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ALBANY, January 21, 1903 To the Legislature:

I have the honor to transmit herewith the Twentieth Annual Report of the New York State Civil Service Commission, the same

being for the year 1902.



ALBANY, N. Y., January 1, 1903

To the Governor

The undersigned respectfully submit the twentieth annual

report of the State Civil Service Commission, covering the year 1902.

Statutory changes The legislature of 1902 extended the limit of time for provisional appointments in cities to two months (chap. 355, Laws 1902); did away with the probationary appointment in the case of veterans of the civil war, limited the positions from which veterans and volunteer firemen might be removed without a hearing and due cause shown to those of private secretary, cashier and deputy, and extended the veteran preference clauses of the civil service law to non-competitive positions (chap. 270, Laws 1902).

Litigations The past year has been notable on account of the number of proceedings which have been brought in the courts to compel the Commission to change the classification by transferring certain positions from the competitive to the exempt class.

The uniformity of policy that characterizes the administration of the federal civil service law seems to be impracticable under the state act. The president of the United States, as the single head of the federal executive civil service, controls without judicial interference the heads of departments in matters of exemptions. Acts in violation of his policy he can restrain by

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