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mander of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George, and Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, and to those who now are Members of the said Society, or who shall from time to time be elected Fellows of the Royal Statistical Society hereby incorporated, Our Royal Charter of Incorporation for the purposes aforesaid.

. 1. Now Know Ye that We, being desirous of encouraging a design so laudable and salutary, of Our especial grace, certain knowledge and mere motion, have willed, granted, and declared and Do by these Presents, for Us, Our heirs and successors, will, grant, and declare that the said Sir Rawson William Rawson, Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George, and Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, and such other of Our loving subjects as now are Members of the said Society, or shall from time to time be elected Fellows of “The Royal Statistical Society" hereby incorporated according to such regulations or bye laws as shall be hereafter framed or enacted, and their successors, shall for ever hereafter be by virtue of these presents one body politic and corporate, by the name of “The Royal Statistical Society," and for the purposes aforesaid, and by the name aforesaid, shall have perpetual succession and a common seal, with full power and authority to alter, vary, break, and renew the same at their discretion, and by the same name to sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, answer and be answered, unto and in every Court of Us, Our heirs and successors.

2. The Royal Statistical Society, in this Charter hereinafter called “The Society,” may, notwithstanding the statutes of mortmain, take, purchase, hold and enjoy to them and their snccessors a hall, or house, and any such messuages or hereditaments of any tenure as may

be necessary, carrying out the purposes of the Society, but so that the yearly value thereof to be computed at the rack rent which might be gotten for the same at the time of the purchase or other acquisition, and including the site of the said hall, or house, do not exceed in the whole the sum of Two thousand pounds.

3. There shall be a Council of the Society, and the said Council and General Meetings of the Fellows to be held in accordance with this Our Charter shall, subject to the provisions of this Our Charter, have the entire management and direction of the concerns of the Society.

4. There shall be a President, Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer or Treasurers, and a Secretary or Secretaries of the Society. The Council shall consist of the President, Vice-Presidents, and not


less than twenty Conncillors; and the Treasurer or Treasurers and the Secretary or Secretaries if honorary.

5. The several persons who wera elected to be the President, Vice-Presidents, and Members of the Council of the Statistical Society at the Annual Meeting held in the month of June, Ono thousand eight hundred and eighty-six, shall form the first Council of the Society, and shall continue in office until the first Election of officers is made under these presents as hereinafter provided.

6. General Meetings of the Fellows of the Society may be held from time to time, and at least one General Meeting shall be held in each year. Every General Meeting may be adjourned, subject to the provisions of the Bye Laws. The following business may be transacted by a General Meeting, viz.:(a.) The Election of the President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer

or Treasurers, Secretary or Secretaries, and other

Members of the Council of the Society, (6.) The making, ropeal, or amendment of Bye Laws. (c.) The passing of any proper resolution respecting the affairs

of the Society. 7. Bye Laws of the Society may be made for the following purposes, and subject to the following conditions, viz. :(a.) For prescribing the qualification and condition of tenure

of office of the President; the number, qualifications, functions, and conditions of tenure of office of the Vice-Presidents, Treasurers, Secretaries, and Members of Council, and Officers of the Society; for making regulations with respect to General Meetings and Meetings of the Council and proceedings thereat, and for the election of any persons to be Honorary Fellows or Associates of the Society, and defining their privileges (but such persons, if elected, shall not be Members of the Corporation), and for making regulations respecting the making, repeal and amendment of Bye Laws, and generally for the government of the Society and the

management of its property and affairs. (6.) The first Bye Laws shall be made at the first; General

Meeting to be held under these presents, and shall (amongst other things) prescribe the time for holding

the first election of officers under these presents. 8. The General Meetings and adjourned General Meetings of the Society shall take place (subject to the rules or bye laws of the Society, and to any power of convening or demanding a Special General Meeting thereby given) at such times and places as may be fixed by the Council.

9. The existing rules of the Statistical Society, so far as rot inconsistent with these presents, shall be in force as the Bye Laws of the Society until the first Bye Laws to be made under these presents shall come into operation.

10. Subject to these presents and the Bye Laws of the Society for the time being, the Council shall have the sole management of the income, funds, and property of the Society, and may manage and superintend all other affairs of the Society, and appoint and dismiss at their pleasure all salaried and other officers, attendants, and servants as they may think fit, and may do all such things as shall appear to them necessary or expedient for giving effect to the objects of the Society.

11. The Council shall once in every year present to a General Meeting a report of the proceedings of the Society, together with a statement of the receipts and expenditure, and of the financial position of the Society, and every Fellow of the Society may, at reasonable times to be fixed by the Council, examine the accounts of the Society.

12. The Council may, with the approval of a General Meeting, from time to time appoint fit persons to be Trustees of any part of the real or personal property of the Society, and may make or direct any transfer of such property so placed in trust necessary for the purposes of the trust, or may, at their discretion, take in the corporate name of the Society conveyances or transfers of any property capable of being held in that name. Provided that no sale, mortgage, incumbrance, or other disposition of any hereditaments belonging to the Society shall be made unless with the approval of a General Meeting.

13. No Rule, Bye Law, Resolution, or other proceeding shall be made or had by the Society, or any meeting thereof, or by the Council, contrary to the general scope or true intent and meaning of this Our Charter, or the laws or statutes of Our Realm, and anything done contrary to this present clause shall be void.

En witness whereof We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent.

Tuitness Ourself, at Westminster, the thirty-first day of January, in the fiftieth year of Our Reign.

By Warrant under toe Cueen's Sign Manual,

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Index to Rules and Bye-Laws.


1. The Objects of the Society. 2. Society to consist of Fellows and Honorary Fellows. 3. Number of Fellows unlimited; Hon. Fellows not to exceed 70 4. Fellows—Candidates to be proposed by two or more Fellows. 5. Do. to be elected by Ballot. 6. Do. on Admission may attach F.S.S. to their Names. 7. Honorary Fellows, Proposed by Council; Elected by Ballot. 8. Fellows, to pay an Annual Subscription or a Composition. 9. Do. how disqnalified. Written notice of withdrawal required. 10. Do. and Honorary Fellows, Mode of Expulsion of. 11. Trustees. Property of Society, may be vested in Three. 12. President, Council, and Officers, Number and Particulars of. 13. Do. do. do. Election and Retirement of. 14. Do. do. do. Nomination of. 15. Do. do. do. Extraordinary Vacancies of. 16. Committees, may be appointed by Council. 17. Auditors, Appointment and Duties of. 18. Meetings, Ordinary and General, when to be held. 19. Ordinary Meetings, Business of. Strangers may be introduced. 20. Annual General Meeting, Business of. 21. Special General Meetings may be called.

President, Duties of. To have a Casting Vote. 23. Treasurer, Duties of, subject to the Council. 24. Honorary Secretaries, Duties of. 25. Vice-Presidents, Powers of. 26. Council, Duties of, in Publishing Papers and Expending Funds. 27. Do. may frame Regulations not inconsistent with Bye-laws. 28. Do. Duties of, with reference to the Common Seal. 29. Do. No Dividend, Gift, Division, or Bonus in Money to be

made to Fellows, except as hereinafter provided for. 30. Do. to publish a Journal of the Transactions of the Society,

and may remunerate Editors and their Assistants. Do. Discretion of, as to Right of Property reserved in all RULES AND BYE-LAWS OF THE ROYAL STATISTICAL SOCIETY.

Communications received.


Objects of the Society.

Election of Fellows. 1. The objects of the Royal Statisti- 5. In the election of Fellows, the cal Society are to collect, arrange, votes shall be taken by ballot. No digest and publish facts, illustrating person shall be admitted unless at least the condition and prospects of society sixteen Fellows vote, and unless he in its material, social and moral rela- have in his favour three-fourths of the tions; theso facts being for the most

Fellows voting part arranged in tabular forms and in accordance with the principles of the Admission of Fellows. numerical method.

6. Every Fellow elect is required to The Society collects new materials, take the earliest opportunity of precondenses, arranges, and publishes those

senting himself for admission at an already existing, whether unpublished Ordinary Meeting of the Society. or published in diffuse and expensive The manner of admission shall be forms in the English or in any foreign thus :language, and promotes the discussion

Immediately after the reading of the of legislative and other public measures minutes, the Fellow elect, having first from the statistical point of view. These paid his subscription for the current discussions form portions of the pub- year or his composition, shall sign the lished Transactions of the Society. obligation contained in the Fellowship

book, to the effect following: Constitution of the Society.

“ We, who have underwritten our 2. The Society consists of Fellows

“names, do hereby undertake, each for

“ himself, that we will endeavour to and Honorary Fellows, elected in the

“further the good of the Royal Statismanner hereinafter described.

“tical Society for improving Statistical

Knowledge, and the ends for which Number of Fellows and Honorary “ the same has been founded; that we Fellows.

“ will be present at the Meetings of the 3. The number of Fellows is un. Society as often as conveniently we limited. Foreigners or British subjects can, and that we will keep and fulfil of distinction residing ont of the United “the Bye-laws and Orders of this Kingdom may be admitted as Honorary Society: provided that whensoever Fellows, of whom the number shall not “any one of us shall make known, by be more than seventy at any one time.

“writing under his hand, to the Secre“ taries for the time being, that he

“ desires to withdraw from the Society, Proposal of Fellows.

“ he shall be free thenceforward from 4. Every Candidate for admission as “ this obligation.” a Fellow of the Society shall be pro- Whereon the President, taking him posed by two or more Fellows, who by the hand, shall say,—"By the shall certify from their personal know- "authority, and in the name of the ledge of him or of his works, that he “Royal Statistical Society, I do admit is a fit person to be admitted a Fellow you a Fellow thereof." of the Society. Every such certificate Upon their admission Fellows shall having been read and approved of at a have the right of attaching to their Meeting of the Council, shall be sus. names the letters F.S.S., but not in pended in the office of the Society connection with any trading or business until the following Ordinary Meeting, advertisement other than the publicaat which the vote shall be taken.

tion of any book or literary notice.

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