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THE Advantages which recommend this Work are the following :-

in, The Novelty of its Plan, by which, instead of a confused Mixture, the various Works are arranged into Chapters, agreeably to their respective Subjects, as Chapter I. Voyages and Travels; Chapter II. Theology, &c. &c. &c. By reviewing together the works of a Year, the Publications are sufficiently numerous to render each Chapter important and interesting, and the Reader may select for Perusal those Chapters which may fuit his Taste or his Pursuits. The Arrangement presents an historical View of the annual Progress of Literature and Science, and peculiarly adapts the Work for a Place in the Library. An annual well arranged Volume may also be preferred to the Trouble of a frequent Delivery of Numbers on defultory Subjecis, most of which have been anticipated by the present Work. For those Persons residing at a Distance from the Metropolis, and for Exportation, it must prove more particularly acceptable.

2nd, It is more complets, inasınuch as each Volume forms a Whole, and comprehends a greater Number of Articles than the other Reviews. Its Table of Contents is indeed the completest Catalogue of recent Publications extant, and forms with the Criticisms an excellent Guide in the Choice of an Annual Affortment of new Books.

3dly, It is much cheaper than any of the Montily Reviews, although containing an equal Quantity of Matter, being sold for ll. ls. and their annual Subscription being ll. 196.

4thly, it appears, from Estimates that have been made, to be for much earli rivits Votice of literary Produce tions, as to anticipate every similar Publication, to the amount of full two-thirds of its Contents.

5thly, The Editor having been so fortunate as to engage independent profeflional Gentlemen of acknowledged Talents in every Department of Literature and Science, the Subscribers may rely upon the most able and impartial Judgment upon the Works reviewed,

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