Technology Review, Volume 20

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Association of Alumni and Alumnae of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1918

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Halaman 714 - ... which may be of benefit to the work yet to be performed. For this reason it has been decided to appoint a board of eminently qualified men to review the construction work rendered necessary by the war emergency and done by or under any subdivision of the War Department. This review is to be from the standpoint of speed and economy and is to include suggestions for improvements. It is...
Halaman 15 - We are constrained to instruct the plaintiff corporation that it cannot lawfully carry out this agreement between it and the Institute, as far as respects the property received by the University under the deeds of trust and the will of Gordon McKay.
Halaman 15 - ... to make use of the museums, libraries and playgrounds of the University, and to receive the degree of both institutions on completing any of the engineering courses. The faculty which determines the conditions of entrance, prescribes the courses that lead to degrees, largely shapes and carries into practical application the instruction and discipline of the school, and mainly influences the appointment of professors, is the faculty of the Institute, notwithstanding that fourteen of its one hundred...
Halaman 15 - On analyzing the material provisions of the plan, and considering them in their practical application, we are led to certain salient conclusions as to what the agreement accomplishes: Education and research in the five branches covered by the agreement are to be transferred from the University to the Institute, and there conducted under the provisions of the agreement as part of the latter's curriculum. The Harvard professors associated with those courses shall become members of the faculty of the...
Halaman 16 - ... education which his endowment was to make possible, should be under the control and direction of the University, its government and administration. He selected as the trustee to carry out his purposes a great educational institution, one with whose ability adequately to carry out his plans he was familiar, and with whose historic name he desired to associate his own in perpetual memory.
Halaman 697 - Diplomes. he received the gold medal of the American Institute of Architects, and...

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