still necessary burdens of militia ser State.' vice, and remove the strongest objections "The subject of the mauufacturing into the present system, are to increase the terest, in which Massachusetts is so much penalties for neglect of duty to such ex. concerned, is next considered at length.


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From the Governor's observations we pleted their course of pupilage, the select the more important parts. whole deaf and dumb of the Common

“ 'The melancholy experience of the wealth, of suitable age and capacity to past year has put to the test, the policy be taught, will be educated. The averof the laws of the Commonwealth, in re- age number of new pupils, annually, will lation to Manufacturing Corporations. not probably exceed from five to seven.' The worst effect which had been antici- The report of the treasurer exhibits pated from these statues, was, that capi. the following amount of receipts and tal would, thereby, be driven for invest- expenditures for the year 1829. ment in manufactures, without the state,

RECEIPTS. but they have been found to work a far from the bank tax, $ 202,629 43 greater mischief than this, within. Pro- Tax on sales by auction, 37,358 97 prietorship is attended with overwhelm- Principal and interest on notes ing responsibilities. The amount of pri- and bonds,

17,981 49 vate interest measures no degrees of Interest on deposits in City personal liability, short of the whole debt · Bank,

997 19 of the Corporation; and instances, nu- For land and timber in Maine, 1,569 67 merous and distressing, are presented, of Balances from county treasfortunes made bankrupt, and families urer,

1,271 52 suddenly and unexpectedly reduced to From attorney and solicitor poverty and wretchedness, as a conse- general,

291 75 quence of the most inconsiderable con- Miscellaneous,

229 02 tributions to manufacturing capital. Borrowed of banks, 205,300 00

In the present state of things, the credit of Corporations and Stockholders is

490,968 83 equally destroyed, and for all the purposes of trade, the whole capital invested Salaries of public officers, $55,525 62 in manufactures, is lost. So universal Pay of councillors,

1,836 00 has become the distrust of this species of senators,

6,568 00 property, from the unlimited and tre- representatives, 56,996 00 mendous responsibilities which attend Roll of accounts,

72,613 00 its possession, that it has almost ceased to County treasurer's balances be transferable in the market, upon any of accounts,

23,970 16 consideration. The stock of the Corpo- Principal and interest of 5 per ration is discredited and depreciated, be. cent. debt,

90 13 cause it attaches personal liabilities to Adjutant general and quarter proprietors, and the personal credit of master's department,

3,689 18 proprietors is distrusted, in turn, because Agricultural societies, of their stock in Corporations. If no Education of deaf and dumb, 6,172 75 limitation of liability is hereafter to pro- Pensioners and wounded sol. tect them from danger of loss in corpora- diers,

1,516 24 tions, beyond their respective proportions Miscellaneous,

54,919 57 in the stock, their engagements in them Banks, repayment of loans, 168,000 00 will cease, and the manufacturing inter

interest on


5,946 46 est, to a great extent, must be abandon- Cash in the treasury, January ed in Massachusetts,

1, 1830.

29,026 38 The appropriation of the State for educating its deaf und dumb at the

$490,968 83 Atnerican Asylum,now amount to $6,500 MASSACHUSETTS SchooL RETURNS. annually. All are invited to avail them- By the returns from one hundred and selves of the opportunity, 6 yet but rine thirtyone towns, presented to the legisapplications have been preferred during lature, it appears that the amount anthe year. The number being so unexo nually paid in those towns for public pectedly small, lwentythree of the class schools, is $177,206 €2, and the number whose term was about to expire, and of scholars receiving instruction is 70,who were most distinguished for talents 599. The number of pupils attending and proficiency in acquirement were private schools in the same towns, is 12,permitted to remain another year. The 393, at an expense of $170,342 86. The whole number now at the Asylum, on number of persons in those towns, bethe charge of the state, is fortyfive- tween the ages of fourteen and twentyless by eleven than might be supported one who are unable to read or write, is 58. under the appropriation. There is good In the town of Hancock, Berkshire reason, from many circumstances, to be. county, there are only three persons believe, that when these shall have com- tween the ages of fourteen and twenty.

3,798 35

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